IGD: Padres @ Cardinals (18 Jul 08)

Padres @ Cardinals
5:15 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 732
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 184

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  1. #50@Turbine Dude:

    6 beers sounds good. I’m right behind you.

  2. #51@Oside Jon: Hey Jon! Actually, it might be more like 9 or 10 by now. Who counts when you have a keggerator?

    Wish I could have been with you guys for the P. Depo gig. I’ve only met GY and Didi in person. Would have liked to see the rest of you.

  3. The wheels are falling off.

  4. #46@Schlom: “I am not sure this is the correct team to use for it”

    there was a thread about a week ago concerning bad trades. You were taking a lot of abuse, but I understood your point. I was preoccupied and could not post, but I understood your point. The Nolan Ryan/Jim Fergosi trade could not be considered a bad trade because it made sense at the time. God, I wish I could have responded.
    Everyone on here means well, but there are “homers”.
    You do a good job of questioning the establishment. Even when I disagreed with you, I respected your skepticism.
    Right or wrong,…..Give em Hell!

  5. #49@Kevin: Sure you can trade a player on the Disabled List. I’m not sure what kind of trade value Bard has though — as good as he was the previous two seasons he’s been horrible this season, has no defensive value, and at 30 probably is considered old for a catcher.

  6. Molina just clocked Bell with a 3.5 knock. Ouch.

  7. #53@Turbine Dude: I didn’t know we had any wheels left. I thought we’d been running on rims for about 10 weeks now…

  8. #55@Schlom: But, still tradable right?

  9. If Heath Bell ain’t right, ain’t nothing right.

  10. #57@Sean Callahan: I was hoping we had ‘run flats.’

  11. Charger’s traing camp starts on Monday!

  12. #61@Turbine Dude: training

  13. #61@Turbine Dude: Waiter! More beer please!

  14. Players on the disabled list cannot be traded without permission of the Commissioner. For more information on trades, see “Players to be Named,” “Trade Demands,” “Trading Deadline,” and “Waivers.”


  15. #60@Turbine Dude: Glass half-full.

    Why didn’t Bud just take Bell out after the first run-scoring hit? There’s no point in wasting any more pitches from the only reliever you currently trust…

  16. How about a Merideth, Iguchi, Bard trade for a mascot that can hit?

  17. #54@parlo: Everyone sort of went off topic on what my basic point was — that low payroll teams can’t afford to make any mistakes if they want to compete. As good as the Padres were from 2004-2007, the numerous mistakes they made kept them from winning more then one playoff game.

    This season they are really paying for those mistakes, adding them to the ones that Towers made during the off-season is making them one of the worst teams in baseball — really the worst when you consider the division they play in.

  18. You guys ragged on me for ragging on Merideth in Spring Training. Well, I feel like putting up one of those smiley faces with the tongue sticking out.

  19. #66@Turbine Dude: How about the entire 25 man roster, for 25 random players. Could they be worse?

  20. A grand slam here would be fitting…

  21. #64@Kevin: Those are rules to a fantasy league.

  22. #69@Field39: No. Swap the Storm for the Padres for a series and see what happens. What do you have to lose?

  23. #69@Field39: Seen the Nationals roster?

  24. #70@Sean Callahan: Alas, not to be. We’ll need one of our own to tie it up. Kouz or Headely will have to be the man, because there’s no one on the bench likely to do it with Clark now gone.

  25. #71@Schlom: Nevermind, I mis-read that.

  26. Guys, I’m just trying to liven things up during a game that has gone awry. I didn’t mean to start anything serious.

  27. #73@Kevin: I am disgusted well beyond rational thought.

  28. Are more of you coming around to my way of thinking?

  29. Screw this game, I’m watching the Tour de France.

  30. What are the odds that the Padres score 12 runs on my last night here?

  31. #79@Schlom: Nooooooooooooo! Anything but that.

  32. Something easing my pain right now is this video …


    parlo … check it out … you’ll smile, I promise.

  33. #77@Field39: Yeah, Seinfeld always loses the girl but in different ways. The Padres always lose the game but in different ways.

  34. Gosh, the bullpen really suck tonight.
    What the heck was Thatcher doing? He just didn’t look like he can put anything past anybody. It was wacked.
    Then, Bell was just crappy even if two of those hits were the lucky sort.
    Of course, even with a generous out call at home, the Padres still let another run in.

    Crap. I had to turn off the TV, I was so mad. It was ridiculous.
    At least in this game, Maddux off the hook and Bell got the loss after having three vulture wins to his record.

  35. #84@Didi: I have installed chicken wire, in front of my television set. This has helped to keep my costs down.

  36. #81@Kevin: Actually I threw that in there to see what the reaction would be. It’s interesting that everyone is critical of cycling because of all the cheating but I think everyone realizes that if they tested other sports they’d, at least in the case of football nail about everyone.

  37. #85@Field39: I beat my dog — it teaches him discipline and gets rid of my stress. It’s win-win. If not the dog, then one of my nephews since they deserve it more then my dog.