IGD: Padres @ Pirates (25 Jul 08)

Padres @ Pirates
4:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 736 (Pirates feed)
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 185

I’m running with the geeks this weekend at Comic-Con. I’ll bet I could randomly grab nine people from the MST3K panel audience Friday night and they’d beat the Padres…

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  1. Funny, my kids are at Comic con too, guess that means I’m old. Umm, guess thats all I have.

  2. OT:

    Looks like Bellhorn might be at the end:
    Bellhorn released

  3. Also OT:

    Is this the same Carmelo Martinez?
    17 ejected in class A brawl

  4. Here’s a SI.com article ripping on the Dodgers:


    Kind of an interesting note at the very end of the article:

    The Padres started their dumping process by trading Randy Wolf to the Astros (who aren’t in the race, they just think they are), and could be interested in several more deals, perhaps for Meredith, Greg Maddux (who has a no-trade clause) and Brian Giles. Some baseball people wouldn’t be shocked if the Padres thought about trading shortstop Khalil Greene (down to .215 this year), as well. A couple baseball execs said they believe San Diego has soured some on Greene.

    The team has soured some on Greene? Really? Where in the world would he get that idea?

  5. The Dodgers should be on at least a 90-win pace, if not for their front office.

  6. #5@Kevin: That is a typical Jon Heyman article, with a few rather large errors. My favorite line is this one: Logan White, who drafted much of the young Dodgers talent, is said by some to have unusual say-so for a recently-promoted assistant GM.

    How about because he drafted all that young talent while Coletti hasn’t done anything well? The reason they probably didn’t do that Sabathia trade is because Coletti was giving away all their young talent.

  7. #6@Schlom: Well, I’m talking about sending some of their top talent up and down this year and not just letting the kids play.

  8. #3@Jeremy: Yup, I gotta believe it is!

  9. Adrian hasn’t been great recently.

    Top 5 2008 NL First Basemen, by VORP

    Player, Team, EqA, VORP

    Lance Berkman, HOU, .351, 62.1
    Albert Pujols, SLN, .371, 53.0
    Mark Teixeira, ATL, .301, 29.1
    Conor Jackson, ARI, .293, 28.4
    Derrek Lee, CHN, .286, 26.5

  10. FJ has today’s lineup and a note …

    Scott Hairston, CF
    Edgar Gonzalez, 2B
    Brian Giles, RF
    Kevin Kouzmanoff, 3B
    Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
    Chase Headley, LF
    Josh Bard, C
    Luis Rodriguez, SS
    Cha Seung Baek, P

    Adrian Gonzalez bats lower than fourth for the first time in 2008, presumably to break up the lefty-lefty, Giles-Gonzo combo against the left-handed thrower Zach Duke. Bard gets in the lineup for the first time since he suffered a high ankle sprain May 21.

  11. Updated win shares further illustrates just how bad Khalil has been:

    Batting win shares: 0.0
    Fielding win shares: 3.3

  12. #13@Kevin: Greene at 0 and Giles at 10.7. Quite a large difference.

  13. #14@Field39: Yeah, it’s crazy. A couple pitchers on the team have positive batting win shares.

  14. #15@Kevin: If you sort by total win whares, there are only two Padres in the top 100: Giles and Gonzalez. That sounds about right, for a 100 loss club.

  15. #16@Field39: Is that the NL or overall?

  16. #17@Kevin: Overall.

  17. #17@Kevin: If you go NL only, it adds: Peavy, Kouz, and Hairston

  18. #19@Field39: Interesting. I like to see where Kouzmanoff and Edgar end up. Kouzmanoff has been quite good since April, and Edgar needs more plate appearances.

    But the 7-9 spots in the lineup have been the killers. It’s like batting three pitchers every game.

    Peavy is 12th among pitchers. But just 2.7 shares out of fourth (Webb).

  19. #20@Kevin: Thatcher wound up at -3.3 and that is good for the bottom of the list.

  20. #21@Field39: That’s all he is good for.

