IGD: Padres vs Phillies (15 Aug 08)

Padres vs Phillies
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 746
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 187

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  1. Is it just me, or is the number of posts proportional to the amount of alchohol consumed by the members of the blog?

  2. #30@Turbine Dude: You know what you what to do now?

    That’s awesome. I’m 35 (next month) and getting out of my profession.

  3. #50@Ian C.: Hope for a son! I mean that!!!

  4. #51@Turbine Dude: It can be. When I drink (always PBR), my posts go down.

  5. #52@Kevin: I’ve been in the Gas Turbine industry for over 25 years. I’m good at what I do and I love my career. Once you find your niche, stick with it and do the best you can and you’ll find happiness.

  6. #53@Turbine Dude: but my dad is the biggest asshole ive ever met. and really i was a dick growing up haha. all the boys in my family turn out this way, should i just not have any? maybe thats what should happen. haha

  7. #54@Kevin:


    Good god, man, I’ll loan you some money so you can afford to drink proper!!!

  8. #58@Lance Richardson: hahahahahahahaha again you have me laughing out loud

  9. #57@Ian C.:

    Absolutely, Ian. Keep it in yer pants, partner.

  10. #57@Ian C.: The problem with today’s youth is that they didn’t grow up in the days of visits to the proverbial ‘woodshed.’ My daughter in a sense did because my wife is Filipino and any disrespect warrants a whomping (my wife did and still does all the whomping). Our daughter is a good kid.

  11. #58@Lance Richardson: I’ll pitch in with you, Lance!!!!!

  12. #61@Turbine Dude: maybe other peoples problems, but believe me i know the woodshed bit. i dont talk to my father for several very good reasons.

    and im sure she is. its always the padres fans kids that are decent people

  13. seriously can we at the least score ONE run????

  14. #64@Ian C.: Son, two would be better.

  15. I think Hensley will have something to contribute to the ’09 Pads if he can stay healthy.

  16. #63@Ian C.:

    Don’t kid yerself, buddy. I’ve followed the Pads almost since their inception, and my kids are awful.

    Actually, they’re pretty good. I just don’t much like kids.

  17. #66@Geoff B: I’d have to agree. Damn better than Cla Merideth. OK, I won’t go there. Sorry.

  18. #65@Turbine Dude: yes, but one is reasonable for this offense im not sure if two is. haha

  19. #66@Geoff B: I hope I’m wrong about this, but the ’09 Pads are gonna suck donkey balls. I’ve rooted for horribly incompetent teams for most of my life, so I’m back in my comfort zone.

  20. 1-63 after 8??? dear god….

  21. #67@Lance Richardson: My kid actually worked the concession stands at the Q and Petco when she was in H.S.

  22. #58@Lance Richardson: It’s very rare that I drink, but when I do, I like to stay true to my white trash roots.

  23. #69@Ian C.: Dude, you must have cracked your second beer, because you’re starting to sound drunk, young man…

  24. #69@Ian C.: True dat (trying to sound hip).

  25. Is the heart of the order just conceding the game? A little effort would be nice.

  26. #73@Kevin:

    “It’s very rare that I drink, but when I do, I like to stay true to my white trash roots.”

    He is the most interesting man in the world…

  27. re 74, unfortunately in on my 9th. and my significant other may be mad when she finds out im already under the influence and she isnt home yet….oops

  28. 2/3 of this blog has been about drinking and kids. Good indication about how this season has played out.

  29. Maddux picked a bad organization with which to pad his career win total.

  30. #78@Ian C.:


  31. On channel 4, they just concluded the game with, “we’ll be right back with the Jack in the box summary.” So, is that what we’re calling the 2008 Padres: jack in the box? The offense certainly did “jack” tonite.

  32. #79@Turbine Dude: haha thats definitely true now you have me laughing out loud. good stuff. but i was hoping for a win

  33. #78@Ian C.: When you are the signifigant bill payer in your household, you don’t have to worry about that.

  34. #79@Turbine Dude:

    I apologize for the fact that a portion of the blog was about children (BOOOORING!!!).

    In the future I will strive to ensure that 2/3 (AT LEAST!!!) of the blog is about drinking.

    And sometimes we can talk baseball.

    Mostly drinking, though.

  35. #81@Lance Richardson: you know what i just realized that if you use mozilla firefox and you hold your mouse over the blurbed out word it shows what they wrote. ahhah

    like when you called me a pussy. but i’d have to say i don really care what she says its just going to be funny because she gets mad over dumb things. thats what i get for dating a younger girl

  36. For those of you who are tired of this season, go to http://www.alcoholsnorts.com and stagger in slowly.

  37. #86@Ian C.:

    What, is she eleven???

  38. OK, I’m out. Go Padres. Go Chargers! Go get more alcohol!

  39. 19, but thanks for that

  40. #90@Turbine Dude: Nightie-night… let the serious drinking commence, at least in the Richardson household.