IGD: Padres @ Pirates (24 Jul 08)

Padres @ Pirates
4:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 727
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 185

Clay Hensley makes his first big-league start since August 25, 2007… Freddy Sanchez is Pittsburgh’s answer to Khalil Greene:

Sanchez ’07: 103 OPS+
Sanchez ’08: 59 OPS+

Greene ’07: 100 OPS+
Greene ’08: 62 OPS+

Stuff happens…

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  1. Herrera’s ERA dropped by almost three runs, in the first innings.

  2. Looks like everyone has pretty much lost interest in the 2nd half of the season. The Padres are going to have a hard time selling tickets unless something drastic happens.

  3. #4@LynchMob: Isn’t that Maddux’s turn in the rotation? Hmmmm.

  4. This may have been posted on this blog already, but Khalil Greene is 2 for 37 with RISP and 2 outs.

    In fact, most of the Padres (outside of Agon) simply don’t hit will with RISP, especially with 2 outs.

  5. I think this interview with Dirk Hayhurst was posted previously … but in case not …


  6. re: Dykstra … here’s an update …


    … I don’t think the Padres are looking good on this …

  7. #8@LynchMob: No, they don’t look good. It sounds like either they didn’t do their homework or they’re trying to make the buffalo scream. Dykstra got the second opinion, from one of the most respected sports medicine doctors in the world. What’s the holdup? They liked him enough to pass on a bunch of other guys (even the unnamed kid with supposed off-the-field issues), even knowing his hip history.

    Weren’t a lot of folks suggesting that Jason Bay was done before this season started?

  8. I suppose that if this team does indeed lose 102 games that someone’s head will have to roll.

  9. Guys, I have to be honest… I am sitting here, scratching my head… saying to myself “how in the world did it come to this?” It’s like the twilight zone….. this really sucks…..

    Anyways, I’m done venting.

  10. Hensley’s last dozen or so professional starts have been brutal. I was hoping that the Padres would work him out of the pen for the rest of the year.

  11. Ledezma’s back.

  12. #11@Richard D.:
    I’ve already switched over to wearing my Chargers gear.

  13. Sorry, I meant Hampson.

  14. Vent away, Richard, you’ll have plenty of company.

    This is what happens when you combine anemic hitting (standard Padres offense for years now) and ordinary starting pitching and a lousy bullpen. Pitching has saved us this fate the last two years, but we burned them out by not having an offense and this is what you get. Time to completely rebuild and rethink.

    Walking in runs. Wasn’t Clay good at one point?

  15. #14@Turbine Dude: Hey Dude, you said you were in this thing through ‘thick and thin’. C’mon man, you’re the beacon of hope and an example of Friar’s faith to all.

  16. #17@JP: You noticed I’m still here. It’s just painfull.

  17. Didn’t Hensley just pitch a few days ago?

  18. #10@JP: I would have fired Joyner after two months.

  19. #8@LynchMob: Would it be the worst thing in the world if we didnt sign him? Dont we get another pick next year if he doesnt sign?

  20. San Diego manager Bud Black said RHP Chris Young, on the disabled list since May 22 with a broken nose, is scheduled to throw a side session Saturday and could start Tuesday against Arizona.

  21. #18@Turbine Dude: You’re a good man. It is indeed painful but these sort of season happen sometimes.

    I thought that the UT piece written today by Canepa was a little reactionary and harsh. Since when does a new ballpark and updated scouting technology protect the post Qualcomm Padres from a down year. Mind you, it has been a unexpectably terrible year so far but I will reserve draconian judgements such as Canepa’s for at least another year or so, not a little more than a half a season.

    The 2002 and 2003 Padres lost 94 and 96 games respectively. Why doesn’t Canepa harken back to those two recent dreadful years back to back instead of invoking the 70′s Padres and interviewing Dave Campbell who hasn’t been with the organization or even in the area for decades.

  22. OT … hey, a Carmelo Martinez sighting!


    … he was interim manager in this game while Ryne Sandberg’s in Cooperstown for the HoF Induction this weekend …

  23. Carillo with a not-so-good outing … Kulbacki (en fuego) with HR #16 …


    … Storm playing into the 10th inning …