IGD: Padres vs Tigers (20 Jun 08)

Greg MadduxPadres (31-43) vs Tigers (34-38)
Greg Maddux vs Eddie Bonine
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 189

October 10, 1984: The Padres played one of the greatest games — if not the greatest game — in franchise history. They beat the Tigers, 5-3, at what was then known as Jack Murphy Stadium. It’s the only World Series game they’ve ever won, with Andy Hawkins picking up the victory, Craig Lefferts earning the save, and Kurt Bevacqua dealing the death blow in the form of a three-run homer off Dan Petry in the fifth.

The Tigers went on to win the series because, frankly, they were the best team in baseball that year and it wasn’t even close. I actually managed to take in a game at Tiger Stadium that year, and the only thing I remember is that then-future-Padre Joe Carter had just been acquired by the opposing Indians (for then-future Padres broadcaster Rick Sutcliffe, who proceeded to win the Cy Young Award that year for the Cubs — the team San Diego beat to reach the World Series). I believe it was this game or this game.

I’d picked Carter up off waivers in my Rotisserie Baseball league (we didn’t call it Roto back then because, well, there wasn’t really anyone to talk to about that sort of thing outside of the handful of people in the league) and I was happy to see him play in person. He turned out to be a heckuva fantasy player: not only did his anemic OBP not hurt you, it also created more RBI. Of course, I ended up cutting Carter to make room for Brian Dayett, which turned out to be a lousy idea. Oh well…

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Obviously I’m rooting for the Padres (as always), but I hope Bonine pitches well. It’s neat to watch guys you saw in the minors succeed at the big-league level.

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  1. #95@koo: If I remember correctly, the official scorer has the right to do just what you are suggesting. Give the win to the pitcher that pitched the best.

    But because official scorers want to play by the book and not be controversial and players and managers would probably whine about not getting wins or getting losses they didn’t want, it’s not done, I think.

  2. If I were the official scorer, I’d give Maddux this W … but I just re-read the rules, and it’s no-can-do … crummy rules … perhaps GY can talk to SA about this next time he’s in there :-)

  3. #101@Kevin: Only if the starter doesn’t go five innings and the relievers never relinquish the lead.

  4. I’d love to see PMac get ahold of this. But a walk is just as good. C’mon Jody!

  5. That Zumaya guy could throw!!!!!

  6. #101@Kevin: They used to use the term “Pitches briefly and ineffectively,” but I have not heard it used in a long time.

  7. I bet maddux is in the clubhouse throwing stuff everywhere and cursing the padres to hell and back

  8. #95@koo: Ah, I posted 102 before seeing your comment/question (and Kevin’s reply) … here’s a link to the rule …


    … see Rule 10.17 … the “give the win to the pitcher that pitched the best” is *only* amongst relief pitchers … the starter can *not* get a W for a game which becomes tied after he leaves … a rule I agree has room for improvement … especially in a case such as tonight’s game … assuming the Padres win …

  9. #107@Loren: Knowing Maddux, he’s not. He’s happy they’re in position to win the game. He has 350+ wins. He pitched a good game and probably had a good time.

  10. Man, I was terrified that the Padres were going to get nothing in the ninth with bases loaded and nobody out. I feel much better now :)

  11. #19@LynchMOb: Hensley ended up going 6 IPs … with no futher runs scoring … Hayhurst with a good IP … and Thatcher with the Save … nice night on the mound for the Beavers!

  12. #107@Loren: #109@Sean Callahan: I have to agree with Sean. M. Dog is probably happy with the win. He’s old and has so many awards and Championships, he probably doesn’t care about that crap anymore. He’s just happy to still be playing.

  13. Wow, Maddux was dealing tonight. Too bad, he cannot get a win. Is it in his contract or something? A fine print somewhere on page 43?

  14. #107@Loren: You really think that?

  15. re: #96

    Dude, don’t be fooled. The Tigers have had some weird stuff happen this year, but they are a very good club. Seriously/

    Nice job, Mac. Game over.

  16. PMac into the stands for the winning catch.

  17. And the Padres batted around. When is the last time this happened?

    And why was Barrett hitting and being pinched hit?

  18. Nice win Padres. Nice win.

  19. #116@Rich Campbell: Rich, I ment to infer that they aren’t the Yankees and we aren’t in Yankee Stadium.
    We are at home playing a .472 team compared to our .425. But, we should at least have an upper hand. Especially with The Prof. on the mound and Bell in middle.

  20. PMac went into the lap of some kid in a wheelchair and the kid just sat there like it was no big deal. Too cool.

  21. The better Headley does, the worse the FO is going to look for keeping him in the minors for 2+ months. I understand the reasons, but it does nothing to shed their cheap and not caring about winning image.

