IGD: Padres @ Reds (22 Jul 08)

Padres @ Reds
4:10 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 724
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 183

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  1. re: tanking. I think perhaps, the Padres really should try this out. The whole concept of trying to win isn’t working out this season. It’ll be like George Costanza trying the anti-George move. Look at the Cardinals series, the Padres tried and tried to score as many runs as they’d had for the whole season and still lose.
    Maybe, the hitters should all swing at the first pitches trying to create outs. That may be the ticket. Run into a few pitches for hits and let all the pitchers really pitch to contact, just groove every kind of pitch down the middle, could get lucky and make outs.

    57: ah. Yeah, sarcasm doesn’t work well in print, does it? You are just too good. :)

  2. Former Padres Jack Cassell got rocked in Houston so far.

    Edgar Gonzales is very much in need of a nickname. Any ideas?
    ROOK would be a good play on word. He’s a rookie and the word can also refer to the chess pieces that’s important in that game. He’ll be half of a pair of Gonzales’s in the Padres just like there is a pair of rooks in chess. OTOH, it doesn’t really roll off the tongue and not sounding so good. Hmmmm…

  3. #103@LynchMob: ’twas not to be …

  4. Padres general manager Kevin Towers said the Astros were intent on acquiring Wolf.

    “Houston was pretty aggressive, probably more aggressive than any other club,” Towers said.

    Wade told Wolf that he still thinks Houston can turn things around.

    “He still believes in the Astros,” Wolf said. “I think he still thinks there’s a shot. With a little more than two months left in the season, there’s an opportunity there he’s trying to take advantage of. He’s not giving up hope. I’m up for the challenge.”

  5. Jack-Anulty with his 2nd HR for Portland … along with a single and a double in 3 PAs so far …


    … backing up a nice start by Wade LeBlanc …

  6. On to the 9th after a 24-pitch 8th by Heath Bell …

    Pitches-strikes – J Peavy 108-65; M Adams 20-13; H Bell 24-11; J Cueto 120-78; J Affeldt 16-10; M Lincoln 14-9.

    Ground balls-fly balls – J Peavy 8-5; M Adams 0-2; H Bell 0-0; J Cueto 6-3; J Affeldt 1-0; M Lincoln 0-1.

    Batters faced – J Peavy 28; M Adams 5; H Bell 4; J Cueto 27; J Affeldt 4; M Lincoln 3.

    … he’s been rough lately, huh? Whassup?

  7. #106@Kevin: The mind of Ed Wade is a scary place.

  8. Now this, my friends …


    … is a *blown save* … well done, Mets pen, well done!

  9. Cla with 3 Ks in the bottom of the 9th … free baseball tonight!

  10. 2 nice IPs by Cla … whodathunkit?

  11. 114: And his trade value just went up. Plenty of contenders are going to want his service.

  12. Ouch, 0-for-5 with 3 Ks tonight for Chase …

  13. Is anyone else having reception problems with SD4?

  14. bleh …

    interesting that Black didn’t go to Trevor … i agree with that decision … just surprised to see it …

  15. #118@Turbine Dude: Yes, every time I turn it on, they lose.

  16. More evidence of his greatness:

    Edgar Gonzalez has had at least two hits in each of the Padres’ five game since the All-Star break, including three in San Diego’s win at Cincinnati on Monday night. It’s the second time that Gonzalez has had five consecutive multiple-hit games this year; he also did that from June 10 through June 14. The only other major-league player with two streaks of at least five straight multiple-hit games this season is Boston’s Dustin Pedroia.

  17. #122@Kevin: May I dare temper things a bit by adding what Egon doesn’t do particularly well. Turn the double play. He botched a pretty easy double play again tonight off the bat of Dunn in the 6th, which would have got Peavy out of the inning.

  18. #113@LynchMob: Craziest thing about that game: Craig Cooper played center for the Missions.

  19. 123: Temper away. However, it’s hard to win games where one player collected half of the total hits of the team, and Kouz, Headley, Greene went 1 for 15 with 8 K’s.

  20. #123@JP: I’m sure your right. I haven’t got to watch the team lately. But he is seeing the ball real well.

  21. Edgar update: .328/.373/.466

    Giles update: .301/.398/.427

  22. #126@Kevin: The guy can hit enough to probably keep him in the majors for next 3 to 4 years.
    His season this years so far reminds me of David Newhan’s 2004 season – that particular season bought Newhan 4 more years and one nice contract.

    Yes, his defense is seemingly below average (but he can play 4 positions ) , not too mention that he is slow afoot and his baserunning leaves a little to be desired but if he hits even close to this for the rest of the seasom then you have to give him another
    long look next year.

  23. #128@JP: He’s a fascinating case. He is 30 years old. There must be a reason he never got a shot until this year. But who knows? The people who made that decision could be wrong.

  24. Speaking of a left handed utility guy (Newhan) that can play 4 or 5 positions, what about Portland’s Peter Ciofrone ? -He is still fairly young and has been smashing the baseball for 3 months now. Does he get a small taste in September.

    Good also to see PMAC not stewing or sulking and doing exactly what it takes to get another crack at the bigs–hit like crazy.