IGD: Padres @ Indians (15 Jun 08)

Greg MadduxPadres (31-39) @ Indians (32-37)
Greg Maddux vs C.C. Sabathia
10:05 a.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 178

Coffee… baseball… Coffeebaseball…

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  1. Word on the sidewalk is Headley is getting the call… why now may I ask?

  2. Giles is getting the day off with P-Mac in Right. Makes the line-up look a little thin. Go Padres!

  3. #1@Beanball: Chris Jenkins reporting Chase is with the team today, but won’t play…he is to start on Monday’s Hall-of-Fame game, then be active for the Yankee series.


  4. Happy Father’s Day. Padres on TV, but Tiger at Torrey Pines, boy, hard to decide.

  5. #2@michael: Ah….yeah….PMAC just made his prescence known with probably his 7th or 8th misplay of the season in the outfield….

  6. What happened to P-Mac?

  7. maybe pmac to the DL for the headley call up and huber stays with the team for 15 more days?

  8. i#6@Mark from Sacramento: i guess freezing on the line drive over his head tweaked his back

  9. #8…Thanks. Didn’t see the play, tracking the game on MLB.com. Glad we aren’t the only team that can’t score runners today.

  10. Given the choices, I’d rather see us DFA Tony Clark than Huber (or PMac or Hairston?) to get Headley up.

    Tony Clark is so redundant on this team.

  11. E-Gon to RF? Is Bochy back for the day?

  12. Twice CC got AGon to flail at sliders away. This last AB, AGon looked like he laid off a couple of those pitches early in the AB, but got him with 2k’s with it. Go figure.

  13. #10@Masticore317: Not gonna happen. He actually may have some trade value while the others probably do not…

    And we are on the board…WOOHOO.

  14. #11@Masticore317: i think if any of the other outfielders were healthy, e-gon would still be at 2b.


  15. I will take a run ANY way we can get one.

    Even if it does hurt my FLB team’s ERA.

  16. Can anyone explain the fascination with P-Mac here? I know there’s the allure of his alleged power or whatever, but he’s tremendously overmatched.

    That aside, another one in the W column would be nice.

  17. #16@Brian Wilmer: probably mostly due to the 360+ OBP

  18. #13@Coronado Mike: I know…but I still think overall he has the least use to us.

    #14@saintjoel: Agreed. But now if we see something weird like Barrett to 3B I’m convinced Bochy has possessed Black.

    Greene and Huber seem to be warming up!

  19. I’m looking at the stats for the past 30 days – Giles is at 458/486/349. Kouz has 7 HR. Gerut 382/424/315. PMac 429/477/273. EGon 415/565/385. Huber 333/478/304.

    Pitching wise (ERA), Wolf 2.29, Maddux 2.15, Baek 3.93, Bell 1.59, Banks 1.29, Corey 3.00.

    Looks like in addition to some of the regulars coming around, KT’s scrap heap/AAAA/non prospect guys are really coming thru.

  20. Happy Father’s Day all.

    I didn’t realize the game was on this early. :)

  21. OK, here’s where the wheels really fall off. Merideth is throwing.

  22. anyone else wish we had sizemore in center?

  23. Looking at gameday, how the hell does Francisco pop out on a pitch below his knees?

  24. Meredith has just given up 2 runs in one inning. Grrrrr. I hate the fact that he is on the team.
    OK, I’ just stfu.

  25. AP notes:

    Padres RF Paul McAnulty left in the first inning with a strained lower back, a few pitches after he broke in on a line drive by Carroll that went over his head for a double. … Padres RF Brian Giles sat out with sore left shoulder. … Padres LF Scott Hairston (hyper-extended left elbow) could play in two or three days, manager Bud Black said. … San Diego is expected to call up OF Chase Headley on Tuesday. He’s hitting .305 with 13 homers and 40 RBIs in 65 games at Triple-A Portland, and will play for the Padres on Monday in the Hall of Fame Game in Cooperstown, N.Y., against the Chicago Cubs.

  26. Dbacks are really struggling – they are losing again to Royals 6-0 !

  27. People wanting to get rid of Clark and PMac? Neither are All-Stars, but PMac has an OBP of 373 and Clark one of 388. Neither are doing much in the power department, but solid OBP is not grounds for immediate dimissal. Clark has an 810 OPS as a PH. That is very good.

    I know both Huber and Hairston show more power, but both of their OPS are below that of PMac and Clark.

    PMac’s situation cannot last: corner outfielder with high OBP but no slugging cannot stay too long, but he is earning is batting time to see if he can get the power.

    Can someone stick Towers magic bullpen wand into the charger? It seems to have run out of juice.

  28. #28@jay: Yep, on-base is at least twice as important as slugging percentage.

  29. At AAA today …


    Hensley with 3 decent innings … but 74 pitches tells me he’s not yet efficient and he’s not yet ready to go 100 pitches … count me in as looking forward to him getting some bully time for the Padres this season … perhaps soon …

    Other good news … Antonelli hitting lead-off and got 2 hits … that’s 3 games in row! … Ambres 3-for-3 (with a triple) + 2 walks … so if Hairston and Giles and McAnulty’s injuries all so sour, he’d be a decent emergency guy (currently hitting .312/.404/.599).

  30. At AA today, the Missions go on a single- and walk-fest … 11 of each … plus 2 XBHs … plus good pitcher … leads to a 13-1 victory …


  31. At Lake Elsinore today … BIG NEWS … Cesar Carillo pitched!!!


    … the bad news is that he got ROCKED … for 6 runs in 1 IP … but I’m just gonna be happy that he’s back on the mound and start rooting for him to get in shape to contribute to the 2009 Padres.