IGD: Padres vs Braves (12 Jul 08)

Padres vs Braves
7:15 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 737
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 189

We had a great time at the Baseball Prospectus event Friday night. Big thanks to Dave Pease and Joe Sheehan for organizing, the Padres for hosting, and of course Paul DePodesta for being incredibly generous with his time. I’m sworn under threat of Very Nasty Things, Indeed (TM) not to repeat what was said, but I think it’s safe to note that DePo referenced Schopenhauer, Thomas Paine, and Malcolm Gladwell in his talk. He also answered all of our questions with patience, thoughtfulness, and as much candor as his position permits.

Several Ducksnorters made it out to the event, which pleased me much. I sat at a table with long-time readers Didi, LynchMob, and Anthony. Also appearing were KRS1, Oside Jon, Ben B., and the incomparable Lance Richardson, who led Didi, KRS1, and me to Donovan’s after the game (a win, no less!), where we stayed till closing. If you’ve ever hung with Lance, you know what I’m talking about; if you haven’t, you’re missing out on a good time. Too bad for you. ;-)

I could tell you what we wore and what we ate, but really, do I look like Burl Stiff to you?

* * *
Greg Maddux gets the start Saturday night. He was, of course, on the Braves squad that the Padres beat to reach the World Series in ’98. The Pads will be celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their last World Series appearance before the game. Several players from that team are scheduled to appear, including Kevin Brown. Here’s hoping he is remembered a little more kindly for his efforts on behalf of the club than he has been in previous returns to San Diego.

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  1. I’ll let it be known that, KRS1′s insinuations notwithstanding, I most certainly WAS NOT flirting which the fourteen-tear-old girl last night.

    Mine in the sort of charm that cannot be contained, and the that the young lady was clearly in awe of me (completely understandable, BTW) does not make me guilty of flirtation! A very wise man once referred to me as “incomparable”. He makes a good point.

    Great time last night, fellas. We’ll do it again soon.

    And to Geoff and KRS1, batting cages Tuesday at 5:30!!!

  2. Yup, Lance was right. He definitely WAS NOT flirting with a fourteen year old girl. He WAS flirting with a good looking girl. It was only LATER that her actual age was discovered to be 14 years old. I’m merely presenting the facts of the story as I heard it.

    Thanks to everybody at the BP event (Joe & Dave, DePo). That was awesome. Great to see everybody there and putting faces to the names.
    And thanks, Lance, for instigating the night into far too late a night that we almost had to sign a letter of good behaviour for KRS1 to take home in case he got into trouble with his better half. Good times.

  3. It was nice to see you guys last night. Let’s do it again sometime when I can sit with the crew. I’m still ticked they wouldn’t let me in with my wetsuit.

  4. 3: It was the board that they objected too. The wetsuit was fine.

  5. two things: sorry I missed last night with the gang, but babysitting could not be obtained. We were at the game… we sat in the Omni club the whole time. My kids enjoyed that, but I would have loved to make the meet.

    second thing… which cages?

  6. okay, third thing.

    I intend to cheer for Brownie. Time has proven that the Padres were right to not offer him more and he was right to grab the money while he could. I still wish he would have just said it, though.

    All he had to say was: “C’mon, gang. 15 mil a year? I love SD, but I gotta take that kinda stupid money. I just gotta.”

    Me, I’d have signed that deal while the mimeograph ink was still head-rush inducing potent and just told everybody the truth…

  7. What’s not to like about what he did in 1998? I don’t care if he became Charles Manson afterward.

  8. Peavy is second in the league in ERA at 2.47.

    The overrated Brandon Webb is 12th at 3.27

  9. 16 Ks in a playoff game. Brown’s all right in my book.

  10. #8@Kevin: Brandon pitches half his games at Chase field.

  11. #8@Kevin: True. It just seems like he is always getting pumped up a little too much. His Cy Young Award came in a really weak field. I just don’t like the Diamondbacks.

  12. #1@Lance Richardson: #2@Didi: #3@Oside Jon: I really wanted to be there last night. Family issues prevented that though. You guys rock! I met Didi at last year’s outing (Didi, you were sitting almost directly behind me and my wife).

