Has Anyone Seen the Part of Me That Cares?

In Ashland, just around the corner from the Standing Stone Brewery (excellent Oatmeal Stout), there’s a cool little comic book store we always make sure to visit. This time, on impulse, I bought every baseball card they had in stock — 41 packs of maybe 30-40 cards each, separated by team — for $19. There’s everyone in here from Hall-of-Famers Paul Molitor and Eddie Murray to the all-but-forgotten Bill Stein. Heck, I’ve got Omar Vizquel as a Mariner.

Anyway, one of the packs contains nothing but Padres:

  • Broderick Perkins
  • Mike Maddux (x2)
  • Frank Seminara
  • Bip Roberts
  • Jeremy Hernandez (x2)
  • “Eddie” Whitson
  • “Benny” Santiago
  • Tim Teufel (x5)
  • Andy Benes (x3)
  • Rich Rodriguez (x3)
  • Randy Myers (the moderately effective version, not the completely sucky and expensive one; x3)
  • Dan Walters (x2)
  • Kurt Stillwell
  • Darrin Jackson (go Centaurs!)
  • Ricky Gutierrez (x3)
  • Fred McGriff (x2)
  • Phil Plantier (he shoulda been great; guys who knock 34 bombs at age 24 typically don’t disappear quite so quickly and dramatically)
  • Tony Gwynn

It may not be the proudest tradition in the world, but it’s what we’ve got.

* * *
While I was away I completely lost track of the Division That Relevance Forgot (TM), which probably makes me the envy of most baseball fans. In case you need a reminder why nobody cares what’s happening in the NL West, here’s how it breaks down after April 28:

  • Dodgers: 32-32, 251 RS, 256 RA
  • Rockies: 28-36, 297, 335
  • Giants: 27-35, 279, 282
  • Diamondbacks: 25-38, 240, 294
  • Padres: 25-39, 246, 298

Stellar effort, guys. Way to keep everyone interested in the proceedings…

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  1. I’ve been surprised at how much communication from the Padres’ FO has indicated they have not yet made the “buy vs sell” decision for 2008 … it’s obvious to me which way this decision should lean … and I’m 99.99% sure that the reality inside the FO is different from their public communications (and I fully understand and support how/why that’s the case) …

    So, what I’m left to ponder is what’s been touched on a bit here today … make moves now for 2009 or 2010 or 2011?

    It’s clear to me that the Padres’ ownership and management works towards having a team each year that is most likely to compete for the division and/or wild card while minimizing the risk of having a season which is as bad as 2008 has turned about to be (which begs an obvious question) … which says to me that what they are really doing right now is investigating options to make the 2009 team as good as possible within their risk (and budget, obviously) constraints.

    I wish they’d have more of an attitude of “plan for a run at a World Series” … but I understand both how risky and hard that is. Perhaps they even think that’s what they are doing … perhaps that *is* what they are doing … but that’s sure not what it looks like to me.

    I don’t claim to know what it takes to make and execute such a plan … it took Boston *many* years to figure out how to do it … clearly the Yanks have struggled doing it lately … so it’s not just a money issue … and I’m not even sure that the Twins nor the A’s have such a plan (I think they are just better at the “be a good team every year” model) … and the Tampa Bay model has many of its own risks and downsides (ex. sucking bad enough and long enough to have so many high draft picks that you almost can’t avoid creating a team that seems to be young and talented enough to make a run at several World Series’) …

    I guess I’ve always thought that the key was to keep having a good team and be ready, willing and able to buy the right free agent hitter at the right time … a Bonds-type … a Vlad-type … a Manny-type. They are few and far between … so perhaps this is the Padres’ plan … they just have not yet found the guy they want … I was OK with it not being Carlos Lee, nor Soriano … (and we all knew it certainly wasn’t Barry Zito :-) ) … it seemed like it might have been Miguel Cabrera … who might it be in the near future?

    In the mean time, the team tries its best to stay poised … to take a few shots at drafting or signing and developing that guy …

    I think the things that have hurt the 2008 Padres, beyond the oft-mentioned injuries (Jake, CY, Bard) and regressions (KG, Bard, Barrett, bully) are the events from 2007 which led to not retaining Jenga and Cameron …

  2. PMAC cleared waivers and will be heading to Portland. Hopefully he can stay healthy and get 200 at bats or so

  3. #48@Kevin: Saying that Kouz “has been quite good since” April seems a stretch to me … here’s a link to some numbers …


    … OK, now I see that in May and June, his OPS was .822 … which I’ll agree is “quite good” … it just didn’t seem like that’s what was happening …

    I’m not convinced he’s 100% healthy right now … I head one of the guys on 1090 last night or this morning mention that his double last night coulda/woulda/shoulda been a triple if he’d been healthy … just for example …

    Also, from the couple of times I’ve seen him on TV recently, he sure seems to be in a pull-only mode … ‘cept for the double he rip’d down the RF line in the 9th inning of that last D-backs game … so perhaps I’m just getting too down on KK as a result of the poor performance with the bat from several others in the lineup …

  4. #14@Sean Callahan: In case you missed what started what turned into today’s topic of conversation (buy vs sell in 2008) … it was Sean’s mention of DePo’s blog entry …


    … which asks you/us to “Plan GM” … specifically …

    Given the state of our current team, our organization as a whole, and the entire division, what would you do?

    … and includes a poll which currently reads that 88% of 734 voters would be “sellers” (and that’s what got my vote).

  5. #54@LynchMob: Oops, that should be “Play GM” … and I’ve not yet read thru the 73 responses posted so far … have you? Any good / interesting ones in there?

  6. GY: That part of you that cares is still there……just have to suppress it while baseball times are tough, as I’m sure you know. =)
    Next year we can care, or even this year??????

  7. #51@LynchMob: I don’t think the Rays had a model to suck for a long time.

    I would have worked hard to sign Bradley. But maybe he would gone away anyway, because of the luxury of the DH.

  8. #53@LynchMob: Yeah, he has been quite good, especially for playing in Petco.

    The reason his numbers are slow to improve is because they were especially low in April. But better than last April.