IGD: Padres vs Mariners (28 Jun 08)

Cha Seung BaekPadres (32-49) vs M’s (29-50)
Cha Seung Baek vs Carlos Silva
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 183

The Padres have re-signed Brett Tomko, whose sizable contribution to 2007′s collapse often gets overlooked by folks more interested in placing all the blame on Trevor Hoffman. Why was Tomko available, you ask? Because the Kansas City Royals had no use for him. If that isn’t a ringing endorsement for any pitcher’s services, then I don’t know what is. Where’s Hideo Nomo when you need him?

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  1. The link appears to be a game in which Tomko did not appear … which I’m guessing is not your intent.

    Have fun seeing the Beavers and Emeralds! Take pics & notes!

  2. Geoff – I have a request for you IGD posts. I would appreciate it if you could add the DirecTv MLB Extra Innings channel for the Padres feed. For example, today’s Channel 4 feed of the game is on DirecTv channel 741. The schedule is here http://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/global/contentPageIF.jsp?assetId=3160004 You would save me from having to look it up every day. Thanks

  3. #1@LynchMob: Oops, thanks for the catch. The link has been fixed. It’s to Game 162, of course. :-(

    #2@Cliff Cate: Good call. I’ll get these in there as well.

  4. Man, this game is going to suck. Battle of the inept pitchers.
    Could be great for scoring, not that it would help the Padres win the game.

    Come on Padres. Beat Carlos Silva.

  5. The Yankees have designated Oneli Pérez for assignment. It’s the third time the 25 year old reliever this season; he started the season in the White Sox org., the Indians claimed him, then the Yankees.

    The Padres originally signed him 7 years ago as an infielder. He converted to pitching but never pitched in a game for us (that I can find). He’s averaged 9.9Ks per 9, and that number jumps to well over 10 if we only look at AA and above. Pretty good command too, 3 walks per 9.

    We’re 3rd in the waiver line if we want to claim him.

    The Yanks also sent Igawa back down. He still looks like a good buy to me, a possible multi-year Randy Wolf replacement with more durability at a lower cost. But the Yanks have no real reason to trade him other than Steinbrenneran discontent.

  6. #4@Didi: I’m glad I gave away my nose bleed tix for tonight’s game.

  7. UT seems to have borrowed your line from yesterday’s IGD intro:


    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

  8. #7@Sean Callahan: Well, it worked; I am flattered. 8)

    OT: The avatars are back; they were not causing the pages to load more slowly. I believe the problem may have been related to the polling function, which I have disabled for now. Let me know if you notice any difference in performance. Debugging this stuff involves a lot of trial-and-error…

  9. #8@Geoff Young: Glad to see the avatars are back. Makes this blog unique. BTW, I just got my DS golf shirt in the mail. The small print is indistiguishable. Just thought you might like to know.

  10. #10@Geoff Young: OT: Geoff are you alowed to bring a laptop into the park and if so, is there a wireless connection to log into?

  11. Polling off, GY. Seems to load faster now.

  12. #10@Geoff Young: Also OT: Maybe you could get Sandra to add a forward to the future Annuals. Just a thought.

  13. #12@Didi: Didi, I agree. Much faster.

  14. #11@Turbine Dude: I’m not GY, but yes you can bring a laptop to the park. Depending where you sit you may be able to pick up the press box’s Wi Fi.

  15. #15@Zagz: Dude, thanks. I think it would be cool to blog on DS from the game.

  16. Heckuva play by Kouz on the ball hit by Beltre. Did everything he could. Let’s get out of this inning without any damage.

  17. And Jeremy Reed falls for the first-to-third move that never works, threat quelled.

  18. Seattle doesn’t collect the gift. Is tonight the turn around night?

  19. GY, I thought you were in Oregon.???

  20. Did Grant just say it was a ‘Bad piece of ash?’ LMMFAO! Sounded like ass.

  21. Could Silva have gotten down the line any slower on that bunt attempt? Honestly, these guys run the bases like we do.

  22. I love watching AGon making those plays on bunts!

  23. #22@Geoff Young: No, we run the bases with over enthusiasm, Sylvia ran with under. The same result, but a different attitude.

  24. #25@Field39: Good point. I was thinking more of Reed’s getting picked off first the previous inning, but yeah…

  25. With every new game I keep having to revise the Padres “low point” for the season. I think getting shut out by Carlos “9 Game Losing Streak” Silva is about as bad as it’s gotten this year, but I guess when (hopefully just if) the Padres get swept by the worst team in baseball at home, that would have to be the low point.

    This better be Baek’s last start, although I guess if his spot gets taken by Brett Tomko it will be worse. I was angry when the Padres picked up the Pirates cast-offs, now it seems that half of the damn roster is crappy team cast-offs.

    Bring on Steven Strasburg!

