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The Padres are taking the day off and so am I. Go read stuff:

  • The Verdict Is In (It Might Be Dangerous… You Go First). Paul DePodesta discusses the art of making deadline deals.
  • Chris Long Q&A (Friar Forecast). MB chats with front office staffer Chris Long about the Padres’ draft strategy.

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  1. Thank God for the Nationals.

  2. That Chris Long Q & A is interesting. Thanks for posting it Geoff.

  3. Venable is on fire down at Portland. I’d imagine that he will be up here fairly soon.

  4. #3@JP: Where do you play him, though?

  5. #3@JP: Yeah, the outfield is pretty crowded right now, with Headley, Gerut, and Hairston all deserving of starting roles, and I’m glad Ambres is finally getting a chance, although he is probably auditioning for a reserve role in 2009. And that doesn’t include Giles, who is having his best season in a while. The only way I see Venable getting some consistent PT this season is if Kouz and/or Giles are traded by the deadline.

    In the meantime, he’s the man down in Portland. It might be good to let him get some experience as ‘the man’, now that Headley, Ambres, Myrow, and Hundley are all in SD, and with not much surrounding him in that Portland lineup. So far, it doesn’t seem like he misses them too much. I don’t have the numbers in front of me but I think he has something like six doubles and 3 HR’s during a nine-game hitting streak.

  6. It’s amazing that the Padres is only 9.5 games behind with a record of 20 under .500 , wow, I mean, wow, what a terrible division this is.

  7. It’d be funny if in September just like last year, the 4th team in the division today actually goes on a tear and ends up winning the divisional pennant.

  8. #6@Didi: One of the most surprising things of the whole season. Arizona and LA looked to be stronger, even ignoring LA’s free agents, just from trade acquisitions and maturing youngsters. And Arizona looked untouchable in April. Now nobody can get out of their own way.

  9. #5@JMAR: I would say that Ambres and Gerut are auditioning for bench roles.

    Therefore, I would play Venable everyday in centerfield once Giles is back.

  10. In the midst of a lost Padres season, there are some good things are happening right now.

    Hairston’s resurgence is so incredibly welcome !!! It’s nice to see Hundley play everyday as well, after seeing him play live yesterday- seeing him battle at the plate and throw a nice strike to second to nail a runner in an attempted steal, I came away thinking that this guy be one of our catchers next year.

    Also, the Padres management will hopefully gain a lot this season by cleaning out the bin and seeing who they have.

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  12. (Rather poor) article by Lee Jenkins on SI about the NL West:


    He sort of puts you off in his first paragraph when he brings up the 82-80 record of the 2005 division champion, saying:

    it was also not likely to be repeated.

    Yet, the Cardinals came very close (83-78) to repeating it the very next year. Obviously winning the World Series with a crummy team gets you off the hook.

  13. #9@JP: If Giles is back in RF and Headley is in LF, that leaves CF for Hairston, Gerut, or Venable. I’m still not completely sold on Hairston as an everyday CF but his defense has been really good and take a look at his numbers when he plays CF this season:

    .349 BA, 10 HR, 19 RBI, 9 2B – WOW!

    On the negative side, he’s walked just 3 times and struck out 25 times when playing CF. But I think I’d at least like to see what kind of numbers this guy will put up if he’s in the lineup everyday for the rest of the season, whether it’s LF or CF.

  14. 10. Agreed – nice to have two catchers who can throw someone out, even if Carlin has become like having another pitcher’s spot at the plate. It also gives lie to how much blame has been put on Padre pitchers for the stolen base problems this year (CY and Maddux excluded).

  15. 13: Really? Who was pitching yesterday? Not Peavy, CY or Maddux was it?

  16. #12@JMAR: I am thinking of Headley as the third basemen of the future so I keep forgetting to even include him in the current outfield talk as I am now officially on the Headley at third base bandwagon.

    It’s incredibly early to talk 2009 Outfield but I would guess that Hairston (and Giles if not traded) is probably the best bet to be in the 2009 outfield and the rest is completely up for grabs….Does anyone see a FA target for this Padres outfield ?

