IGD: Padres @ Diamondbacks (5 Jul 08)

Padres @ Diamondbacks
5:10 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 736
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 188

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  1. Last night’s game was fun to watch. I’ve missed well-played games where the Padres win.

  2. Interesting story on how Soria becomes a Royals.


  3. #1@LaMar: I would have liked to see it. I was having diner with an old classmate I hadn’t seen in 27 years.
    Let’s hope they can do it again tonight!

  4. Last night’s game was refreshing … a well played game … Headley’s throw was fantastic … good ABs to get runs scored early …

    No mo carried over tonight … why have Edgar bunt? Adrian and Headley and KG with ABs there in the 2nd inning that were not good … Jake with 26 pitches in the 1st inning … I’m back to not being in a good mood … sorry about that …

  5. I didn’t realize that Kouz has 7 fewer walks than Khalil and has K’ed nearly as many times in the same number of at-bats.

    Even more surprising is that Wally is still batting coach (not that the problems the Pads are having are his fault, necessarily)

  6. Splash hit by Scotty Hairston!

  7. #2@Didi: Thanks for the link … good info/history on Soria being discovered by a Royals scout … and a scout for the Rox also, btw …

  8. can’t trade KG, he’s too good. Gotta just deal with the fact that he can’t hit slider, much less recognize one.

  9. I guess Hariston wants his job back…

  10. #5@koo: Kouzmanoff has an OPS that is 115 points higher.

  11. I loved Davis’ reaction as soon as Harriston hit the second home run. On the replay on Gameday, you can see Davis jump up in frustration as soon as it left the bat.

  12. Arizona hit that inning like they wanted Peavy to come back out for the seventh. Take a few more pitches and Bud would have probably yanked him.

  13. Squeeze with Carlin?

  14. #14@Kevin: Before or after the Padres blew a first and third situation with one out? :)

    Carlin’s hitting .159, Peavy’s up next. Carlin strikes out more than a third of the time, you’re already up three. I think it was almost a no-brainer…

  15. #15@Sean Callahan: I didn’t know the situation or see the play, so I’ll stop now.

  16. #16@Kevin: Worst thing that happens if he tries to squeeze is that he pops into a double play. Worst thing if he swings, he grounds into a double play. Same difference to me.

    He managed to work a 2-1 count, which is what you want, and even had a pitch that was down to work with on that count. Bud needs to show a little more creativity.

    Without TV, I don’t know how Headley got thrown out at the plate. I assume the ball got a way from the pitcher or catcher. Maybe Gameday will get around to a video at some point.

  17. #17@Sean Callahan: Ya, ball got away from catcher … it was a good go by Headley … catcher made perfect play to get to the ball and make a toss to pitcher covering … Headley was actually safe (high tag) but throw had beat him and ump just called him out …

  18. Adrian … bomb to RCF! Off a 3-1 belt-high fastball …

  19. Check that … it was a knee-high fastball … I got deek’d by MattV’s call …

  20. Oh God, they are bring in Trevor. (breath in breath out)

  21. #23@Turbine Dude: bringing

  22. Pop out to left.


  23. Headley keeps up his 1-4 routine. 10 of his 17 games have been 1-4; 2x 0-4; 2x 2-4, 2x 1-3, 1x 1-5.

    Not sure if it’s good, bad of indifferent. Just… routine.

    And Trevor makes it interesting…

  24. OK, retirement time? Where the f*ck do we go from here?

  25. Home run. No problem.

  26. #26@Sean Callahan: Ditto.

  27. Venable with 2 doubles + HR in losing cause …


    … who’s left at Portland? Wooton is catching … Stansberry at SS … Germano bomb’d again …

  28. Finally we win 2 in a row! Wow!

  29. Flied out to right.


  30. #26@Sean Callahan: When GY anounced his so called retirement from writing you made mention of me. I wasn’t sure how to take that but have decided to take it as a compliment. You rock my friend!

  31. By his own bat, Michael has lifted the Barrett curse. The boys are free, its all down hill from here, boys….at least for the next 6 weeks.

  32. The Dodgers trail 5-2 in the seventh.

    If they win, they are in first. If they lose, the Diamondbacks will be two games under .500 and lead the division.

  33. Arizona (43-45) is first. Dodgers 0.5 back.

    Giants 4, Rockies 6, Padres 8 back.

  34. #34@Turbine Dude: Except, since then, you have hardly made a peep!!! :) Where have you been?

    As painful as the two most-commented IGDs have been, they were, above all, a hell of a lot of fun. Hitting refresh every 30 seconds to keep up with the stream of idle banter makes you feel like you’re watching the game with friends.

    37-comment IGDs, almost half after the bottom of the ninth started, just aren’t as much fun to follow when you’re looking at gameday. It’s sort of like you’re at a day game between Florida and Washington in late-September:


  35. 39. Those aren’t accurate. Trust me.

  36. #40@Padre Fan: It’s an obvious parody if you read the whole thing.