IGD: Padres vs Mets (7 Jun 08)

Cha Seung BaekPadres (26-37) vs Mets (30-30)
Cha Seung Baek vs Oliver Perez
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 188

Ollie Perez always reminds of the 2001 Lake Elsinore Storm team that dominated the Cal League. It’s a shame Perez still hasn’t pushed past the enigmatic phase of his career…

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  1. #97@Kevin: Yes, but five players with that .350 mark has brought how much value to the club ? At this point, this is truly one of worst offensive Padres teams I have ever seen. Thankfully though the Padres pitching is good which will hopefully prevent a disastrous season.

  2. #98@JP: True. I didn’t say they have a great offense. But some of that poor on-base is because of Edmonds and the really poor on-base pct. of Greene, the catchers and Kouzmanoff’s April.

    But the offense is better since the beginning of May. That’s something. Not the 1927 Yankees, but baby steps …

  3. #99@Kevin: I prefer four straight, less math.

  4. #29@Field39:
    Thanks. Just geting caught up.

  5. Hairston is dangerous in the late game.

  6. #101@JP: Yep, leading the league in Quality Starts and a really impressive bullpen, especially since the beginning of May, are the team’s strengths. Along with Adrian and Giles.

    Yes, their weakness is their offense.

  7. #100@Stephen: Gotcha. I like the optimism and you can’t argue much with 9 of 13 but how in the world can this pitching staff be expected to perform like this ?

  8. We won…………………….Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn’t see a second of it.

  9. #106@Kevin: But the offense cannot get worse only better and we have been pitching better without our two aces so maybe this season is not lost :)

  10. I’d had a long week and fell asleep about 8:20.
    I woke up, came downstairs, and my wife was watching Househunters.
    Of course, I ask how the Padres are doing.

    First pitch, Ding Dong, Pitch Dead.

    I promise to only use my power for good, not evil.

    (remember I called the last 13 inning game as well.)

    Let’s make it 5 in a row tomorrow.

  11. #109@JP: Yeah, we have gone from the season is over (trade everyone) to eight games back with 98 to play.

  12. #106@Kevin: Are we not leading all of baseball in Quality Starts ?

    Best news of the night ? Leblanc had another good start down at Portland. Maybe Leblanc does get a September start on the big club this year !

  13. A great outing from Baek might be the most unlikely thing that has happened in the past two weeks.

  14. #112@JP: According to ESPN.com, we were second to Arizona going into tonight — 38-34.

  15. #114@Kevin: That’s the NL.

  16. #111@Kevin: They are inching back towards .500 and soon KT’s phone will be ringing off hook, with GMs wanting to talk about Wolf, Giles, Maddux…

    It will soon be decision time.

  17. #116@Field39: That might be at the trade deadline, right?

  18. #113@Kevin: Banks’ shutout still seems more unlikely to me …

  19. According to “The Bill James Gold Mine 2008,” Hairston was on the active roster for 36 games last season. He hit five home runs in clutch situations. Two were walk-off homers.

    As a team, the White Sox had the same amount of clutch homers last season.

  20. #118@LynchMob: Maybe. But Baek stunk going into tonight, right?

  21. #117@Kevin: The do not necessarily have the luxury of waiting until the deadline. A good offer could come at any time, between now and the deadline. If so, they will be forced to decide when the offers come.

  22. #121@Field39: Darn. Five interleague series before the break. I hope they don’t stink during those. Their interleague history is not good.

  23. #100@Stephen: We could remove my comments and the most negative comments — like the best and worst scores in the Olympics.

  24. KT has said a couple of times, that Chase will be up before the next interleague series. Who is odd man out? Huber? Clark?

  25. Adrian gets some SI love:


    With all this star power at the position one first sacker gets completely lost: San Diego’s Adrian Gonzalez.
    He leads the NL with 55 RBIs. That’s 15 more than Pujols and seven more than Berkman. At his current pace Gonzo will finish with 44 homers, 144 RBIs and 102 runs.

  26. Just got home… Another 2-1 win, 4 in a row, thats a b-ball record I heard. I hope everyone voted for my boy Scotty on the post-game tonite. Kid is on fire!!! 3-4 last night, great night on D tonite (again) and a flair for the dramatic is certainly the best way to describe it. Go Padres!

    btw, it was great to watch the crushed looks on Mets fans at the park tonite, how can they lose three in a row to the “pop-gun Pads?”

    Parking: $10.00
    Tickets: $28.00 (X2)
    Hot dog, peanuts and a beer :$19.00
    watching NY fans wander out dejected: PRICELESS (earn 1 more beer : )

  27. Just got back from the game. A win is always fun, it’s all interesting to see the new ways Padres can get out of a beses loaded situation with less than 2 outs and not score a run….

    #124@Field39: Huber most likely. He’s pretty much a waste of a roster spot right now.

  28. #124@Field39: My money’s on Clark, what have you done for me lately. Huber can hit (sometimes) and doesn’t have to be pinch run for. He may not be able to throw accurately all the time, but he can catch a fly ball without help from a GPS nav system (unlike Magellanulty).

  29. #112@JP: Make that a great start by Leblanc, and some good hitting off of Dan Meyer (the “haul” for Tim Hudson).

    Re: Leblanc, mixes his pitches well. was actually setting up the bugs bunny changeup, ~72, with a 78 change and a fastball with surprising giddyup (87-92!). maybe the sacramento gun was fast. Not a single ball was hit really hard, the double was a grounder inside the bag at third. Whatever was going on with him earlier in the season (tipping the change?) seems behind him, that’s 3 great starts in a row.

    Headley hit a booming 400 ft double (right-handed) to the base of the wall in center, and also had a couple of singles. Ambres and Myrow look like hitters, too. Antonelli really looks lost, getting himself in pitcher’s counts and taking pretty defensive hacks. His low BABiP may just be sustainable…

    Will be at the game again tomorrow, should be able to report back on Geer and the gang.

  30. #124@Field39: I think it will be Huber. Neither is hitting particularly well (Clark is hitting better than Huber) and although Huber has more “upside,” Clark is thought to be a “leader.” I just hope Headley is the starting DH and not Clark.

    #126@130tom330: Second that priceless comment. The Mets fans were annoying tonight.

  31. And Range Factor, iirc, is Putouts + Assists divided by defensive innings played.

  32. Hooray for wins!

    Just for the record, Gerut has 365 career major league PA against lefties, and in them he has a .597 OPS. I don’t really like Clark hitting either, but no one on the bench has hit at all this year, and at least Clark has had a really nice eye (.381 OBP).