IGD: Padres @ Mets (7 Aug 08)

Padres @ Mets
9:10 a.m. PT
DIRECTV 722 (Mets feed)
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 187

Morning baseball. Huzzah.

* * *
Meanwhile, my latest article is up at Hardball Times: Remembering the 1983 Lynchburg Mets. Relevance? Well, the Padres are playing the Mets. Also, a few of the guys on that team have San Diego ties: right-hander Calvin Schiraldi spent some time with the Friars, outfielder Darryl Denby attended Lincoln High, and first baseman Randy Milligan attended Mesa College.

So there.

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  1. FJ has this info up …

    Scott Hairston, CF
    Tadahito Iguchi, 2B
    Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
    Kevin Kouzmanoff, 3B
    Chase Headley, LF
    Jody Gerut, RF
    Nick Hundley, C
    Luis Rodriguez, SS
    Josh Banks, P

    Manager Bud Black told the San Diego Union-Tribune this morning that RF Brian Giles had a planned day off becuse of the day game following a night game.

  2. Thanks for the link to that piece on the 1983 L-Mets, Geoff. I was born and raised in Lynchburg, and have fond memories of that team and the 1984 club (which featured future Friar Shawn Abner). Very few teams have, as you mentioned, just walked through the minors the way those teams did.

    It was really amusing seeing the 1986 NY Mets come to Lynchburg for an exhibition game, and seeing all those guys that had just passed through now members of the big club. I still remember Roger McDowell saying to me, “they let you guys out of school to come see this?” as he signed an autograph for me.

    I’m no Met fan these days, but I still remember those early 80s clubs before the PDC was allowed to expire a few years later and the Red Sox moved in. Great times. Thanks for the read.

  3. Also, typically great Dirk Hayhurst column in Baseball America:


    The Padres need to call him up. Could he be any worse than Bryan Corey?

  4. 4: Bryan Corey still with the club? I didn’t realize his bench-warming prowess was that great. It’s mid summer already, no more bench-warmer needed.

  5. The UT is reporting the Boston claimed Giles on waivers:


    Considering that Boston is on Giles no trade list: Does that mean that Boston can safely use a waiver claim to block transactions, without having to be concerened with the Padres turning over the contract?

  6. Wow. Headley with another HR. He needs a nickname.

  7. #7@Didi: Chase “The Padres 2009 3B” Headley

  8. #7 – anything we can work out with Blazing Saddles references?

    Supposedly the other teams that wanted to put a claim on Giles including the Rays and the Angels

    What in the world could we get for Giles at any of those places?

  9. Giles would have to accept the trade to the red sox which I dont think he will do unless they pick up his 2009 option. I dont see Giles going anywhere…

  10. #6@Field39: If Boston was the team that won the claim, that means we know every other team in baseball except the Angels and Rays didn’t claim him. That’s really stupid of a team like the Mets, who are running out Dan Murphy and Fernando Tatis as their corner outfielders.

  11. wow santana just walked banks…

  12. After 2 …

    Pitches-strikes – J Banks 34-22; J Santana 30-22.

    Ground balls-fly balls – J Banks 2-1; J Santana 0-4.

    Batters faced – J Banks 8; J Santana 7.

    … sure seems like the Padres hit a lot of solo HRs …

  13. #11@Ben B.: What part of Tatis’ .315 / .359 / .525 do you think is hurting the Mets? I’m in shock about how Amazin’ Tatis has been this season …

  14. #9@Loren: I like “Lamarr.”

  15. #14@LynchMob: The part where he is unlikely to keep it up. No question he’s been very good to this point though.

  16. #15 @Field39
    Not to sound too much like a snob but damn that’s just too easy and obvious. There’s gotta be something better

  17. Thru 3 …

    Pitches-strikes – J Banks 43-29; J Santana 51-35.

    Ground balls-fly balls – J Banks 3-3; J Santana 0-5.

    Batters faced – J Banks 12; J Santana 11.

    … is Banks solid or shaky?

  18. Seems like the timing of Chase’s SB is very good … get Gerut in position for an RBI …

  19. Now that I know who claimed Giles, I think it’s unlikely he’s going anywhere unless the Padres really just want to save $6 million dollars and let him go for nothing. The Red Sox already have Jason Bay in LF and JD Drew in RF. Unless there is concern about DH David Ortiz’ wrist, there is nowhere for Giles to play in Boston. It’s pretty obvious they were just blocking him from Tampa Bay.

