IGD: Padres @ Cardinals (17 Jul 08)

Padres @ Cardinals
5:15 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 726
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 184

Welcome to the second half. Here’s what the Padres need to do the rest of the way to reach certain benchmarks:

  • 28-39 to finish at .400
  • 31-36 to finish at .420 (worst record in NL last year)
  • 36-31 to finish at .450
  • 44-23 to finish at .500
  • 52-15 to finish at .550 (repeat of ’07)

If they win each of their remaining 67 games, the Padres will finish at 104-58, a game back of the ’04 Cardinals.

Are we having fun yet?

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  1. #42@Pat: No idea what a “code red” is.

    #50@Ben B.: The best thing about that is that the $10 Million man is responsible for most of that woeful production.

  2. 51: In Byrnes defense, he has been injured for good chunks of the season. He had a great year last year.

  3. #43@Steve C: not to worry!

  4. #51@Phantom: It’s a term from the movie “A Few Good Men.” Well worth checking out, btw. Basically, it was the term the movie used for the type of discipline/punishment/training it sounds like Dustin Canham may have been subjected to. I’ve heard it called hazing. I hope it is not what happened, but it’s a shame he’s gone regardless of the circumstances!

  5. #54@Pat: Agreed. The circumstances surrounding his death seem suspicious at best. If Canham can get through all of this, I think he will be a tremendous asset someday.

  6. #49@Paul R: But with our luck clark will hit 20 home runs and carry the diamondbacks to a win in the world series. We are talking about the team that saw a post-trade edmonds resurrection.

    Maybe we are the ones who make the players suck, and if we truly love them we will let them free. :)

  7. #54@Pat:
    I was actually stationed in that place for about 4 months in 2004. It was among the worst places I was at — there was absolutely nothing to do and we were sitting on our asses while there was a war going on. Probably 95% of the infantry grunts would have rather have been back in Iraq (we were there in 2003).

    You do both realize that people do die just from exercise, don’t you? And, despite what his father thinks, it doesn’t matter whether you are in decent shape. Did he not read about the US Men’s Olympic Trials Marathon? Ryan Shay, a near world-class runner, collapsed and died after only 5 easy miles (at least for him). When it can happen to an athlete like him (who has doctors watching his every move) it can certainly happen to some young kid.

    I think everyone involves feels terrible about what happened but they were doing what they thought was right. But to act like there was some conspiracy or cover-up is pretty irresponsible.

  8. #32@Phantom: THANKS for the link, Robby … Mitch Canham’s easy to root for! I wasn’t high on him when the Padres drafted him … and I still think he’s longshot … but his track record is *very* impressive and I’m very glad he’s in the Padre’s organization.

  9. #57@Schlom: Thanks for your comments, Schlom, you have some unique perspectives on this! I’m guessing that the family’s uncertainty is a product of their grief and frustration along with what I would describe as inevitable inconsistencies in details that are going to happen with an event such as this. My perception is that the Canham family feels responsible to make sure that what happened is well understood … and it sure seems like the Marines are doing that also, since the investigation is “ongoing”. And it prolly doesn’t help that we’ve all seen too many movies. Indeed, I agree with you that “everyone involved feels terrible about what happened but they were doing what they thought was right” … I think that’s called “tragedy” …

  10. #59@LynchMob: I would largely agree with this. It seems suspicious because they were never given a straight answer. More and more details were leaked, which caused them to question what was going on.

    I’m not abjectly accusing our military of a cover-up, but the reference to Pat Tillman is certainly illustrative. Regardless, I appreciate his service (and yours too, Schlom) and it’s truly unfortunate that this happened.

  11. Jaff Decker goes 3-for-4 today with a double plus a walk … also makes error #2 …


    … AZL Padres lose 20-8 … yikes, the made 7 errors …

  12. #60@Phantom: It’s actually nothing like the Tillman situation. The Army knew right away what happened to Tillman (that he was killed by his fellow Rangers) but decided for various reasons (whether to protect his family and his memory or simply for PR reasons) to put out a different story (which I think rational people can see why they did it).

