IGD: Padres vs Tigers (21 Jun 08)

Cha Seung BaekPadres (32-43) vs Tigers (34-39)
Cha Seung Baek vs Nate Robertson
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 189

Padres at Petco Park since the start of the 2007 season:

W-L: 68-52
RS: 471
RA: 426
HR: 109
Opp HR: 75

Clearly the data show that the Padres need to move the fences in a bit. Oh, wait; no they don’t.

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  1. Yes!!!! Condensed Games are back on mlb.tv!!!!

    Just watched the game last night in 15 minutes and it was awesome!

    I HATED watching mlb.tv’s stupid, wannabe Sports Center game recaps. They show the final score in about eight places on the page and usually started the recap off with the game winning hit or play. Beyond zero suspense!

  2. Just watched the condensed game as well.

    I would be careful about giving up on Khalil Greene. The guy is so smooth in the field and he will have a better 2nd half offensively. Because of the way he fields, he is alowed a mulligan for one bad 1/2 season at the plate.

    Did anyone notice Renteria’s short arming of a ball up the middle that should have been an out and ended up as a basehit ? Would we ever see Greene pull that nonsense ?

    How good could the Tigers be if they have to go to Casey Fossum in a high leverage situation in the 7th ?

    In my opinion, there is no need for the Pads to run Iguchi back out there when he is ready. The Pads will be faced with a difficult decision when Iguchi is ready. Egon doesn’t have the glove Gooch but though he is 30, I am intrigued by his offensive potential.

  3. From yesterday’s game notes in UT …

    Padres right fielder Brian Giles was replaced by Paul McAnulty in the ninth inning after tweaking his leg while retreating to second base in the eighth. Manager Bud Black said Giles’ injury didn’t appear serious.

  4. FriarJohn’s blog has some good notes about Edgar …


    Already, Gonzalez has more his than any Padres rookie ever who debuted after his 29th birthday. E-V-E-R.

  5. My sister season (fun comparison to keep hope) is the 1988 Padres (83-78) who started much like this club (April & May) and had the same record as the 2008 Pads did after 75 games at 32-43.


    Would 83-85 wins be enough this year to win the West ?

  6. OT … I admit to a morbid fascination with the Zito watch … I decided to keep him on my roto team this year the day be it became obvious to me that was DONE … so now I’m just kinda rooting for him to get to 20 Ls … perhaps that’s not a good/fun thing to root for … but it is a milestone … and it’s created some drama … check out the latest local (to SF) view …


    … seems unique / amazing to me …

  7. #3@LynchMob: It looked like OG maybe jammed his leg on that play. At least it gave PMac a chance to prove something defensively.


    I’m really rooting for Egon. The guy put up solid minor league numbers his entire career. Sort of fell through the cracks several times – old for his leagues, playing for organizations that didn’t have any interest in aggressively promoting him. He could be an above-average 2b bat who helps us keep Agon.

  8. #8@Tom Waits: Another guy I would like to see get a shot is former Padres farmhand Bobby Scales. Though his numbers are not quite a good as Egon’s, he can hit a bit and can play several positions.

  9. Doyers looking to implode in the 11th. Good news for the home team.

    Awesome experience last night, 40K+,(IMO) 90% Pads fans. Didn’t expect that after the last road series, fairweather extreme and all. Great drama up to the last play. Mac steppin’ up (I’ll enjoy that crow w/ ball park beer tonite.)

    Giles looks to sit tonite giving Magellanulty another chance to proove me wrong, but Huber has returned to wait patiently in the wings for another cup ‘o coffee.

    Happy baseball tonite, go Pads! Off to catch the salute to the Negro Leagues. Check in after to read y’alls witticisms.

  10. btw, TD( when you check in tonite), yer boy Merideth has some pretty good stuff last night (at least from the left field perspective), enough to make a father proud. :)

    Every time I see him now I pray that he does well, so we don’t have anything to gripe about on the DS.

  11. #8@Tom Waits: I still can’t get used to “Egon” – every time I hear it I think of the dude from Ghostbusters and the suspenders.

  12. #12@Masticore317: Which I suppose in and of itself is hysterical.

  13. Jaff Decker signing official according to DePo’s blog

  14. I’m sitting here watching the game and munching on a bag (yes, a bag..not a box) of Cracker Jack and I have yet to find one peanut. I hope that is not a bad omen.

