We’ll See You When We See You

The season is over. Thank goodness for that.

The Padres played brutal baseball for most of 2008, and fans were in a pretty sour mood all year. Unfortunately I let the negativity get to me more than I should have.

I suppose it’s safe to admit this now, because I no longer feel it’s likely to happen, but on multiple occasions throughout the summer, I came within hours of pulling the plug on Ducksnorts for good. My wife talked me down each time, and for that I owe her many thanks. So do you if you enjoy this site at all.

Going forward, I’m developing strategies to help me better survive next season and keep me from reaching the point where I dread visiting my own blog. One such strategy is to back off every now and then. I’m putting that into practice immediately; posting will be lighter this winter than it has been in the past.

This doesn’t mean I’ll be sitting around doing nothing. I’ve got several projects in the works, most of which cannot be revealed yet because these things are in a constant state of flux and I have no way of knowing which ones will come to fruition and which will fall by the wayside. Whatever the case, I’ll keep you posted as I learn more.

One thing that will be happening is the Ducksnorts 2009 Baseball Annual. I’ve started working on it, and this will be my primary focus in the coming months. I’ll provide weekly updates on the book’s status in this space. Beyond that, I’ll try to pop in once or twice a week with other stuff, but really, this is shaping up to be a busy “off-season” for me, so I make no promises.

I will continue to publish several times each week at Baseball Digest Daily and every other Thursday at Hardball Times. If I’m not here, I’ll be there; feel free to join me.

Thanks again for hanging with me this season. Yeah, it was miserable (though not as bad as the new “Knight Rider”), but we survived. Eat your vegetables, wash behind your ears, and we’ll see you when we see you…

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