IGD: Padres @ Cardinals (20 Jul 08)

Padres @ Cardinals
11:15 a.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 733
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 184

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  1. Here we go again

    Only thing that would cheer me up is word we were making some trades but apparently that isn’t plausible considering most of our team sucks.

  2. Right now, I am asking the question: Has this team gotten to the point, where they have accepted losing? If so, is there anything to build around?

  3. Hard to get enthusiastic about the game, even on my new (for fathers day) 46 LCD TV. Busch Stadium looks great.

    At least we are hitting the ball better. I think I saw KG go the other way yesterday for a single. That was nice.

    Maybe I’ll go to the beach instead.

  4. #3@pm: Your avatar shows you as a woman. So how do you rate a gift for father’s day?

  5. Terrible at bat by Kouz. He refused to be walked, and struck out.

  6. And everyone was so antsy to get Headly up to the bigs because?….

    He hasn’t done anything spectacular thus far.

  7. #2@Field39: I think they’ve accepted losing, at least some of them. Reality has to have set in.

  8. #6@Turbine Dude: he made that one throw to the plate a while back…=) But i see where your coming from. I say keep him up here and get some more experience. He definitely hasn’t flopped.

  9. Let’s prepare to be swept. Ha ha.

  10. Wow. Well it looks like it’s just me in here.

  11. #11@Oside Jon: Losing and posting, have an inverse relationship.

  12. I have two options today. Either visit with my wifes family that flew in last night or watch the Padres lose. Neither option appeals to me. But at least I can turn the TV off if I want to.

  13. I can’t believe Baek hit a 2 run homer!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I’m late in posting this, but that may well be the only time Baek homers in what is likely to be a short career, so here goes….


  15. #13@Turbine Dude:

    I sure hope your wife doesn’t read this blog.

  16. #13@Turbine Dude: You can turn off the TV but can you turn off your wife?

  17. #16@Lance Richardson: #17@Masticore317: Actually, my wife feels the same way I do. However, she is obligated to visit with them. My wife is a living Saint.

  18. A solid outing by Baek.

  19. What a job by Mike Adams ! Adams has been one of the more reliable relievers in this tattered pen. Adams is coming on 35 innings now with a WHIP of about 1.1. Not bad at all.

  20. La Russa is changing pitchers for Hundley? Isn’t that like hunting humming birds with an atom bomb?

  21. Things usually hinge now in the late inning/high leverage at bats of Luis Rodriguez. It really make the 37-61 Padres worth watching late in games in late July.

  22. #22@JP: They need to tell Luis to stop jumping out of the way, when the ball is about to hit him.

  23. Black outmanaged in the 8th. Agon opportunity in pinch hitting role is wasted by IBB as Larussa is excited about facing Luis Rodriguez.

  24. Well, Glaus is on my fantasy team, so if someone had to beat us…

    Of course this is little consolation for any of you.

  25. Sweet, Heath Bell is on the Stephen Strasburg plan! Plus it certainly appears that Bud Black is on it as well, which is probably the most important person of the people on the field.

  26. #25@Lance Richardson: OT: FYI, LaDanion Tomlinson is the #1 pick for the NFL fantasy football. Not a big suprise. But, still…

  27. Pads showing some heart.

    On another point, in my mind, it would be ridiculous to now sit down Scott Hairston for the next three in Cincy all against right handers. Hairston in centerfield for all three !!!

  28. Apparently the offense isn’t on the plan though it appears that a lot of the pitchers appear to be (Maddux, Wolf, Bell). We’ll see if Trevor is on it.

  29. Hey guys, remember when Mark Bellhorn was on our team? That was the worst, huh?

    (Sorry, the always-look-on-the-bright-side in me just really needed to say that)

  30. I am going to be sick now.

  31. I say one more intentional walk. Seems less embarrassing than what’s about to happen next.

  32. Corey has an awesome ball to strike ratio right now — 13 pitches, 12 balls, 1 strike.

  33. This has been a rough season.

  34. #34@Lance Richardson: Understatement of the year.

  35. Now that’s the way to end it, grand slam by Aaron Freakin’ Miles!

    I wonder if the bullpen has been following these threads and picked up on my idea or just decided to do it on their own?

  36. Well, that seems fitting. A jolting, yet not unfamiliar, reminder of that which is the 2008 Padres. ….Sigh…..