IGD: Padres vs Mariners (29 Jun 08)

Padres vs Mariners
1:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 738
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 183

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  1. 32 and 50. Not good. Feel like we are a better teams then that, not playoff bound but better then the Nats, also at 32-50. Maybe the Pev and get us a win today.

  2. #1@PM: Earlier this season i compared the 2008 squad to the 1997 Padres, who seemed to play far worse than their talent. The next year was the greatest Pade season in history IMO, better even than 1984 because we won more games and there was an extra layer of playoffs.

    Another possible source of optimism is the 2003 squad. We had several above-average hitters, a few more who were average, but only Linebrink and Herges:

    1. Threw more than 40 innings
    2. Were good

    The next year we won 87 games.

  3. Is there an Outs per game stat, that tracks outs over 9 innings for hitters?

  4. #3@Field39: I’ve never seen that before but it’s easy to figure out. Each players Baseball-Reference page has Outs and Plate Appearances so you can just divide the number of outs by PA’s and multiply by 27. So for Khalil, it’s (245/330)*27 which is 20.04 outs per game. The other out machine, Kouzmanoff, is at 19.


  5. lololol… “put the lotion in the basket”???? I love Matty V.

  6. I say it’s time to bring up Leblanc. He’s been hot the last month at Portland and what could he possibly learn pitching in bandboxes like Albuquerque, Tuscon and Colorado Springs?

    They certainly aren’t going anywhere this season — getting swept at home by the worst team in baseball pretty much shows that. Obviously rushing back Chris Young makes no sense and as half of Peavy’s starts have been bad since coming off the DL, maybe they should put him back on and save him for next season.

  7. #6@Schlom: The great picher shuffle, will probably happen after the Maddux/ Wolf trades.

  8. #7@Field39: Well, they will have an open spot after the demote Baek from the rotation — or at least they should have one. However, the acquisition of Tomko doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence that the Padres management will make an aggressive move.

  9. Anyone wanna take bets on what happens next? DP coming up…

  10. #9@Turbine Dude: Glad I was wrong.

  11. #6@Schlom: Who says they are rushing Young?

  12. Maybe MLB should consider mercy rule. If you are pacing 100 loses at the break, you drop down to AAA for the rest of the season.

  13. I’m about to turn off the game, but what’s keeping me interested is what always gets me through games like these…

    Our two incredible broadcasters.

    Seriously, I think these guys are two of the very best.

  14. #11@Kevin: I don’t know if they are at all but I wouldn’t bring him back until he’s completely healed. If that happens to be next season, that’s fine.

  15. #14@Schlom: They expect him back at the end of July, when he will be completely healthy.

  16. Oh great… here’s Hoffman to blow yet another game!

  17. #6@Schlom: Two or three more decent starts and I would say that Leblanc will be here. The Pads should give Venable a shot soon as well.

    Wouldn’t you say that there are 5 or 6 on that Beaver roster that will be getting a call even before the roster expands. Let’s empty out the whole darn bin and see what we got.

  18. Look I blame COX CABLE they make me buy their product so I can watch the PADRES? Well they need to slide some cash the Padres to get some bats!

    By the way when is Adrian Gonzo going to start hustling? Is it because he is hitting 294 the reason why this guy NEVER HUSTLES to first? Makes me sick!

    Adrian is the slowest athlete ever. Dude MOVE!

  19. #17@JP: Bringing 5-6 Beavers up means they have to cut 5-6 guys off the 25-man squad. The Padres seem to take FOREVER to do that (see Castilla, Vinny).

  20. Its time to just start getting rid of people when the freakin pathetic Seattle Mariners can sweep you right out of your own ballpark.

    Make the trades you need, make the cuts you need and start bringing up Beavers (and maybe even a Mission or two)

  21. Swept by the second worst team in baseball (Padres obviously the worst). Time to give up the pipe dream of competing for the division and start making moves for the future.

  22. #21@Zagz: Amen. They can learn a lot about players that they wouldn’t have given a sniff to if they were treading water all year at .500 . So in that sense, I see this season as a blessing, if they play it right.

    With this in mind, Iguchi at second base for any more than the time leading up (2 weeks) to the trade deadline to me makes no sense. Wolf and Maddux need to out of here if possible soon as well. You can get some decent talent in these deals –heck, the Rangers got Max Ramirez for Kenny Lofton

  23. I appreciate SA’s comment last week (“it’s hard day-to-day to lose”) and DePo’s comment (“The only way to truly enjoy the winning is to take the losing personally”) … how then shall we handle losing? I’m not going anywhere … my heart is with the Padres … as it has been since 1969.

    It’s *way* to early in a down-cycle for me to be concerned about the processes that SA and co. are working thru … from my encounters with them directly, and most of what I hear and read from them on the radio and in the papers, I think they are very good at baseball management.

    So … one thing I’m doing is tracking what Chase Headley does on the first pitch … he’s played in 12 games so far … and he’s had 4 ABs in each game … which seems a bit odd to me … that alone seems a bit of a sad comment on the consistent mediocrity that this team is currently mired in … in those 48 ABs … he’s taken Ball1 22 times (46%), looked at Strike1 21 times (44%) and put the ball in play 5 times (10%).

    He’s taken the first pitch in each of his last 6 games … 24 ABs … he hasn’t swung at the first pitch since Jun 22nd …

    That seems overly patient … and yet he is yet to draw a walk? I don’t get it …

    I don’t know what to make of this … just seems like I’d want him to be more aggressive on the first pitch … but it does seem like he’s getting a lot of balls on the first pitch …

    ps. Here’s a followup to SAs last time on 1090 …