IGD: Padres vs Tigers (22 Jun 08)

Randy WolfPadres (32-44) vs Tigers (35-39)
Randy Wolf vs Justin Verlander
1:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 189

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  1. SAN DIEGO — Padres right-hander Chris Young threw 40 pitches in a bullpen session on Saturday, exactly a month after he sustained a broken nose and small skull fracture when he was hit in the face by Albert Pujols’ line drive.


  2. Holy Cow ! Dbacks and B.Webb gave up 5 spot to the Twins in the 6th and are losing again late !

  3. Alright AGone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Not sure if there is a stat to quantify this, but the Padres have to be one of the worst in baseball as far as moving runners over. A lead double or man in scoring position with 0 outs seems to mean almost nothing.

  5. I wonder how many times an opposing pitcher has set his season high in strikeouts while pitching against the Padres. Seems we hear it a lot during the broadcast.

  6. Finally a manager gets smart and intentionally walks Agon with 1 out in the inning and a base open.

  7. They’re certainly making Verlander look good with their awesome plate discipline so far today.
    Yer right JP, they never seem to move the runners. We’ve gotta be leading the league in stranded runners.

  8. Vegas odds just posted. There is a 73% chance that Michael Barrett will strike out in any at bat today against Justin Verlander.

  9. Scotty! Showing the glove again.

  10. Nice catch by Hairston. Because Hairy plays good defense and has some pop, I am sure he has at least 3 to 4 more years of mlb service.

  11. #8@JP: only 73%?

  12. #11@130tom330: This just in from the Gaming Commission. Pete Rose called, the Barret odds have been taken off the board, apparently there is evidence that the fix is in.

  13. Struck him out : Barrett has done done twice with 6 pitches.

  14. #13@JP: It may be time to rename the “Suckitude” scale, the “Barrett” scale.

  15. #14@Field39: Kinda like the Mendoza line?

  16. Okay, two on , no outs… seen this before. Lets break the jinx.

  17. #15@Mark O: It is that mystical line, where bad defense meets bad offense.

  18. Tony got a bad call.

  19. Oh great. Here comes my favorite pitcher of all time.

  20. I agree, it’s generally been a bad call to put him at the plate.

  21. #19@Turbine Dude: Not gonna say anything…

  22. #19@Turbine Dude: Umm, is just me?

  23. #22@Turbine Dude: Nah, it’s not just you. This guy is killing us this year. What happened to his magic stuff from last season?

  24. #23@130tom330: Everyone has his number. A side arm pitcher doesn’t have a lot of suprises.

  25. Is Adrian trying to set a new record for getting thrown out at the plate?

  26. He was safe there, way behind the throw, but under the tag.

    That said, Hoffmans the worts third base coach in the division, if not the league. Why is he sending the runner right up until he get to the bag then throwing on the breaks! Bad coaching!!!

  27. #25@Field39: #26@Masticore317: Dudes, he should’ve been called safe.

    And another run for the Tigers. Grrrr.

  28. #28@Turbine Dude: I guess Adrian figures he’ll keep trying until he’s safe. And then when he is they call him out anyway.

    5-3 now. WTF.

  29. Classic Magellanulty there boys and girls. Why catcha can-o-corn when you can run three different directions before making a hero play?

  30. It would seem that lefties are crushing Todd Jones this year: 6.57 ERA vs. LHB compared to a 1.80 ERA vs. RHB.

    But when you look at the actual stats LHB are 245/469/339 compared to RHB @ 263/316/333.

    Looks like he’s prone to the HR vs. LHB’s (3, compared to 0), but otherwise about the same vs. both.

  31. #30@130tom330: “Magellanulty” cracks me up.

  32. Thats BS, c’mon Ump! Thats two terrible calls at home the last two innings. Should be 5-4 with a runner, so Barrett could swing and miss strike three.

  33. Barrett=Braindead

  34. Now the Tigers have some dude named Dolsi warming up to close it out?

  35. #33@130tom330: I am not OK with Barrett standing there and hoping for a call.

  36. Nevermind, in comes Jones. I assume we’re sending up Clark to PH, so that would make 5 of the next 6 batters lefties – maybe someone can drive one and tie it up.

  37. At least Jones didn’t get hit in the face.

  38. “Merely a flesh wound.”

  39. #36@Field39: swinging or standing the results are often the same.

    If he’s gonna plead his case that the ball hit his foot and was therefore foul it doesn’t help that case when he runs towards the bag.

    Goes back to #13 and #15 and the Barrett scale. .170 sucks no matter how you look at it.

  40. A, late for dinner at bat by Edgar, and the threat is gone.

  41. Both Padres top farm teams AA San Antonio and AAA Portland are competitive this year and have some good young arms, especially that foursome (starters) at San Antonio.

    Things are definitely improving down on the farm.

  42. Here’s pics from Opening Day at Eugene …


    … got lots of pre-game pics of Sawyer Carroll … and some in-game video which I’ll post later … but he didn’t have a good day at the plate (0-for-3 plus a walk) … but he did get an OF assist, throwing out a runner who had tag’d at 3B and tried to score on a fly ball to RF … strong throw … a bit up the line … but *way* in time to get him … fun!

    During the pre-game time while players were signing autographs over the dugout, none of the kids knows who any of the players are, so Sawyer did not draw a crowd … so I figured what the heck, he was right in front of me, and I had my scorecard and a pen handy … so I bum’d him for his autograph … I told him “see you in San Diego” … which brought a bit of a sheepish “thanks” and a smile from him :-) He’s a big guy … and seemed to have a pretty quiet, humble, and serious demeanor to him during our very brief exchange …

    Most fun was a chance to chat with “Rid” (ie. manager Greg Riddoch) … he said they’ve got 11 players on the way (didn’t ask for details, sounded like guys they either had recently signed or were still about to sign) … so the team I saw tonight doesn’t sound very similar to the team Rid expects to have for the majority of the season. I did ask him about Logan Forsythe and he sounded pretty bum’d about him … said he didn’t know anything except that Logan will have his thumb examined down in SD very soon (tomorrow, Monday, iirc) … so it sounds pretty bad … the Ems could have used him at 3B today … both for his bat plus for his defense as the guy they had in there (Derek Shunk, 17th round pick out of Villanova) booted a couple of balls, only 2 of which were scored as errors but it coulda/shoulda been more …

    So the game itself was a bit of a bummer … 5-2 loss … offensive highlight was HR by SS Dean Anna (26th round pick out of Ball St), who was playing his first game for the Ems (ie. he didn’t play in any of the initial 5-game road trip to Boise).

  43. Hey Masticore, you up-state-NYers scored a point for the Padres …


    … but I’m a bit surprised they didn’t try a Nathan’s :-)

  44. LM#46 And thanks for the “Let It Rain” video. We might all play it while praying.