  17. #15@JP: That’s how I see Headley, too. We have a lot of guys who profile best as LF, including Huffman. I’m not sure that really means much; Brian Giles and Tony Gwynn are / were acceptable, even good, right fielders late in their careers when they wouldn’t have fit the mold early, so it’s possible Huffman could do that too.

    I don’t see any likely free agents. If they retain Giles, then my guess for 2009 would be:

    1. CF who we trade for. I suspect the Padres aren’t sold on Hairston or Gerut there.

    2. Giles in RF.

    3. A soft platoon of Gerut and Hairston in LF.

  18. Hairston just loves hitting at Petco. If you look at his career splits on B-R, down at the bottom of the page it shows stats by each park. He hasn’t hit at Petco as much as at Chase, but his numbers at Petco are awesome while at Chase they are below average (by OPS+). Neither are huge sample sizes, but they’re not completely insignificant either. Very interesting to see how he’s thrived, at least to date, in a pitcher’s park while having struggled in a hitter’s park.

  19. A MadFriar reported this 2 days ago …

    Sawyer Carroll out 2-3 weeks with an ankle sprain. Slid awkwardly into a base.

    … bummer …

  20. Hairston’s 2007 and 2008 Padres offensive performance has helped heal the pain from the Jack Cust evaluation mistake.

    Hairston is clearly having a better year than Cust in 2008. So we lost a good one of the scrap heap and picked up another. Not to mention that Hairy is better defensively and has more speed.

  21. #18@LynchMob: at least he didn’t slide head first I guess.

  22. #19@JP: Offensively, there are those who would make the argument that Cust and his .360 OBA are having the better year.

    Defensively there’s no comparison. Cust is “a lawn ornament”.

  23. #16@Tom Waits: The more I think about the more I think we should simply hold on to Giles. You are right, I just looked at the list and the FA market holds nothing . Giles, Gerut, Hairston and a legit. centerfielder and the outfield and this Padre outfield is competitive.

    The real battle/decision as far as the outfield might be Venable or Gerut for the soft platoon in left.

    Another focus of mine is second base – the Pads may just settle with Egon at second base for 2009. Probably not the best option but passable as it looks like he may be able to hit in the .750 OPS range over 400 at bats or so. They have been let down twice with FA’s (Giles ’07 & Iguchi ’08) and there isn’t much on the FA 2009 list and they have no one down on the farm outside of Antonelli who is obviously a question mark now. With this in mind, at this point, who would you rather have at second base on a regular basis based on who you have seen in 2008 – Egon or Iguchi ?

  24. #22@JP: Right now, gun to head, it’s Egon for me. Not least because Egon may = happy Agon.

  25. #2@Paul R: Not a problem.

    #11@KRS1: Cool, sounds like a good cause.

  26. 23: I agree. I think that EGon may have some of the intangible values that are often mentioned/debated here and elsewhere (namely, his ability to make his brother happy). Additionally, he’s hitting as well as almost any Padre regular. I would imagine that Iguchi is a possible August trade candidate.

  27. For those of you cheering for a really low payroll, Tuesday’s game was a classic. The Padres starting 8 positional players totaled $3,286,000 slightly below the Marlin’s $3,299,000, with the ML minimum at $3,120,000 @ $390kx8. Only AG and Cantu exceeded the minimum by more than $100k. When do you think the last time 2 teams could get starting 8 payroll down to a combined $6.5M?

  28. Mark Ellis is something of a luxury on a low budget team, since decent second basemen can generally be found cheaply, but boy would he be a fun luxury to have. He’s going to be drastically underpaid this offseason because no one understands defense and just how awesome his is. So he’d be a cool guy to have at second, and would be a big upgrade there.

    Edgar Gonzalez still probably makes more sense, to save money to spend at a position where a decent regular isn’t easily found.

  29. Longshot Greg Burke at AA San Antonio was signed out of a tryout camp at the age of 24 and is making the most of it, kicking some tail at the age of 26.

  30. Pads need to get Josh Geer (25) some starts in September. His PCL numbers are respectable in a hitters league.

    That fab 5 at San Antonio (starters) has me excited. If 2 of them pan out we are in great shape.

  31. JP, 1 of Garrison or Inman should pan out…