  20. #2@Brian Wilmer: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

    #13@LynchMob: Coming into today, 60.2% of the Padres homers have come with the bases empty; MLB average this year is 56.5%.

    #17@Loren: We also have a reader and occasional commenter named Lamar. We decided last year that would be too confusing.

  21. Does anybody know how August trading works? If the Red Sox and Pads cannot come to an agreement in 48 hours, do the Angels or Rays get a shot at working out something? Or is Giles just stuck in SD?

  22. #22@Geoff B: Giles either goes to the Sox or he stays with the pads, those are the only 2 options now, but Giles can also block himself from going to the sox so it looks like he will stay in SD…

  23. #21@Geoff Young: Pshhh who cares about that LaMar guy! – j/k LaMar :) .

  24. #22@Geoff B: If a trade is not worked out, I think the Pads can decide to just let him go, but from what I’ve read, he could block that move even though it’s not a trade. Or the Pads can just pull him back off of waivers. No other team has a chance to acquire him for the rest of the season, from what I understand.

  25. That 4th inning play on Santana’s FC bunt in which Kouzmanoff received the throw from Hundley “flat footed” thus getting nothing on the throw to first to complete the double play. Does that play show up in any sort of defensive stat ? Mets color man Keith Hernandez said that Kouzmanoff was “caught flat footed because he did not anticipate the play”.

  26. Unfortunately I imagine the FO is really looking at Kouz and thinking that it’s time to trade him and soon.

  27. Leadoff double is nice.

    Anyone know what happened to Castro, the Mets Catcher?

  28. Hairston on 3rd with 1 away. Let’s get him home and tie it up.

  29. #28@Pat: Was he the catcher that got hurt on that odd base-running by Loretta & Pence where they both slid into home at the same time?

  30. Nice eye by Adrian, judging by Gameday anyway. 1st and 3rd.

  31. Ugh, doesn’t look like Kouz swung at a good pitch. And he grounds into the inning ending DP. Blech!

  32. #30@LynchMob: Not sure. He started today, but I saw he was already replaced by another catcher. I was thinking he might have been injured today.

  33. That’s just horrible. A lead-off double and the heart of the order coming up, down by one, and they can’t even squeak out one run.

  34. #20@JMAR: ESPN is reporting that Boston is concerned with Lowell and Ortiz, possibly opening up a spot for Giles as the DL.

  35. #33@Pat: Yahoo’s game box score now says this …


  36. #35@BigWorm: I assume that’s just a funny typo? ;-)

  37. #37@LynchMob: Um, which part?

  38. #37@LynchMob: Ah yes, the DL part. I don’t know, maybe they wanted a star-studded DL.

  39. Another 5 inning outing from a Padre starter? Geez. I think Josh Banks has been OK in the rotation. He never really has a horrible outing but he is another 5-6 inning pitcher, which is exactly what they don’t need with this bullpen.

    Baek has shown the ability to pitch deeper into games and if he can just start pitching better at Petco, I think he would be a pretty good option as the #5 starter in the ’09 rotation. I know a lot of people here don’t like his stuff at all but there hasn’t been too many guys on this team in the last few years that can give the team more than 6 solid innings at a time.

  40. Giles just PH so we know he is atleast still with the team

  41. Kouz with another GiDP to end the rally. Crap. That’s his 10 of the season, I think, the last two ending rallies.

    Drat! Why can’t he just strike out there?

  42. wow Kouz is 2 for 2 today on grounding into double plays with a man on third one out.

  43. why is Brian Corey in the game? the Pads are only down by one run!

  44. How can the moron Met announcers continue to insist Evans’ foot was on the bag there? He was a good three inches shy of it.

  45. Why is Bryan Corey coming into a close game?

    Hmm, I just looked at the other options, and it’s really Corey, Hampson, Hensley, or Ledezma. Talk about uninspiring.

  46. Again, seriously? Couldn’t you just have K’d?

  47. WTF? The umpires are stupid. Great job, Ump! Go back to AAA.

  48. Hensley hands down…why do the pads refuse to bring up Hayhurst I wonder if they will lose him in the rule 5 draft next year.