  15. Hang a star on Jody for that one!

  16. Jody Gerut makes another great catch. Big time thanks to him for filling the hole and playing competitive ball.

    I would much rather have Gerut than someone like Trot Nixon or Ryan Langerhans.

  17. #11@130tom330: Tom, it’s not polite to taunt an old man.

  18. Jerry Coleman: “And Greene slides into 3rd with a stand up triple. Oh Doctor!”

  19. Greenie !!!!!

    Swinging the bat well now !!!!!!!

  20. Barrett earns his keep there!

  21. Hey, I found a peanut in my Cracker Jacks. Maybe that was the good luck for the runs. You think?

  22. Someone tell Mudcat that Gene Stephenson (father of former Pad Phil Stephenson) is still indeed managing the Wichita State Shockers !

  23. #22@Turbine Dude: ifO can believe a cold beer is good luck, you can have your peanuts.

    Warm and sunny at the ballpark, Barret just doubled his HR production, Im waiting for a rainbow…

  24. #24@130tom3330: Tom, i have a keggerator and just got a fresh barrel today. Maybe that will be good luck. As I type this, the Tigers’ just got a two run homer. Grrrr.

    I can’t believe Don Newcomb isn’t in the HOF.

  25. Gerut’s numbers to this point are almost identical to his 2005 season in Cleveland. Pretty remarkable considering he really hadn’t played in 2+ years.

  26. Baek looks pretty decent tonight. With any luck he would have only given up one run to this point.

  27. It’s looking like a good night down on the farm … at AAA, Antonelli with a double and a walk in 3 PAs so far …


  28. The biggest/best news down on the farm tonight comes from AA San Antonio … Garrison with 11 Ks in 7 IP (only 1 walk) in 3-1 win …


    … hmmm, Huffman not in the lineup for this game … he’s been slumping so maybe just a day off …

  29. #26@JP:
    His ability was never really the question, it was always about being able to stay healthy.

  30. Eugene is getting some lights-out pitching tonight … including 2 innings of relief from recent draftee Anthony Bass … and another 3-hits from Sawyer Carroll …


  31. Oops, I skip’d LoA Ft Wayne … who were 5-3 losers tonight …


    … on the bright side, Luis Durango’s slash-stats for tonight were .333/.600/.667 (that’s a double in 3 ABs plus 2 walks :-) )

  32. EGon is looking good so far.

    It would be nice to see a BroBI.

  33. There’s Edgar making up for the GDP in the first!

  34. Baek is pitching well. I’m concerned that with only a one run lead, that the middle relief is going to f*ck this up.

  35. PMAC seems to be a lot more comfortable in right field.

  36. Renteria’s long out is a blast in many a park. That one scared me.

  37. Thru top of 6th …

    Pitches-strikes – N Robertson 85-54; C Baek 71-52.

    Ground balls-fly balls – N Robertson 7-4; C Baek 2-6.

    Batters faced – N Robertson 22; C Baek 20.

    … Baek’s line is very nice … 7 Ks and 0 BBs in 6 IP … who’s gonna get those last 9 outs? I s’pose Baek’s good for 3 more …

  38. #37@JP:
    He definitely does to me too. He has that Klesko like ability to make a generally routine play a little more interesting than it probably should be but he is looking much better the past few nights out there.

  39. Wow, Hampson really made a bad mistake there.

    Slugfest at Petco !

    Pads can get more runs against the Bengal bullpen.

  40. #28@LynchMob: Venable’s 4-for4 with 2 doubles so far …

  41. #30@LynchMob: Canham with HR #4 for the Storm tonight …

  42. #43@LynchMob: I’m really impressed with Venable’s season so far. I was skeptical of his bat and he is hitting way more than I ever thought he would.

  43. #45@KRS1: He looked good in the couple of games I saw him play during spring training … he’s a good sized kid with an athletic background and pedigree … seems to have a personality that’s easy to root for … but something’s balky with one of his shoulders that’s a major source of concern for me …

  44. Adams digs a hole … then gets DP and K to get out of it …

  45. KT kept Mike Adams hanging around the fringes of the organization for 2+ years and it looks like it could pay off. Still early, but I see an upside in Adams of a Scott Cassidy (2006).

  46. #43@LynchMob: Interesting side note … Jared Wells pitched a clean inning *against* the Beavers tonight … Beavers win 4-2 …

  47. Greene actually worked the count. He looks a lot more comfortable at the plate right now.