IGD: Padres @ Cardinals (18 Jul 08)

Padres @ Cardinals
5:15 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 732
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 184

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  1. The AZL Padres were off today … thought I’d check the league stats to see if Jaff Decker is as much of a stud as I think he is …


    … 3rd in OPS … yup, that’s the guy! And he’s behind 2 guys who have more than 2x K’s to BBs … and I like our guy with almost the flip of that (19 BBs to 10 Ks) …

    (otoh, looks like the AZL Cubs have some bats, huh? … whassup with that?)

  2. #1@LynchMob: What’s really impressive is that all those guys hanging out with him at the top of the leaderboard are 2-3 years older than him: either college draft picks or players from the Dominican.

  3. Gerut leading off and playing CF again, Hairston on the bench. If the Padres are serious about going for the first overall selection in the draft next season, benching the guy with the 1502 OPS for one with a 595 is certainly a good way to go about it. I can’t wait until Tomko and Estes take regular turns in the rotation! :)

  4. #3@Schlom: Give’em hell Schlom

  5. This team really needs to get Mad Dog a win tonight. I’m tired (and I’m sure he is too) of seeing him pitch a good game, only to have it shot down in flames.

  6. Gerut starts it off well … base hit!

  7. More clutch hitting by the Padres! Oh yeah, I forgot that Maddux was pitching — no reason to score runs then.

  8. #5@Turbine Dude: I’m tired of hearing about his streak.

  9. #8@Kevin: Me too! That’s why I want it to end tonight. I’m also tired of hearing about Brett Favre as well…

  10. Well, there’s one run back, an actual hit for Greene. That opposite field home run was his first hit since July 5th.

  11. I stumbled across this and felt a bit embarrassed by the Padre comments


  12. #11@parlo: Maybe that was a joke? Although certainly Bell probably should have made it — certainly over Carlos Marmol.

    This team is incredibly frustrating to watch. Not only are they bad but the way they give up runs is unreal. A 4 pitch walk to crappy Cesar Izturis (with his 62 OPS+), he’s sacrificed to 2nd, Maddux completely ignores him so he steals 3rd and he scores on a groundball by Brendan Ryan. So without hitting the ball out of the infield, the Cardinals get a run with their 7-8-9 hitters.

  13. #11@parlo: Like many other things, stuff like that just needs to be ignored …

    So, KG can still hit, huh? Cool-e-o …

  14. Runner on 3rd, less then two outs….what are the chances that Kouz gets him in? Normally I’d say about zero but Greene did just break a lengthly 0-fer so maybe Kouz can come through.

  15. This could be a historic game for the Padres! Greene with a hit after being hitless for 13 days. The Padres getting a runner home from 3rd with less then two out. A possible Greg Maddux win for the the first time in 69 (heh-heh!) days.

    Is this the start of a Colorado Rockies like run?

  16. I just checked Khalil’s gamelog, that run he scored in the 2nd was his first run scored in July. That’s rather amazing. But I guess that might happen when you have a -42 OPS+ for July.

  17. Thru top of 3rd …

    Pitches-strikes – G Maddux 26-18; B Looper 60-38.

    Ground balls-fly balls – G Maddux 2-2; B Looper 0-7.

    Batters faced – G Maddux 10; B Looper 16.

  18. #16@Schlom: Yow, now *that* is an anti-fun fact! Can you provide a link to where you found that?

    B-R shows his YTD OPS+ = 61 … http://www.baseball-reference.com/g/greenkh01.shtml

  19. #18@LynchMob: Month by month splits:


    sOPS+ is compared to the entire league, tOPS+ is only with regard to the rest of the team. It’s only -26 there. Hairston’s is 288 for July.

  20. That was just like watching a Little League game!

  21. The Prof. just made a joke out of the Cards defense! Wow!!!

  22. JODY!!!!!!!!!!!! YARD!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Gerut is making me eat my words again! It seems like everytime I question why he’s in the lineup, he does well.

    I made this comment:
    during this game:

    I guess I’m going to have to bash him more often!

  24. Maddux has pitched well enough the last few starts to get a win.

  25. #24@Kevin: Nix that. Thought the Cardinals had just added three runs.

  26. #19@Schlom: Thanks! I want my June KG back :-(

  27. You know, it’s nearly impossible to root for the Padres to lose. Personally, if the Padres don’t make the playoffs this season (which seems very unlikely) I’d like to see them finish with the worst record in the majors so they can draft Stephen Strasburg. But I’m happy that they are winning tonight even though in the long run it might not be a good thing for the team.

    However with the Padres terrible luck with drafting pitchers, maybe getting the 1st overall selection won’t be a good thing.

