IGD: Padres vs Twins (25 Jun 08)

Greg MadduxPadres (32-46) vs Twins (41-36)
Greg Maddux vs Glen Perkins
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 183

Glen Perkins? I’m not sure we could score three runs off Marlin Perkins right now.

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  1. Buried in today’s comment thread is this … perhaps some pre-game thoughts?

    How often should a batter take the first pitch?

    I understand the value of a patient approach at the plate … getting a starting pitcher’s pitch count up … waiting for a mistake … drawing walks …

    But there is a limit, right? If a batter takes too many first pitches, then he’ll too often be down in the count 0-1.

    That seemed to happen more than it should have last night …

    Once Slowey proved he could and was going to throw strike one on the first pitch, it seems like the Padre hitters could have benefited by being more aggressive at the start of their ABs.

    Here’s a link where you can see what happened, pitch-by-pitch …


    At this point, all I’ve got is my gut feel / anecdotal evidence … does anyone have suggestions for where to look for some research on this subject?

  2. #1@LynchMob: My thought on this is that if a pitcher is going to give you a strike consistantly on the first pitch, you should swing on it. Commen sense dictates that if you don’t, you are already behind on the count.
    However, if a pitcher isn’t consistant with that first pitch, I’d say play it a little more conservatively. This is also going to depend on how the plate umpire is calling the pitches.

  3. Heres some pre game reading about a WWII amputee who pitched for the Senators in 1945. He passed away recently.


  4. The Padres are 61 percent to win tonight.


    Maddux’s chance for a win: 1 in a million.

  5. Crap. Jenny Cavnar had to bring up the frigging booing thing with Jake.

  6. BoSox aced the DBacks 5-0 (not that I’m watching scoreboards). Randy Johnson was on the mound.

  7. #4@Kevin: I’ll betcha a buck on that :-)

    Thanks for that link … interesting to see something that appears/purports to be objective …

    #1@LynchMob: OK … the impetus for my question/concern about taking the first pitch is Chase Headley … and I’ve just finished looking to see what’s done so far on first pitches … he’s got 28 ABs in 7 games … exactly 4 PAs per game … and he’s taken the first pitch 23 times … that’s 82% of the time … of those, it’s been rougly 50/50 that’s it’s a ball or a strike looking … (11 balls vs 12 strike lookings) … is that letting to many first pitches go by?

    Last night, Chase took a strike on the first pitch in each of his first 3 PAs … that’s what caught the eye of a friend of mine who mentioned it to me … and it probably stood out to him because so many other Padre hitters took strike one looking vs Slowey …

    A few other notes …

    – despite the “patient” approach on the first pitch, Chase is yet to draw a walk … that seems worrisome to me … especially for a guy with 12 Ks …

    – Chase is yet to swing & miss at first pitch … and he is also yet to foul off a first pitch … so all 5 times that he has swung at the first pitch has resulted in a fair ball … and during those 5 ABs, the results have been 1B, F8, HR, GO, F8 … .400/.400/1.200

  8. Odd, the local newspaper this morning said Banks was going tonight. Not that the local newspaper here in NY is a good source, but usually they have THAT part right at least.

  9. KOOOOOOOOOZZZZZ!!!!! (not boo)

  10. OT … the Zito Death Watch gets put on hold …


    … although I’m hoping that this just provides the impetus for getting him enough starts to get to 20 Ls … nothing against Zito … just wanted to get Brian Kingman (A’s in 1980) off that hook … but I just now looked it up and Mike Maroth already did that (21 Ls in 2003 for Tigers).

  11. #8@Masticore317: Banks is scheduled for tomorrow’s game (according to yahoo).

  12. OT … not all “blown saves” are created equal …


    … at least Rauch got the W after pitching 1.2 IPs of “perfect” baseball … his only “flaw” was giving up a SacFly to tie the game in the 8th.

  13. After top of 2nd …

    Pitches-strikes – G Perkins 19-15; G Maddux 17-12.

    Ground balls-fly balls – G Perkins 2-1; G Maddux 3-2.

    Batters faced – G Perkins 6; G Maddux 6.

    … Maddux looks to be *ON* tonight! You did take my bet (@ 1 million to 1) didncha Kevin? :-)

  14. #9@Turbine Dude: Maddux can bunt. Not to tear the scab off last nights wounds…

  15. At Ft Wayne, I was worried about Wynn Pelzer after his last started ended with him getting hit by a batted ball … but he’s rebounded with a fantastic start tonight …


    … 6 IP, 3 H, 2 BB, 0 R, 5 Ks.

    Hmmm, looks like Cumberland left this game prematurly???

  16. Looks like our night so far. Everything is falling for us, things are working out. By 10pm most of the county will have forgot about the booing last night. By the bottom of the 6th the stadium will be studying the latest incarnation of the wave ( which I still maintain is horrible luck/manners while the homw team is at bat!)

  17. #16@130tom330: ehh, homw = home. Didn’t wanna preview that anyway… j/k GY :)

  18. #14@130tom330: Huh? I’m well aware that the Prof. is one of the best. Did I miss something?

  19. #18@Turbine Dude: nothing particular to you per se. Just spent 45 min reading posts about the booing last night (of Trevor, or Buddy, or the failure to execute, etc) when i thought the discussion should have been about sending our hottest hitter up to bunt with two on and no outs and the frustration that caused… Anyway, heres to cold beer and baseball.

    Gotta put my phone away and watch the game now. I’ll read up later and check in after… Shit! Tie game, sorry I think I jinxed us w/ #16.

  20. #19@130tom330: No worries. It’s all good as long as there is cold beer. My kegerator runs at about 36 Deg. F.

  21. #1@LynchMob: How’s this figure in to your 1st pitch theory? Just asking. Mad Dog doesn’t usually throw a sucker 1st pitch.