  21. It looks like I receive only the Pirates feed tonight, instead of getting a choice. I have become so spoiled.

  22. Chances of a win tonight: 46 percent


    At least we don’t have to get our hopes up.

  23. Is the game not on channel 4 tonight? Makes perfect sense.

  24. OT … Maddux makes The Onion …


    … link again compliments of FJ …

  25. Nady came out of the game after the first. Could have been traded.

  26. Welcome back to the majors Josh Bard!

    I would make a joke about Pittsburgh not really being the majors, but we’re 10.5 games behind them.

  27. Yahoo game notes sez …


    … anyone watching know what’s up?

  28. After 3 full …

    Pitches-strikes – C Baek 47-32; Z Duke 36-25.

    Ground balls-fly balls – C Baek 4-1; Z Duke 4-2.

    Batters faced – C Baek 13; Z Duke 11.

  29. Adrian … 2-run shot … scoring KK … who’d singled … runs!

  30. Baek’s havin’ trouble with LaRoche … ya think?

    I’m outta here … you guys take over … get a W!!!

  31. Nady and Marte reportedly traded to the Yankees.

  32. Wow! Great double play by the Padres.

  33. Depodesta has a new blog up, with a link to a new version of their website, that contains a lot of video.

  34. BOSTON — The Yankees moved on Friday to upgrade their club for a push at the postseason, acquiring outfielder Xavier Nady and left-handed reliever Damaso Marte from the Pittsburgh Pirates in exchange for four Minor Leaguers.


  35. Bases loaded. Bell has not been Bell lately.

  36. Padres win!!! Padres win!!! Padres win!!!

    (Have to say it as many times as possible when it happens…)

  37. Hoffman did it on eight pitches. He still has it — sometimes.

  38. Beavs Win ! Ciofrone collects 2 more hits tonight and Geer goes a very strong 7 (only allows 2 hits) on the road in Memphis !

    Geer looks like he should get a start or two for the Pads this year.

  39. Bell gave up one run in one inning tonight.

    In his last four outings, he has given up eight runs in four innings.

    Before that stretch, his ERA was 2.15. It’s now 3.31.

    Hoffman picked up an eight-pitch save, his fourth in his last four outings.

  40. Damnit… Damaso Marte was on my NL-only fantasy team.

  41. Kouzmanoff went 2-for-4. He is now batting: .279/.321/.447

    April: .259/.293/.353
    May: .289/.331/.491
    June: .269/.333/.487
    July: .311/.346/.500

  42. I didn’t realize that Kevin Cameron is 29 years old.

    Why on earth would the Padres be fiddling around with 34 year old journeyman (not too mention ineffective) Bryan Corey when they could be finding out about Kevin Cameron ?

  43. #45@JP: Dont they already know about Kevin Cameron?

  44. #46@SDSUBaseball: Yeah, maybe. I thought he (Cameron) did pretty well last year but maybe he is not a better option at this point than a stopgap like Corey.

  45. #47@JP: Cameron’s limited by his walks, but he’s a better reliever than Corey. He’s been hurt, though, and has only thrown 7 innings the last 2 weeks. Expect him to be back as soon as he shows he can throw 2 out of 3 consecutive days.

  46. #48@Tom Waits: Thanks. Yes, I just did some homework and read how he was just coming back from IR. I thought Cameron had been back longer.

    The progress made by the Padres as far as beefing up the talent in the minors has been plodding but nonetheless has progressed. Look at the Padres AAA/AA level talent in 2005 or 2006 and look at the rosters today. First of all, in a year like 2005, you literally would see 20 player castoffs (Gerber,Hernandez) get looks. I would argue that today, there is no room to bring in these sort of castoffs.

    AAA was almost a total wasteland 3 years ago, now in 2008 , even though they emptied some of the older top producers in early July (Myrow, Ambres) they continue to hit and pitch (and win) with guys that are legitimate (if not top) prospects (Leblanc, Geer, and Venable).