IGD: Padres @ Rockies (1 Jul 08)

Padres @ Rockies
6:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 743
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 187

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  1. #47@Tom Waits: I can’t help but wonder ….”would Jon Daniels trade with the Padres again” ?

    With that said, did the Rangers count on fringe player Ramon Vasquez to have the year he is having for them ? To counter my own strongly worded point–hey, if a fringe player like Egon suddenly starts hitting how can you take him out of the lineup….you don’t simply take him out of the lineup because of his past history rather you look what he is doing NOW and ride the wave !

  2. #50@Turbine Dude: Of course that may have been a premature and naive statement on my part since I haven’t followed him since he left here. When he was here, he seemed like a powerhouse batter and a catcher with a great arm.

  3. What’s up with OG and the GIDP-itis?

    How’s Banks looking?

  4. #42@JMAR: I meant only replace him in the rotation.

  5. Some good links at FJ blog today …


    RHP Jake Peavy is likely to pitch Saturday to get an extra day of rest. … RHP Greg Maddux also might have his starts spaced out a bit more. …

    Over at San Diego State University, coach Tony Gwynn is working without a contract

  6. After 1st inning …

    Pitches-strikes – J Banks 12-8; A Cook 11-7.

    Ground balls-fly balls – J Banks 1-1; A Cook 2-0.

    Batters faced – J Banks 4; A Cook 3.

  7. AZL Padres back to their usual tricks …


    … a 9-2 victory with Decker going 2-for-4 + a walk!

  8. #55@LynchMob: The Gwynn thing suprises me. They had a really good team this year. It must just be a lawyer thing in getting the contract done.

  9. #58@Turbine Dude: No doubt, Gwynn has been a disappointment as a college manager on the Hill.

    BTW, it always seemed odd that I would see Gwynn doing all this media work and all the while managing a DIV 1 program. It would seem to me that building a winning D1 program would take most of your time and complete focus…just a thought.

  10. Curious about the blog’s thoughts on this…

    Josh Banks:
    Another Justin Germano (gets by on smoke and mirrors but will eventually fail to get anyone out)


    Another Bob Tewksberry (frustrates hitters for a pretty good MLB career with an assortment of junk)

    Granted, the comps aren’t perfect, but you get the idea….

  11. #60@JP: JP, I think you misinterpreted my post. Tony shaped a good team. I don’t think he has been a disappointment at SDSU. Just my thoughts.

  12. I’m really hoping this means Wolf is on the way out.

  13. They are getting more efficient. They lost in less than two hours.

  14. 79-pitch, complete game shutout. Some much for last night meaning much.

  15. #65@Sean Callahan: Mr. Callahan, in response to your comment in the thread about GY’s going back to the office:
    ” You should graph the Padres’ winning percentage against the number of posts for the IGDs to see what the correlation is. Without Turbine Dude, I’m not sure there would be any discussion some days.”
    I’m not sure if I should take that as a compliment or as a fact that sometimes I gab too much. I’m hoping for the former. But, to be included in the tread at all is a compliment. Thank you, sir.

  16. #61@Richard D.: Banks is no Germano, he’s put up good K:BB ratios throughout his minor league career. I think he can be an effective back end starter for as long as he maintains his control. Worst case scenario he can become a full knuckleball pitcher and eat innings.

  17. #51@JP:

    Have you taken even seen E-Gon’s minor league numbers? You act as though he has never been able to hit and I believe his career BA is over .300. Too many times guys come up and don’t perform when they get the chance and it’s such a good story to see E-Gon come up and do basically what he has done his entire professional career, hit.

  18. From AP: Bud Black said RHP Chris Young (nasal surgery) could start throwing off the mound next week with the hope of getting him back at the end of July.

  19. #65@Sean Callahan: Definitely a compliment – don’t stop!

    Being 3-5 hours behind SD time, I usually lurk while I’m at work (oooh, I made a rhyme) and don’t even have Gameday going. Thus, you’re my play-by-play man and it’s quiet when you’re not around.

    Sometimes its even worse – there’s some esoteric argument going on with no discussion about the baseball game currently being played (or said discussion about the game is impossible to find amongst the flame wars).

    You could include the score a little more often in your posts, though it’s usually not too hard to figure it out… :)

  20. #70@Sean Callahan: Of course it helps if I click on the correct #66@Turbine Dude reply link!