    OT: Where are the Avitars?

  22. Harris proving he can hit old pitchers pretty good …

  23. #20@Turbine Dude: The ballpark seems to “refrigerate” theirs somewhere north of 50 deg, but at $9 a “glass” who’s complaining? They’ve got a captive audience and they know it. The way things have turned here, they’re set to make a killing off me tonite (again!).

    ugggggg! 36 degrees, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  24. #21@Turbine Dude: The pitching view of the first pitch is a different question … clearly a batter’s optimum approach will be dependant upon the pitcher he’s facing … if the pitcher has a track record / tendancy to throw first pitch strikes, then I’d think that hitters ought to be aggressive on those first pitches … my question is … how aggressive? What % of “strike looking” at the first pitch is too high?

    re: avitars … I think GY is testing his theory that the avitars were a source of poor web site performance …

  25. #24@LynchMob: I defer to post #2. However, the % would be a hard stat to compile.

  26. Casilla puts any 2nd baseman to shame. That kid can make some plays that just defy believability.

  27. OT: Does anyone know where the XX Sports Radio seats are if you win tix from them? I won tix for the Sat. game. But, if they are crappy seats, I’m not driving up to Nobel Dr. to pick them up.

  28. At least Fresno State won the NCAA Baseball Championship, the lowest seed ever to win a collegiate title. It really shouldn’t have been a surprise as West Coast teams (Fresno St, Stanford, UCI, Arizona St, Arizona, Fullerton St, UCLA, Pepperdine) went an amazing 23-8 against non-West Coast teams. Too bad the seeding committee ensured that the West Coast teams mostly played each other.

  29. OK, I’m out. I’m not going to sacrifice sleep for losses. See you all tomorrow night.

  30. For those a little disenchanted with baseball, HBO is showing a George Carlin marathon tonight and tomorrow night during prime time and late night.


  31. #30@Kevin:
    Very cool. The best distraction I could imagine. Thanks for the heads up. I am still a glutton though but the “last channel” button will get some use.

  32. Also, if they “boo” tonight, at least there are not enough people left for anyone to hear it.


  33. #7@LynchMob: Chase took the first pitch every PA tonight … 2 balls + 2 strike lookings … net’d him 1-for-4 … again no walks …

    Where’s a web site that has # of pitchers per plate appearance?

    I’m guessing that since he hasn’t drawn any walks, that that rate will be below average … but given his propensity to take the first pitch (now up to 84%), perhaps it’s higher than I suspect …

  34. Still alive … Gerut’s single extends the game …

  35. #32@Jeremy: A tree-forest situation.

  36. #33@LynchMob: Looks like Corey Brock’s wondering the same thing I am (ie. why isn’t Chase drawing walks) …


    … and I’m good with the answer.

  37. Looks like CY is on track for late July return … but Iguchi is still “weeks away” …


    … that article also has interesting news about 2 free agent signings … one of which is described thusly …

    “I’ve been doing this for 25 years, and this guy has a chance,” Dixon said. “He could be a diamond in the rough.

    “His fastball is 91-92, and he has a 40 curve (on an 80 scale), but it’s tight.

    “I’m telling you, teams are giving a lot of money to guys who have a lot less than Boyd and the Padres got him for the price of a bus ticket.”

  38. #27@Turbine Dude: On Saturday, the Padres are giving away Adrian Gonzalez Replica Jerseys, presented by PETCO. Cool deal there … may make the trip up to Nobel Dr more worthwhile :-)

  39. FJ blog said this at 2:22pm today …

    Padres CEO Sandy Alderson is in studio for this hour with XX Sports Radio (1360 AM in San Diego). He is expanding his weekly segment to include phone calls from listeners.

    … anyone listen to any of this?

  40. #40@LynchMob:
    The last 3rd of it was pretty brutal on SA by callers and he finally got visibly (or audibly) flustered. First time ever for this listener. Darren got into it with him about advanced scouts and there was some tension. Very interesting interview. Worth checking out from xxsportsradio dot com for under the recent interviews.

  41. #41@Jeremy:
    At one point in the “advanced scout tension fest”, SA actually named Phil Nevin as one that he has heard that from. Nevin’s response this afternoon was entertaining but not particularly noteworthy but we can’t get a mp3 replay of that that pregame, that I know of anyway.

    Side note:
    The interview came complete with the expected “Headley was not called up because of arb. time clock” question and this topic is killing me regardless of accuracy. I am of the understanding that any slight admission to this would bring on the union’s wrath in a millisecond. Am I wrong in this thought? I cringe whenever I hear people try to drag this out of DePo or SA or KT or anyone. It makes sense to the club financially but no club will ever admit anything remotely close and it is foolish of fans to try to drag that info out more.
    Can anyone clear this up for me? Am I way off in this thinking?

  42. I find this Black comment to be very interesting –

    “The type of player that Jody is, he should be a player who can do everything to help you win a game — steal a base, get a bunt down, get a guy over, throw a guy out. I think he’s a complete player”.

    This is unfair because that is not who Jody Gerut is. Gerut has never been a guy who will steal you a lot of bases and doesn’t really have that good of an arm (along with having what, 4 sac bunts his last full year in the bigs). The skills Black is laying out is what the Pads actually need in their lineup from some guys yet none of them have it in their pedigree.

  43. #42@Jeremy: When credibility is compromised, everything becomes suspect.

  44. #42@Jeremy: You are right on … there’s just NO POINT to anyone wanting to discuss prospect call-ups wrt arb time clock … YES it’s a factor … YES it’s a major factor … NO, it can’t be discussed … and there are plenty of other factors that ARE considered in each and every case such as Chase’s. Move on … nothing to see here.