  13. As far as Brown goes, I would have been more pissed off at him if he had stayed here. You’d have to be a real Gomer to pass up 15M. I was greatfull for his contributions for the club while he was here.

    Jane (funny nose) Mitchell is interviewing him right now on SD4 along with Sterling Hitchcock.

  14. Padre OPS splits are identical at home and road at .699. However, at home OBP is higher by 10 points and on the road SLG is higher by 10 points. The result is that the Padres on the road with the higher SLG score more runs than the Padres with higher OBP at home by0.18 rpg which extrapolates to 8 runs in 51 games. Hits home so to speak. And the explanation is… PETCO? I’m not sure I understand that explanation, but I dont want to rush to judgement and conclude outright SLG is more valuable in the Padres case. Info at ESPN,etc.

  15. #11@Kevin: That works for me.

  16. That pre-game almost brought tears to my eyes. I remember that year well. I just wish we had a team like that this year…

  17. We get Steve Quis again tonight due to Matty’s obligations to Fox. At least Tony will be in the booth.

  18. 16: I got misty-eyed as well. Lots of good memories of that year. I was so happy to see that Kevin Brown got a nice ovation. He was so clutch that year. One of the best seasons ever by a Padres pitcher.

    I still get angry that Hoffman didn’t get the Cy Young that season…

  19. Nice play by AGone there!

  20. Heads up base running by Chase. This can’t be a Padre game.

  21. Definately a rubber match tonight.

  22. Every home game during 98, Vaughn would play catch with the fans along the third base line.

  23. The Prof. is gonna laugh when he sees the playback of that one.

  24. Mad Dog with a stolen base! Who’d of thunk that?!!!!!

  25. Jody slides into second with a stand up double!!!!!!!! Oh Doctor!

  26. According to DePodesta’s blog, the Padres signed their 3rd round pick Blake Tekotee.

  27. #22@Field39: good need Padd fans. Tonite, pregame. G Vaugha was the ONLY ’98er to actually go beyond the infield to toss baseballs to the 10th man. He actually came all the way to the left field to toss a few into section 130. He remembers!

  28. I always liked Vaughnie… tonight is just more evidence of why. I was happy Brownie got a good O. BUt that whole team had a very special connection with the fans. Nowadays, they all do trophy presentations on the field and such… but it is a good thing to remember that the ’98 Padres were part of why. It actually started at the end of ’96, when guys stuck around after the last loss to the Cardinals. It got emphasized even more with the last game in ’97, when fans stayed to thank a valiant year by a team that had everything go wrong that could go wrong.

    By 1998, when the guys came back on the field after winning the division, the NLDS and after the final out of the Series, that was unprecedented. We forget that sometimes. The town and the team had a very special connection.

  29. I’m back in Oregon … Friday night was a blast … thanks for the “drink”, Kris, I owe you one … Lance, as always, is the monster of The Field and asks the boldest questions … Didi & Geoff, thanks again for the ’85 Padre jersey (fomerly owned by Joe Lynch) … and thanks to Oside Jon and BenB for saying hello long enough to get their pic taken up in secion 304 …


    The time with Paul DePodesta was very interesting … his presentation and answers to questions were pretty close to the vest … but he sprinkled in enough insights to make being there a Padre fan’s delight … I was most impressed at how many questions he took … I’m pretty sure the game was well underway by the time the Q&A broke up … and it wasn’t until the 3rd inning that he finished with all the followup chat and picture sessions …

    I did most appreciate his “if you take one thing away from this evening” message … “be a Padre fan” … *hey*, I can do that!!! I was glad to be part of the Ducksnorts gang there … and I thought it was clear that we were doing just that (ie. being Padre fans) :-)

  30. This story was in the UT on Saturday, the day after the BP event …


    Alderson aide DePodesta agrees to stay on past this season

    … and it struck me that this would have been a safe tidbit of news for him to pass on to us at the event … ’cause it’s good news for the Padres, me thinks!