    Dustin Canham, on the other hand, just died exercising — although that “exercise” wasn’t exactly sanctioned by the Marines. But, with a near undetectable heart defect, it probably wasn’t a question of if but rather when he was going to die. Of course, that’s no consolation for his family.

    I’ve brought this up before but I don’t think most people realize how deadly the military is even in peacetime. Even today in Iraq and Afghanistan there is a sizable percentage of non-hostile and preventable deaths — mixing young males even without weapons and vehicles doesn’t usually end up well.

  13. FJ blog has lotsa links and a few good pics (Adrian and from ’98 night) …


  14. #62@Schlom: Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but when you say “rational people can see why they did it (covered up Tillman’s death)”, are you saying that the reasons why they did this are obvious, or that rational people should agree with what they did?

  15. Phillies traded for Joe Blanton. A’s got the Phil’s number 3 and 4 prospects and one lower level minor leaguer.

    Is this indicative at all of the market for Maddux/Wolf? Both have superficially better numbers than Blanton this year, but league and park factors speak against that…

  16. #64@BigWorm: I was wondering the same thing….

  17. #65@Paul R: I dont see how it could be. Blanton is still young and has incredible upside. Wolf and Maddux are WYSIWYG.

  18. Oakland seems to be doing what they always do regardless of their standing. Restocking the farm. Their 3 top pitchers were all dealt this year for a pretty solid group of prospects.

  19. #65@Paul R: Blanton’s under team control for a while, though (two more years after this one). That gives him much more value than Maddux or Wolf.

    #67@SDSUBaseball: Blanton has almost no upside. He throws strikes and relies on his fielders; he is what he is. Going from a pitcher’s park to Citizens Bank Park is going to really hurt him.

  20. #64@BigWorm:
    The reasons for the cover-up were obvious — why would you want to tell his family that his fellow Rangers killed him? If possible, you’d probably want to protect the Rangers that actually did it. Believe me, he’s not the only person in the military that was killed by “friendly” fire that was reported as KIA. Who wants to hear that their loved one was killed that way? And what is gained by that?

  21. 69: I agree that Blanton has more value than Wolf or Maddux. I’m just interested in what it might say about the trade value of our starters. I wonder if Wolf would be worth Cardenas?

  22. #57@Schlom: “You do both realize that people do die just from exercise, don’t you?” Why no. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Thank you for informing me. Sheesh.

  23. CBS Sports has midseason grades for MLB teams. As you can probably guess, the Padres didnt get a passing grade.


  24. #62@Schlom: “Dustin Canham, on the other hand, just died exercising — although that “exercise” wasn’t exactly sanctioned by the Marines.” You don’t know that; you weren’t there. Stop trying to sound like you know what happened. Perhaps he died from exercising alone; perhaps it was abetted by a slight heart defect; perhaps he was being hazed by some NCO’s who got carried away and covered it up. None of us knows what really happened so just stop trying to sound as if you do.

  25. #70@Schlom: I agree, the reason they covered it up was obvious. Whether or not you agree with them. . .honestly, I won’t even go there. It would ignite a poop storm.

  26. Hey, the filter didn’t take out poop!

  27. #69@Ben B.: “Blanton has almost no upside. He throws strikes and relies on his fielders; he is what he is. Going from a pitcher’s park to Citizens Bank Park is going to really hurt him.”

    Yeah, but Philly apparently doesn’t know that. Beane strikes again.

  28. #73@parlo: F-!!! That just made my day. Worse than the Mariners – at least they didn’t get the -.

    Honestly, Sportsline has been extremely harsh of their assessment of the Padres this season. Yes, the season is a disaster. But they make it sound like the Padres = the Pirates, when it is entirely possible that we have a winning season next year.

  29. #75@BigWorm: Good call…

    “Who wants to hear that their loved one was killed that way? And what is gained by that?”