  28. #12@Schlom: You are right. But I think it is a good point to consider when we see other teams “comments”
    The problem with me right now is that I am really disgusted. Sometimes I cant even swallow the positive spin about some infielder who is doing well at Lake Elsinore. I think to myself, “I have been through this before with nothing to show for it” . I know it is cynical but what are my other options ? Keep believing that Kouz is an All Star in the making and Khalil is going to turn it around?
    I dont want to be one of those people who shout “Padres S*ck”, but I am also having doubts about any future.
    I also want to apologize to many of the posters on here who I sometimes snap at. I admire your loyalty and faith, but I am at the point that I can no longer shield the present disaster with optimistic dreams that seem like fairy tales to me.
    My girlfriend of eight years has cancer. Bone Cancer. I had to take a leave of work to care for her.I am stuck around the house all day. Baseball conversation is the one thing that keeps me going. I dont want to be blasting the TV or stereo, the computer is a nice quiet companion. I want to thank all of you for your companionship and educated baseball discussion.
    I think this Padres season has reached the point where it is no longer therapuetic to me. In some ways I am very dazzled by the beauty of life,…..in other ways I think it is a very cruel predetermined world. To seek escape from the ravages of cancer by smothering myself in the Padres 2008 season seems to be a cruel joke.
    Thank you for all of your companionship and healthy debate

  29. #28@parlo: All I can say to that is hang in there, neither situations could be much worse. God Bless.

  30. A good chunk of any remaining trade value that Maddux might have had prolly just went over the LCF wall a new Busch Stadium … sigh …

    parlo … HANG IN THERE, BUDDY!

  31. Ugh, maybe Maddux isn’t going to get a win tonight. Not quite sure why you’d groove a first pitch fastball to Ludwick but I guess that’s what happens when you aren’t going well.

    #28@parlo: You need to look at the positives. Just think that every bad loss puts them one step closer to a 1-2 punch of Peavy and Strasburg from 2010 until whenever Peavy gets bad (hopefully not until about 2015 or later). That’s one hell of a tandem to build around.

  32. #24@Kevin: I now re-submit the comment.

  33. #33@Kevin: You can see the future! What do you see happening the rest of this game?

  34. #31@Schlom: C’mon Schlom, I just spilled my guts.
    But then again, you wouldnt be Schlom if you didnt mention Strasburg.
    Four strong winds my friend!

    Oh and Kevin, Trevors great but he aint going in ahead of Mariano. He will get in eventually. In the broad sweep of life, its important to remember that being number 2 is still very special.
    Peace my friend.

    Turbine Dude: You are the best

  35. #35@parlo: Why would you bring that up? Just to have me disagree. The horse is dead.

  36. OT: on XX 1090 this afternoon, someone not affiliated with the Padres was saying that he believed Edgar was good enough to be an everyday starter. I couldn’t catch much of the interview because my wife was describing her office soap operas. However, I’m tending to agree with the comment.

  37. #37@Kevin: As they used to say in Pittsburg … ’79 I think … we * are * fam * i * ly :-)

  38. #37@Kevin: My point was that I respected the debate, I just strongly disagreed.

    Tom Waits: I always thought I was at an unfair advantage. In any debate, I always thought in the back of my head that “any guy named Tom Waits cant be all that bad” GOOD LUCK!

    “You spend a good part of your life gripping a baseball, but in the end it turns out it was the other way around” JIM BOUTON

    Thanks everyone!

  39. Adams dodged that bullet (of his own making)…

  40. #42@Kevin: I’m only half-paying attention.

  41. Had to see that coming on an 11-pitch at-bat…

  42. Had to see that coming as soon as Thatcher came in the game. He needs to go…..

  43. #35@parlo: I’m just trying to help you look at the bright side! I can understand the frustration of trying to “live through the Padres,” or at least use it as a form of escapism. I’m not sure this is the correct team to use for it.

    I was really impressed by Thatcher down the stretch last season, I guess that was a fluke.

  44. Bud with a repeat of last night’s double switch… Can’t wait to see Rodriguez hit next inning…

  45. Let me throw this up in the air: Could they deal Iguchi and Bard (while on the DL) for some bats? Carlin and EGone have filled in their positions nicely and both are considered rookies with relatively no trade value in my opinion. However, I think Iguchi and Bard would make for a good trade.
    I’m by no means a Tom Waits or Lynch or GY, but I think it would be a senario to consider.

  46. #48@Turbine Dude: I don’t think you can trade a player on the DL. Not positive.

  47. #49@Kevin: It was a fantasy I was having after 6 beers.