IGD: Padres vs Brewers (12 Aug 08)

Padres vs Brewers
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 748
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 183

Cha Seung Baek? Jeff Suppan? If this is a dream, please don’t wake me…

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  1. OT … for your pre-game entertainment … if you haven’t seen the “Dancing” video, you should … if you have, here’s some interesting background …


    … including a link to more on and from the singer in the video. To relate this to Ducksnorts, can you image this singer doing a duet with Steve Poltz?

  2. SAN DIEGO (AP) – The San Diego Padres placed right-hander Bryan Corey on the 15-day disabled list Tuesday with a strained left hamstring.

    Corey is 1-3 with a 6.23 ERA in 39 appearances with San Diego since being acquired in a trade with Boston in May. The move is retroactive to Sunday.

    San Diego purchased the contract of infielder Sean Kazmar from Double-A San Antonio to take Corey’s spot. Kazmar, who is on a major league roster for the first time, was hitting .264 with three home runs and 39 RBIs at San Antonio.

  3. Baek just used up 1/5 of his pitch count on Weeks.

  4. Thru 1 …

    Pitches-strikes – J Suppan 9-6; C Baek 16-10.

    Ground balls-fly balls – J Suppan 0-3; C Baek 1-1.

    Batters faced – J Suppan 3; C Baek 3.

    … that Weeks AB must have seemed worse than it was :-)

  5. Bad call by the 1st base ump on that one. But a nice DP to end this half of the inning.

  6. #5@LynchMob: Boy, you’re not kidding! I just brought it up on MLB.TV.

  7. KOOOZZZZ!!!! Yardball!

  8. Nice ducksnort to center for Hundley.

  9. After 2 …

    Pitches-strikes – J Suppan 29-20; C Baek 24-15.

    Ground balls-fly balls – J Suppan 0-5; C Baek 3-1.

    Batters faced – J Suppan 9; C Baek 6.

    … oops, then Cameron bites us in the rear …

  10. It really shows something about the state of our orginzation when Kazmar is coming up. Ouch…

  11. OT … a guy who is almost 45-years old got an RBI tonight … can you guess who?


  12. Didn’t need that.

  13. This is looking like a classic Petco boat race.

  14. In case anyone is interested (totally off topic), the US Mens Relay team just won the Gold in the 4x 200 free…that gave Michael Phelps another gold…Bejing Gold #5, Career gold # 11…amazing.

    Oh yea, they broke the old World Record by 5 seconds…

  15. #5@LynchMob: BoSox over the Rangers 19-17 (final). WTF?

  16. #15@Coronado Mike:
    Amazing and I’m watching. Hope “Roids” don’t surface 5 years from now as the reason. Phelps is now all time leader in golds by olympian…..I think.

  17. #16@Turbine Dude: Bad major league debut for knuckleballer Zink, who pitched in place of Wakefield.

  18. JODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn!!


  20. #19@Kevin: I’m just thinking that looked more like a football game score that a baseball game.

  21. Love the balls flying out at Petco…problem is two Pads HR’s were solo…Brewers’ Bomb was the 3-run job…

    Didn’t Geoff just write about that or something?


  22. #18@Oside Jon: I can’t imagine that will be an issue…he was freakishly better than others 4 years ago and still no whiff of cheating…oh yea, Olympic testing is the Real Deal.

    #17@Kevin: I have never seen anything like it. I am a huge olympic fan and have watched since I was a kid. I actually don’t sleep much for the couple of weeks the Olympics runs…I really have never seen domination like this…ever. Men among boys.

  23. #22@Turbine Dude: Oh yeah. Just thought I would throw that in.

  24. The more I watch Gerut, along with examining his numbers, the more I suspect that he’s actually a front-line player. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that I not only think he can handle CF in Petco, but I think he can post .290/.360/.480 numbers while doing it, even in our ballpark. He just does everything well.

  25. #25@Coronado Mike: During Phelps’ first medal race tonight, the reason he threw his goggles after the race is because he couldn’t see the last 100 meters.


  26. I think we should sign Michael Phelps to play 2B and hit third next year.

  27. Cla Merideth is warming up in the BP. You all know how I feel about that. So, I’ll just shut up.

  28. #22@Turbine Dude: Oh no…Clay is up.
    #25@Coronado Mike: He has dominated in his career and isn’t over yet in these games. Plus, isn’t he like 23 years old? He has another games to pad his legacy. Dude is a fish.

  29. #28@Kevin: I always wonder how they avoid fogging in the goggles. Spit in them? But $6000 goggles?

  30. #33@Oside Jon: The super new swimsuits have helped all the world records fall, I guess.

  31. #34@Kevin: Man I almost mentioned that in my post. I remember reading that 2 months ago talking about the bitchen new speedos we we’re wearing. They can only shave so much.


  32. Has anyone around here noticed that AGon really is so good with the glove over at first? ;-)

  33. I say that was an error.

  34. #37@Oside Jon: How’s your son taking Greene being out for the rest of the season?

  35. I’ll be honest, he hasn’t watched many games of late due to us moving and him playing ball and skateboarding out in the street. Plus the Padres have sucked lately. When I told him Khalil broke his hand he couldn’t believe it. He knew KG was gone for the season. Temper flare up — I still can’t believe it. Maybe it’s best given the season he was having.

  36. #39@Oside Jon: Well, hopefully he took something away from that. Like, that isn’t behavior to emulate.

  37. updated numbers:

    Kouzmanoff: .281/.320/.462

    Gerut: .291/.354/.478

  38. 37 home-runs in the last 30 days. That is the most in the NL and third place in all of the major leagues. The thing that sucks is that probably only means that we scored 37 runs! :)