IGD: Padres @ Rockies (9 Aug 08)

Padres @ Rockies
5:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 734
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 185

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  1. I went to the game last nite at Coors Field. If you are interested, here are a few pictures from the miserable game.

  2. #1@Geoff B: Up close and personal with the Kouz. Too bad the game wasn’t so good :(

  3. #1@Geoff B: Nice pics, crappy game.

  4. If you guys get tired of this game, visit http://www.bolttalk.com for the Chargers game tonight.

  5. Nice shot for Kooz there.

  6. Bard goes on the DL.

  7. #4@Turbine Dude: I’m starting to get really excited about this season. Hope this is our year!

  8. It’s going to be hard to keep the ball off of the ground with Cook pitching. I’d like to see us have some good AB’s, wear him down and get to that bullpen asap.

  9. #7@The Kipper: Me too. The Padres could go on a run.

  10. DENVER (AP) – The San Diego Padres placed catcher Josh Bard on the 15-day disabled list with a strained right elbow on Saturday and recalled Luke Carlin from Triple-A Portland.

    The move is retroactive to Thursday.

  11. #10@Kevin: Wow, Bard is either falling apart fast or snake bit. I hope it’s the latter and he comes back strong next year.

  12. #7@The Kipper: I’ve got a good feeling about this year as well. If you know of anyone going to Vegas anytime soon I’d like to put down some money. Last I heard, the Chargers are 14-1. A couple hundred dollars would make for a nice payout.

  13. #10@Kevin: Good for Carlin though. Even if he isn’t our catcher of the future, he’s still getting MLB experience. I hope he does well and other teams take notice…

  14. #13@The Kipper: I like Carlin. He’s young and a good catcher. He just needs to step up his batting average.

  15. #12@Turbine Dude: I know this is a Padres site, but I would like to quickly say that my prediction for the Bolts this year is 13-3.

  16. #15@The Kipper: I’m thinking more like 14-2. I’m not saying that to be optimistic. But realistically speaking, I’ve been following the off season and this team is really healthy compared to the rest. Also, they have some of the greatest talent the Chargers have seen, ever.
    Yes, this is a Padre blog. But I’m dedicated to all of our local teams.

  17. Wow. This game really took a nice turn. Nice that the Prof. will hopefully get a win.

    And Mad Dog is on!!!

  18. What an inning! Maddux bunts Hundley home. This is good baseball!

  19. #16@Turbine Dude: Yeah, I love myself some Chargers too. It’s hard not to be optimistic when we have such a great roster. Everyone should be familiar with Norm’s system now too.

  20. Nice 1-4-6-3 DP!!!

  21. I’d really like to see Mad Dog finish this game. Our BP sucks.

  22. Damn. I think it’s a bad call to bring in Adams. At least it’s not Cla. :)

  23. #21@Turbine Dude: This is what I’m talking about. The BP SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Finally, a DP. OK, I’m going to be watching the Charger game and blogging at http://www.bolttalk.com as this game goes on. Multi-tasking my daughter calls it.

  25. Adrian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Ummm, would anyone like to discuss having Merideth on this team? Again, I told you so.

  27. This count as a save situation?

  28. #28@Kevin: More of a save Merideths a$$ situation.

  29. Darn, it was as save for some reason, according to the boxscore.

  30. #30@Kevin: I didn’t realize the bases were loaded. So the tying run was on deck, which means save situation.

  31. Nice for Maddux to get another win and always nice to see Trevor rack up another one.

  32. A win. Maddux is classy. Like Ted Leitner said tonight, when he gets inducted to the Hall, how will he talk about himself for 15 minutes? Hopefully he just has some good jokes. Selfless from what we see. I want him to pass Roger Clemroids soon.

  33. Win shares have been updated through Aug. 6 at The Hardball Times:

    Adrian, 17
    third in the league among first baseman behind Berkman and Pujols

    Giles, 13

    Peavy, 12
    ninth among starting pitchers

    Kouzmanoff, 12
    seventh among third baseman

    Gerut, 11
    Hairston, 9

    Bell, 7
    10th among relievers

  34. Fielding win shares

    Adrian, third among NL first baseman behind Lee and Berkman

    Kouzmanoff, fourth among third baseman

    Greene, fourth among shortstops
    He has 4.0 fielding win shares and 0.2 batting win shares.