Fun with Run Support

My latest article at Hardball Times focuses on a technique Bill James employed in his 1988 Baseball Abstract to evaluate the degree to which a pitcher might be aided (or not) by his offense. James used it to compare Danny Jackson and Walt Terrell from 1985 to 1987; I use it to compare Jarrod Washburn and Ramon Ortiz in 2003.

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Elsewhere, Tom Tango is doing his annual fan scouting report. Go lend your expertise to the project and scout the Padres (h/t It Might Be Dangerous… You Go First).

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Nine games to go…

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  1. Great article Geoff! Be interesting to maybe break down the Padres starters like this after the season is over. One small point in the article however — you have a typo near the end. You write about Ortiz’s record when the Angels score 5 runs or fewer but I think you mean 5 runs or more.

  2. #1@Schlom: Thanks, bud; glad you liked it. And thanks for the catch; it’s been fixed.

    I’ve thought about comparing the careers of Jake Peavy and Brandon Webb using this method (their numbers are unbelievably similar, although Peavy gets more help from his home park). We’ll see how motivated I am. ;-)