IGD: Padres @ Cardinals (18 Jul 08)

Padres @ Cardinals
5:15 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 732
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 184

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  1. #100@LynchMob: Jody owes Edgar a hit.

  2. After 1 …

    Pitches-strikes – R Wolf 14-10; T Wellemeyer 18-9.

    Ground balls-fly balls – R Wolf 1-2; T Wellemeyer 1-2.

    Batters faced – R Wolf 5; T Wellemeyer 6.

    … Wolf gives up 2 singles, but gets out of it … Padres up 2-0 on an error and SF in top of 1st.

  3. #100@LynchMob: I am guessing that G.Y thought today’s game was a night game. No biggie–lets get a win today before the Pads start attracting some embarrassing nationwide media attention. Is this team really a 100 loss team ? I say no.

  4. Egon is making it awfully difficult to not include him in future plans !

  5. #105@JP: Antonelli isn’t exactly forcing the issue.

  6. KG with a 2 game hitting streak ;-)

  7. #101@LynchMob: Lynch with his 3rd blown save of the young AZL season … sigh … playin’ pro ball ain’t easy, I s’pose …

  8. Thru 4 …

    Pitches-strikes – R Wolf 57-37; T Wellemeyer 56-31.

    Ground balls-fly balls – R Wolf 6-4; T Wellemeyer 7-5.

    Batters faced – R Wolf 16; T Wellemeyer 19.

    … I’m guessing there’s scouts in attendance … and I’m hoping they like what they are seeing from Wolf …

  9. Albert strikes again … dude’s a stud with the bat … hat tip …

  10. I went to take a shower leading 5-0 and come back and it’s tied??? WTF?

  11. Turbine Dude must be feeling smug right about now…

  12. Giles putting his body on the line… Ouch!

  13. I’ve been meaning to say that I’d be up for having Chase hit higher in the batting order … the easiest way to do that would be to flip him with KK … I’d just like to see him hit in the 3 or 4 or 5 spot … and that top of 7th is an example of when I think it would have been good …

  14. It’s pretty clear the Padres are shooting for the worst record in baseball — why else would Luis Rodriguez be up in a crucial late game situation for the 2nd time in 3 games?

  15. with Edgar hitting the way he is, what are they going to do when Iguchi comes back?

  16. Way to go, Clay … a quick 3-up, 3-down inning pitched …

    Pitches-strikes – R Wolf 98-63; C Meredith 12-5; B Corey 10-7; C Hensley 15-9; T Wellemeyer 84-51; R Flores 6-2; R Springer 14-9; R Villone 10-6; R Franklin 18-11.

    Ground balls-fly balls – R Wolf 8-5; C Meredith 0-1; B Corey 1-2; C Hensley 2-1; T Wellemeyer 8-9; R Flores 0-0; R Springer 0-0; R Villone 0-1; R Franklin 3-0.

    Batters faced – R Wolf 28; C Meredith 3; B Corey 3; C Hensley 3; T Wellemeyer 27; R Flores 1; R Springer 2; R Villone 2; R Franklin 4.

  17. I was hoping if I went away when the Padres loaded the bases, good things might happen. Instead, Larussa’s going to start making me believe in the whole match-up strategy – he uses four pitchers in one inning, two of whom get no outs, and still the Padres can’t score.

  18. #116@Johnny Utah: Hope he does well enough in a rehab assignment to generate enough interest to trade him?

  19. On the bright side, the only way we can be worse than the ’62 Mets is to go 3-61. The ’03 Tigers would take a 4-60 finish. I don’t think even this team is that bad.

  20. If I was down in SD now, I think I’d go to the beach …

  21. #115@Schlom: You stole my post Schlom.

  22. #120@Sean Callahan: Isn’t that amazing. As awful as the Padres have been they’ve still be way better then the Mets or Tigers. I could barely watch the Padre game today (how many more blown leads and runners left on 3rd with less then 2 outs do I have to watch?) — it must have been damn near impossible to watch the Tigers.

  23. #121@LynchMob:
    I was at the beach today!! But it was overcast and windy. I can’t win — just like the Pads.

  24. #125@Oside Jon: Doesn’t that just mean that the surf is a bit better and you don’t have to worry about getting burned?

  25. This date in Padres history: July 19

    1982: Outfielder Tony Gwynn makes his Major League debut and collects two hits against the Philadelphia Phillies.

    … ya, that was a good day!

  26. #127@LynchMob: Cionfrone keeps up his hot hitting at Portland. What may get Ciofrone a shot at the majors is the fact that he can play 4 or 5 positions.

  27. #127@LynchMob: Jack-Anulty with his first AAA HR this year … Beavers now up 6-1 after 5 …

  28. In light of the losing that my Padres are doing their best to keep alive, I had to read something else.

    Joe Poz delivers the good:


    a heck of a writing about a heck of a player. Enjoy.

  29. #135@Didi: Can’t find the link at the moment. But his piece on Murcer and Bobby Bonds was great, too.

  30. #134@LynchMob: “Jack-Anulty” – classic!

  31. #135@Didi: #137@Kevin: Thanks for the links … both very good reads! Musial is not underrated by me … having been to many games in St Louis in the 70s and hearing stories of him from an uncle … my favorite Musial story is that Nate Colbert was at the DH where Musial hit 5 HRs …

    #138@Masticore317: I got that term from somebody else here … it is a goodie … I caught the last couple of innings of last night’s game on TV and McAnulty rifled a line drive to the LF wall that the LFer made a good running catch on … also saw Antonelli smoke a line drive that the 3B-man made a good diving catch on and the TV announcer said that that was the 2nd time that game that that had happened … so both of those guys are swinging well …