IGD: Padres vs Diamondbacks (29 Jul 08)

Padres vs Diamondbacks
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 749
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 187

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  1. #99@Field39: Lots of good stuff going on for the Storm tonight …


    … Kulbacki’s 18th (as mentioned previously), Canham with 2 hits (1 of them a double), Hunter with 2 SBs … up 8-1 after 4 …

  2. #98@Richard D.: Richard, send me an e-mail at rickchroder@cox.net (my e-mail address is no big secret in this blog), I’d like to talk to you about something OT.

  3. Rodriquez is first bat of the bench tonight? I’d think short a hitter/fielder, he’d be last … Bud confuses me … could be me …

  4. Rally caps on? Mine is!

  5. Are rosters frozen, at the beginning of every game?

  6. #101@LynchMob: This will make GY happy.

  7. Thank goodness.

  8. Davis is rockin’ hot tonight. But OG just ruined a no-no with a ducksnort to left center!

  9. #102@Turbine Dude: Didn’t work… dude.. bounced back at me.

  10. #109@Richard D.: Oh sorry, I miss typed.. rickschroder@cox.net

  11. #110@Turbine Dude: Just look at my name on the brick and add an @cox.net.

  12. #105@Field39: I assume so … and am pretty sure … but I can’t find it in the rules …


    … if you (or anyone) can, I’d be interested to see where it is …

  13. Greene walks, film at 11:00.

  14. #101@LynchMob: Iguchi is playing in that Storm game tonight … 0-for-3 with a walk so far …

  15. #109@Richard D.: You got mail!

  16. Well … bases loaded … this is interesting …

  17. I wish Hundley had not swung at the 2-0 pitch that was clearly a ball.

  18. Davis was outstanding until this inning. I hope that the Padres cancapitalize on this opprotunity. Somehow, I just don’t see it happening. However, my glass remains half full.

  19. Rauch is nasty. The Nationals traded their best player.

  20. i hate petco

  21. An earlier graphic showed that the Padres lead the NL in home runs since the All-Star break with 18.

  22. NEWS FLASH … Latos pitched an inning for AZL Padres …


    … now *that* is some good news!

  23. That was an unbelievable catch. At first, I didn’t even think that he had a beed (sp?) on it and it would drop, then I thought it was out of the park, then Romero flashes his glove to show that he caught it. Crapburgers.

  24. #96@LynchMob: Just too far from me or I might have gone. Corpus C. is 9 hours away :(

  25. I’m not sure I have seen a RF’er in Petco make a catch in that location before, certainly not with his back to the infield. When that happens, it’s just not your night.

  26. That catch was the best I’ve seen this season, and perhaps in several seasons. To make that grab running toward the wall at that speed, so incredibly close to the wall… damn.

    I’ve played thousands of innings as a centerfielder in my life, and I cannot begin to describe how brilliant that grab was. Wow.

  27. Banks was warming up earlier. Matty said Young replaces him in the rotation. But doesn’t he replace Hensley?

  28. Tear my heart out of my chest wy don’t you?

  29. Again, I feel like Randy Quiad in ‘Major League II.’

  30. I have to say that I was at last night’s game and Romero’s defense was less than impressive to my untrained eye.

  31. #125@JP: Those boys would have done a 9-hour bus ride after you saw them play last night before they played again tonight? Yow … life in the minor leagues …

  32. Wow, that was a heck of a catch. And, poof, gone is the Padres’ chance to score runs. Wow.

  33. Can somebody describe how Drew got out at home on the wild pitch? Lots of wild/wierd stuff in this game …

  34. #133@LynchMob: Yeah and they got out of Frisco in a hurry, they vacated that dugout in 60 seconds…

  35. “Padres attempting to break through against Padres” headline on Padres.com

    Did I miss something tonight? Are we battling our own team?