  22. #89@LynchMob: Hey, I just found a way to answer my question (what was the count on Adrian when he got that 2-run single?) … detailed play-by-play here …


    … shows that he took strike one then got the single on the next pitch … sounds PERFECT to me! I just wanted to make sure that, following 3 base on balls (only the last one by Fossum, however), he at least took one pitch. Can’t let the result determine the full assessment of the AB …

  23. #122@Zagz: Every team in baseball, if they were thinking, would have done it the same way.

  24. #122@Zagz: Then *we* who know better have to contribute to getting the message out … the timing of Chase’s callup is very appropriate for many reasons … and we all need to be looking forward to the remainder of his season (and career) with the Padres … with “tempered expectations” (as Lance reminded us recently) …

  25. Edgar’s new line: .326/.368/.449

  26. I love the energy I’m seeing from Chase Headley. The way he smacked his hands together as he slid into third on Hairston’s single. That kind of attitude is never a bad thing.

  27. Adrian’s new line: .294/.364/.554

    He has 64 RBIs, leads the league, one ahead of Utley and Howard.

  28. #127@Rich Campbell: I loved the string of cliches, when he was on the post game show. Sounded like he had just had his cliche lesson.

  29. #127@Rich Campbell: Thanks for this note, Rich … those are the kinds of things I miss by “watching” the games on Yahoo or MLB GameDay …

    So, you going to make the BP “Ballpark Event” this year? Saturday, July 11th at Petco … details should be out early next week (Mon or Tues is what I’ve been told by BP) … http://www.baseballprospectus.com/events/

  30. OT … Joe Sheehan @ BP weighs in on Trever vs Mariano …

    Seymour (Brooklyn): Does Trevor Hoffman deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Mariano Rivera?

    Joe Sheehan: Sure, you’re talking about the two best one-inning closers ever. Rivera is better, as much because of his massive body of postseason work, but it’s no insult to compare the two. We may dismiss Hoffman because he holds a record that isn’t terribly meaningful; we shouldn’t, he’s been a great player and will be a legitimate Hall of Famer.

    … well said, Joe.

  31. #122@Zagz: That’s just stupid. He struggled for over a month in Triple-A. For all we know his initial success is due in no small part to his having previously “figured out” Triple-A.

  32. I was watching this game while I was out and I thought “wow, great win, I think I’ll check out Ducksnorts” and it’s nothing but negativity. You guys sure know how to suck the fun out of a win.

  33. #22@koo: I love Khalil, but tonight’s homer notwithstanding, he’s been a huge disappointment this year. No amount of spin can change that, nor can blaming Wally Joyner or anyone else.

    #38@Turbine Dude: If they end up in the book, then I’ll include them in the glossary. 8)

    #133@Richard Wade: Well, I was at the game and I sure had a great time! ;-)

  34. Great win tonight. Anyone know why Carillo only went 2 IP tonight for LE? I hope he has not suffered a setback of any sort.

  35. #132@Richard Wade: He also “figured out” spring training. In fact didn’t have the best stats of anyone coming out of the spring? I know ST is meaningless, but that’s just another thing to point to when people wonder why were have been subjected to an awful offense when here’s a guy that KT publicly stated before the season began that the offense would be better with him, was sitting in AAA. Like I said, I understand why it was done, but the FO did nothing to help themselves all winter and spring.

  36. #136@Zagz: I still think that his lousy April in Portland is more representative of how ready he was for the Majors than what he did in Spring Training. He put up numbers in Triple-A that were about what we were getting at the Major League level from our left fielders. I don’t see how that could have justified granting him super-2 status.

  37. Headley’s new line: .375/.375/.813

    Greene’s new line: .229/.277/.345
    Greene in June: .295/.353/.426

  38. #133@Richard Wade: I couldn’t agree more. When the lead was 4-2, there was guessing as to what Padres player would ground into a double play.

  39. #139@Kevin: With all due respect, when you have a team that is predicted to win 90 games and in June they are projected to lose 92 games is not expected that folks that love the Padres are going to be negative. That’s part of the game, dude.

    Think it’s bad here in San Diego, imagine if this was the situation in Boston or Chicago.

  40. If you want consistent positive comments, even as Michael Barrett grounds into yet another DP, then go sit with the Madres while sipping your stadium coffee and yelp out “that’s o.k Mikey, get ‘em next time.

  41. #135@Bruce: This was just his second outing in his return from injury … so saying “only went 2 IP” is looking at it backwards … he pitched 1 inning (and gave up 6 runs) in his first outing … so he stretched his pitches to 2 IP last night … giving up only 1 hit … so it was a GREAT outing!