    What is gained by lying to them? (Besides saving face)

  30. #73@parlo: Interesting that we have a higher BA and more HRs than this point last year.

  31. #79@SDSUBaseball: A great deal was gained by lying about it. Just as the Jessica Lynch story was fabricated. Their stories were used a a rallying cry to garner support for our invasion and occupation of Iraq.

  32. #74@Pat: Wait, I do know what happened — he died of a heart attack while doing some form of the “Daily Seven” (assuming the article is correct, it seems that fact is clear). I’m not sure how that was preventable. It’s certainly possible that his heart defect wouldn’t have come up at anytime during his life — I’m sure there are people with the same condition that live life fine. Just because some kid dies in a tent in Djibouti while being screamed at by his superiors doesn’t mean that it was caused by them.

    However, I understand that most of the time, the mainstream press (and a lot of the regular population) takes a dim view of the military so I understand the tone of the article. Unfortunately, that’s a sign of the times. Since I have experience with this sort of thing, and Jerry Crasnick and you don’t, my perception of it is probably more correct.

  33. #71@Paul R: Hmm, difficult to say, because Blanton’s main value is that he’ll be around for a couple more years and that he’s a durable innings eater. Neither of those could be said about Maddux or Wolf. I think the main consequence of the deal will be removing a possible suitor for Wolf.

  34. 83: Yeah. You’re right, the most important consequence is probably the loss of a potential suitor. Who are the other potential suitors for Maddux/Wolf?

  35. #63@LynchMob: Lineups are posted …

    Jody Gerut, CF
    Edgar Gonzalez, 2B
    Brian Giles, RF
    Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
    Kevin Kouzmanoff, 3B
    Chase Headley, LF
    Khalil Greene, SS
    Luke Carlin, C
    Jake Peavy, P

  36. And FJ reminded me of this fun fact …

    An oddity of Clark’s four-month Padres career: He played a total of 22 innings on defense — all in one game! Yes, Clark played the whole 22-inning game against Colorado on April 17, his only appearance at first base this year.

    … truely bizarre!

  37. #85@LynchMob: Doh … the game’s at St Louis … so it’s game on, already … who knew? Jake looking good (‘cept for solo shot by Glaus) … Edgar with his 4th HR …

  38. Also…
    Some of the conversation about Canham and family has gotten pretty personal and potentially offensive. None of us know what happened and I’m not sure that this is an appropriate forum for the conversations that are happening.

  39. Thru 3 full …

    Pitches-strikes – J Peavy 46-32; K Lohse 54-32.

    Ground balls-fly balls – J Peavy 3-3; K Lohse 5-4.

    Batters faced – J Peavy 11; K Lohse 15.

  40. Ug, Peavy still doing OK … ‘cept now he’s given up 3 solo shots …

    Thru 4 …

    Pitches-strikes – J Peavy 68-47; K Lohse 62-39.

    Ground balls-fly balls – J Peavy 5-3; K Lohse 8-4.

    Batters faced – J Peavy 17; K Lohse 18.

  41. This game is looking like the first half of the season. Grrrr.

  42. I wish the Padres would simply start Hairston daily in center regardless of whether there is a right hander or left hander starting in opposition.

    I’m done with seeing Gerut get the starts in center if a lefty starts.

  43. #92@JP: Meant right handed starter of course. Gerut is what he is. A 4th or 5th outfielder. How much more do we have to see of Gerut ?

  44. Four solos off of Jake tonight. This is not encouraging. :(

  45. Whoa! Rally cap time…

  46. ARGGGH!!! Why can’t we have one, just one, game changing two out hit. This season sucks.

  47. I feel like we are in a peanuts cartoon. I keep believing that lucy will hold the football, but then…..yoink… I am on my back again.

  48. #96@DM: #97@DM: I feel your pain. The Peanuts analogy hits it right on the mark.

  49. At least I can go to bed at a decent hour (for me that is).

  50. #93@JP: Whats wrong with Gerut?