You Read It, You Name It

I enjoyed my day off so much, I believe I’ll take another. The agenda is roughly the same:

  1. Drink coffee
  2. Play with dogs
  3. Watch Stargate SG-1
  4. Play Mob Wars
  5. Read Lillian Ross’ Reporting Back (where I learned, among other things, that the great Hungarian composer Bela Bartok once wrote a piece for Benny Goodman; I’ll need to get my hands on a copy of that)
  6. Pass out on couch
  7. Wash, rinse, repeat

Oh, and somewhere in there I have to write an article… Do I know how to party, or what? Anyway, I’ll have the IGD up around 6 p.m. or so. Twins are in town for three. It’ll be a hoot…

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  1. Lineups are up at FJ Blog …

    Minnesota (40-36)
    Carlos Gomez, CF
    Alexi Casilla, 2B
    Joe Mauer, C
    Justin Morneau, 1B
    Michael Cuddyer, RF
    Jason Kubel, LF
    Brendan Harris, SS
    Brian Buscher, 3B
    Kevin Slowey, P

    Padres (32-45)
    Jody Gerut, CF
    Edgar Gonzalez, 2B
    Brian Giles, RF
    Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
    Kevin Kouzmanoff, 3B
    Chase Headley, LF
    Khalil Greene, SS
    Michael Barrett, C
    Jake Peavy, P

    … OG and KK back in the lineup … Chase back out to LF …

  2. #92@Tom Waits: Yes, but he’s really only missing 3 months after playing a long college season. Taking into the fact that he’s pushing his projected major league timetable by roughly a year plus getting some rest, I’m sure the Padres don’t really mind that.

    For a “frugal” organization like the Padres you should take every advantage you can get. If this injury means that Forsythe comes up when he is 25 rather then 24, wouldn’t that be a blessing in disguise?

  3. You know, that lineup shouldn’t be that bad…

  4. #102@Schlom: You see that, some love for Ambres. Why not give him a shot ? It’s not like he is the same age as Fernando Tatis and he can run a little bit with some pop and play what I would assume to be average defense.

    BTW, does anyone out there have a defensive scouting report on Ambres ?

  5. #96@FriarFanDan: That quote struck me as kind of strange. Obviously you wouldn’t slide head first into home when the catcher is set and completely blocking the plate, but if he’s out in front of the plate or not completely set, doesn’t it make it more sense to try to touch the plate with your hand then with your feet?

    Shouldn’t you preach that you get to the bag or plate the most efficient way possible? In some rare cases sliding into 1B might be the best way — if the throw is off the bag toward the plate and the 1B needs to make a tag.

  6. #104@JP: You converted another one!

    I’m certainly not against calling up Ambres — not to be a starter but I wouldn’t have a problem with him being a bench player. He’s definitely earned it by plugging away in the minors — 965 games in the minors and 58 in the majors (53 in 2005 with the Royals and 3 with the Mets last season). I’d rather see him (or players like him or Myrow) then Tony Clark. Not because I dislike Tony Clark but I’d almost always have the younger player or the minor league veteran get a shot — Tony Clark’s already had a great career.

  7. #105@Schlom: Sliding head-first work only if the player knows how to do it. Rose and Rickey knew how. Many others players get hurt doing it.

  8. #103@Alan: Probably not that good either. :-)

    I hope to catch 3 innings before I fall asleep.

  9. #105@Schlom: I just like the tongue-in-cheek, “We’re not smart enough to think someone would slide into first.”

    With regard to sliding into Home, I think you’re right. But as Kevin stated, the organization is probably willing to sacrifice the rare occasion where a headfirst slide would have been the only way to score a run in order to prevent players from hurting themselves

  10. #102@Schlom:

    1. The Padres have total control over his major league timetable anyway. He could put up a 1.500 OPS in Triple A for 4 straight years and they’re under no compulsion to promote him.

    2. The team just paid him 800K because they thought his bat might play at the major league level. He just suffered an injury that makes it less likely his bat will play at the major league level. Yes, I’m sure they’re happy.

  11. #109@FriarFanDan: The risk of injury is entirely too high to justify sliding head first into home at any time.

  12. OT … very tough outing for Arroyo …

    … 10 ERs in 1 IP … ouch!

  13. #112@LynchMob: I’m glad I’m not a Mets’ fan …

    … in more ways than one! Ouch!