  26. Oh shit, this is ugly. Why am I watching this? I’m a glutton for punishment.

  27. Life is cruel. Anybody else want to join me for a party on the Coronado Bridge?

  28. #29@Turbine Dude: Too close to Petco

  29. Strasburg? Starting pitching is the only we have going for us right now!

    What ails the Pads?!!!!!! You look at their line up and there isn’t much to change besides a catcher that can hit for average (.270?) and throw out runners, a little better and more consistent middle relief (a crapshoot), and Greene’s .OBP. But he’s the d@mn shortstop, so even his .OBP isn’t too high on my list of things to change.

    Is speed the key? .OBP is fie and dandy, but how do you teach that?

    Could a lineup change possibly help? Sounds counterintuitive, but I’d love to see Greene or Kouz in the 3 spot. Force Greene to go the other way, be more patient, lay off of the hard slider. He’d no doubt see better pitches and would be able to be more selective with AGon hitting behind him. Giles resurgence is partially due to AGon hitting behind him. And Greene will heat up with the weather, so it’s time to experiment, Bud! Something’s not working.

    Giles (or Egon)
    Greene (or Kouz)
    Headley (or Giles)
    Anyone but Barrett

    OK, I’m grasping at straws, but we’re getting doubled up in hits and shut out again by the worst team in baseball and a pitcher with a 9 game losing streak!!!

    If things don’t get better soon, I’m going to fork out the friggin’ 100K for the advanced scout!!!

  30. #31@Koo: Are you really saying the team’s .OBP is fine and dandy? They have the second lowest .OBP in the league, third lowest in baseball. Maybe I’m misreading you.

  31. #31@Koo: After rereading what you wrote, I understand you aren’t saying that the team’s OBP is fine and dandy, but the stat overall is. I think.

  32. #31@Koo: Starting pitching at first glance looks like the team’s strength but in reality it’s just the Petco Park effect. Add in the fact that two of the starters (Maddux and Wolf) either won’t or shouldn’t be here next season, I’d say that they need pitching.

    The question is what to do. I’m not too enthusiastic about Gerut but he’s probably a passable 4th outfielder. Edgar Gonzalez isn’t the answer at 2B but they don’t have anyone else (why bring up Antonelli as it appears he’s not ready so why start his service time clock?). Greene is terrible right but you wouldn’t think he’d decline so much in his prime and again, they have no one to replace him. Same thing with Kouzmanoff, you could move Headley to 3B but that just opens up another hole where there isn’t a good replacement.

    The obvious moves are to get rid of Barrett (I’m sure they are going to have to pick up a significant part of his contract to trade him) and replace Baek in the rotation.

  33. I believe I wrote “fie and dandy,” tyvm.

    What I’m saying is that SA is preaching .OBP (which is fine and dandy), so I’m asking how we change it? Take more pitches? Be more selective? Who do we trade and trade for? Get rid of Joyner? Why is our .OBP so low (if that’s what truly ails us)? Will getting a SS with less range and less power and a higher .OBP really change things for the Pads? 27HRs and 98RBI, in Petco, nonetheless, are nothing to scoff at.

  34. #36@koo: “Why is our .OBP so low ”


  35. At least we’re not the Rockies! Ouch! 2 runs for Detroit in the bottom of the 9th puts them at 32-49. Why does that record sound so familiar?

    Does anyone know the lowest winning percentage for a team the year following a World Series appearance? Kevin?

  36. The Pads need a LOFT rather than a TERRACE? Sorry. I’m over 30. What does LOFT mean again?

  37. #39@koo: It is from an old golf joke. Your only problem is loft. Lack of ####### Talent

  38. Padres are 8-19 vs. LH starters.

  39. #38@koo: Don’t know. Marlins teams might be candidates.

  40. Thanks. I’m going to use that one some time.

    I like our lineup, though. I wouldn’t mind a little more speed, but I’m not sure what else we can change or who we would get rid of (other than our catcher). Evidently SA and KT are similarly perplexed.

    The only thing Bud can try right now is to change our batting order until something seems to click. Quilvio Veras available?

    The great thing is we are still within striking distance of the D’Backs if we go on a Twins’ like winning streak. I won’t give up on the season until we’re 20 under. A fire sale at the All-Star break might make me start to looking to next year, too…

  41. RE 38: Good stat.

    Let Khalil (or Kouz) bat 3rd when lefties are on the mound! That’s the key!

  42. #43@koo: With Arizona just one over .500, it’s hard to be out of it. The Padres are trying, but it’s hard.

  43. #43@koo: This team is playing so poorly, that no one should be off limits. But, they don’t have much at the major league level to trade, and they don’t want to trade away prospects.

  44. Khalil’s going yard. I can feel it!

  45. Or he might fly out to center…

  46. At least we outhit the Ms. That has to count for something! No?

  47. #38@koo: The 1915 Philadelphia A’s went 43-109 and the 98 Marlins went 54-108.
    As for non fire sale teams, the 74Mets 71-91, 67Dodgers 73-89, are two that come to mind.