IGD: Padres vs Brewers (14 Aug 08)

Padres vs Brewers
12:35 p.m. PT
DIRECTV 729 (Brewers feed)
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 187

Jake Peavy goes up against Ben Sheets on Thursday afternoon. Naturally the best pitching matchup of the series won’t be televised in San Diego.

I guess it works out, though; folks around here are already gearing themselves up for the Chargers. I would, too, if it weren’t for the fact that I find football rather tedious…

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  1. Hoffman has had a rough season (although just three blown saves), but 26 saves in 47 team wins is pretty good.

    Of course, that’s probably just a result of lots of close wins, just like K-Rod and the Angels.

  2. #51@Kevin:

    Comparing Hoffy to the AL MVP?


  3. #52@Stephen: The only worse than that is when a reliever wins MVP.

  4. #51@Kevin: It’s because anytime the Padres have a 4-6 run lead in the ninth, they bring in Bryan Corey, who promptly creates a save situation for Hoffman.

    And it’s not quite as impressive as Brian Wilson’s 32 saves in 50 wins.

  5. John Sickels at Minor League Ball has a review of his preseason top 20 Padres prospects:


  6. An interesting Q&A at DePo’s blog this afternoon …

    What’s up with Peavy being allowed to throw 116 pitches today?
    Given Jake’s history…wouldn’t keeping him under 105 or so seem like a smart decision?
    Is that a discussion the front office is comfortable having with Bud Black?
    August 14, 2008 2:44 PM

    Paul DePodesta said…
    It’s something we talk about often. I haven’t spoken with Buddy about it today, but I do know that Jake has had five days off instead of four in between starts in each of the past three turns in the rotation, and he only threw 97 pitches six days ago. Due to that, my guess is that Buddy felt he had a little more room to work with today.
    August 14, 2008 3:44 PM

  7. Gerut was so safe. You can see from the replays that he swiped home with his hand.

    I hate umps resistance to technology. We need instant replay, we need electronic balls and strikes.

  8. #57@jay: Gerut had plenty of time to go back and touch the bag, if any of his team mates had told him , that the umpire never gave the safe sign.

  9. #54@Ben B.: Plus, Wilson is a great songwriter.

  10. #56@LynchMob: That might be a good schedule for Peavy always. It would still be good for him to make 100 pitches than 120, but more rest might lengthen his career.

  11. Updates:

    Kouzmanoff: .280/.318/.460
    August: .277/.306/.574

    Headley: .268/.338/.464

    AP story talks about how some think Peavy has been dodging No. 1 starters of late. Peavy disagrees:


  12. #57@jay: I’ve heard it reported the umps are in favor of using replay for the HR calls as is currently being discussed. It can’t be used for every close play though. The games are already too long as it is.

  13. #54@Ben B.: Hoffman is going to owe The Piranha dinner or something after the season is over.

    #61@Kevin: They were saying on the radio that Peavy’s been inconsistent – I don’t get it, Peavy is leading the NL in ERA. What do they expect, a 1.50 ERA???