Padres Farm Report (9 May 08)

Triple-APortland 8, Omaha 7

Craig Stansberry (SS): 0-for-5, BB (.232/.360/.411, 19 BB, 19 SO)
Matt Antonelli: 0-for-5, BB (.188/.319/.348, 20 BB, 22 SO)
Chase Headley: 5-for-5, 2B, BB (.304/.383/.464, 15 BB, 33 SO, 11 2B)
Brian Myrow: 1-for-5, 2B, BB (.318/.450/.536, 27 BB, 26 SO)
Edgar Gonzalez (RF): 3-for-5, HR, BB (.307/.404/.440, 11 BB, 12 SO)
Will Venable (DH): 1-for-5, BB, SB (.296/.315/.423, 2 BB, 15 SO)
Chip Ambres (CF): 1-for-5, 2B, BB (.274/.381/.481, 18 BB, 23 SO)
Nick Hundley: 2-for-4, 2 2B, BB (.217/.275/.410, 7 BB, 15 SO)
Josh Banks: 5.1 IP, 10 H, 5 R, 0 HR, 1 BB, 5 SO (10.22 ERA, 5.84 K/9)
Paul Abraham: 1.2 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 1 HR, 2 BB, 0 SO (5.21 ERA, 7.58 K/9)
Jared Wells: 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 HR, 0 BB, 0 SO (3.60 ERA, 6.60 K/9)

The Beavers won on a two-run double off the bat of Myrow in the top of the ninth… Every batter in the Portland lineup drew at least one walk… Not a bad night for Headley… Conspicuously absent is Jody Gerut, who could be in San Diego by the time the Padres suit up for their next game.

More coverage at the Portland Oregonian.

Double-AMidland 11, San Antonio 6

Chad Huffman (DH): 2-for-4, 2B, BB (.331/.416/.480, 18 BB, 24 SO, 10 2B)
Kyle Blanks: 2-for-5 (.310/.407/.451, 19 BB, 12 SO)
Drew Macias: 0-for-5 (.230/.333/.413, 18 BB, 26 SO)
Jose Lobaton: 0-for-3 (.232/.280/.244, 7 BB, 18 SO)
Steve Garrison: 3.2 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 0 HR, 4 BB, 3 SO (4.30 ERA, 5.52 K/9)
Neil Jamison: 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 HR, 1 BB, 0 SO (1.69 ERA, 5.91 K/9)

Garrison needed 90 pitches (only 51 of which were strikes) to get through 18 batters… Ex-Padre Todd Donovan launched a grand slam to spearhead an eight-run fifth for Midland.

High-ASan Jose 4, Lake Elsinore 2

Javis Diaz: 0-for-4 (.289/.331/.439, 7 BB, 33 SO, 9 SB)
Cedric Hunter: 1-for-4 (.321/.401/.374, 17 BB, 14 SO)
Eric Sogard: 1-for-2, 2 BB (.398/.510/.545, 29 BB, 12 SO, 16 2B)
Mitch Canham: 0-for-3, BB (.260/.390/.406, 21 BB, 19 SO, 4 E, 6 PB)
Kellen Kulbacki: 0-for-3, BB (.200/.333/.250, 4 BB, 3 SO)
Drew Miller: 5.2 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 HR, 2 BB, 2 SO (3.93 ERA, 8.13 K/9)

Hunter is rebounding nicely from a subpar 2007, Sogard’s numbers are just sick, and Canham is hitting the ball well (although his defense leaves a bit to be desired at this point).

Low-ASouth Bend 6, Fort Wayne 5

Luis Durango (CF): 2-for-5, BB (.235/.343/.271, 14 BB, 15 SO, 7 SB)
Andrew Cumberland (SS): 0-for-5, BB, E (.229/.287/.295, 8 BB, 11 SO, 8 SB, 11 E)
Shane Buschini: 2-for-4, 2B, HR (.387/.429/.645, 3 BB, 8 SO)
Felix Carrasco: 2-for-5, 2 2B (.253/.303/.484, 7 BB, 42 SO)
Justin Baum: 0-for-5 (.221/.327/.379, 16 BB, 22 SO)
Bradley Chalk (DH): 2-for-5, 3B (.279/.367/.346, 14 BB, 14 BB, 5 SB)
Yefri Carvajal: 3-for-5, 2 2B, SB (.230/.268/.336, 7 BB, 32 SO, 4 SB)
Geoff Vandel: 4 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 0 HR, 1 BB, 3 SO (5.16 ERA, 6.67 K/9)
Mat Latos: 4 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 0 HR, 2 BB, 1 SO (2.57 ERA, 7.71 K/9)

I never thought anyone could make Russell Branyan look like a contact hitter, but Carrasco is doing just that.

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12 Responses »

  1. Headley’s ISOP and BB% are still down from last year, but it’s nice to see him improving at Triple-A. .471/.550/.647 in May is pretty good even considering it’s only 40 PA.

  2. Kyle Blanks is doing a great job controlling the strike zone this year, which was his big weakness last year. 19 BB’s against 12 K’s is excellent.

  3. Notice all the swinging K’s in the game.

    I don’t know the context of the conference but he does have great numbers.

  4. Thanks for posting up-to-date AVG/OBP/SLG Geoff. It’s great to see these guys develop. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. Wow I can’t belive that Sogard has more doubles than strikeouts.

  6. For those of you that see tremendous value in defensive stats (and all stats in general as 100% tell all), I again ask you, where does Morton’s crucial mistake last night show up in his defensive stats ?

    – Rookie catcher Colt Morton made an awkward, palm-down attempt to catch Heath Bell’s low fastball, and it skimmed under his mitt for a two-out wild pitch that let in the tying run in the seventh. Morton said Bell’s fastball was extra lively. “Unfortunately, I couldn’t stick it,” Morton said. “When I was running back (to get the ball), I was like, ‘Did that really happen?’ Unfortunately, it did.” -SD Union 5/9/06

  7. #8@JP: I don’t see “tremendous value” in most defensive stats. They’re the last frontier in baseball analysis. But even if the official scorer had agreed with you and given Morton 2 PB, instead of 2 WP for the pitcher, he’d have the exact same number of passed balls as Strong Defensive Veteran Presence Corky Miller. The same number as Brad Ausmus, even.

    The return question, I again ask you, is how you can determine that 43 major league innings is more telling than several seasons of minor league scouting reports. I’m all for bringing in a catcher who Black will use, simply to save Bard for next year. But that’s not the same as saying that Morton is a bad defender because, like every other catcher in history, he’s let some balls go by him.

  8. Minor point, I would argue that Hunter didn’t have a subpar year at Fort Wayne. While the numbers weren’t as good as what he did in the Arizona League, his numbers are still very good when you consider he was playing against players 3 to 4 years older than him on a bad team.

    Which is why at Madfriars we predicted a big year from him (at #4).

  9. #9@Tom Waits: Appreciate the counter point. I respect the debate especially with someone who knows the game like you do. I am sure we will be going back and forth all year on various subjects. I will be anxious to read your take on the roster moves ahead.

  10. #10@John Conniff: Yep, that’s why I had him #4 as well. People forget how young Hunter is and how difficult a hitting environment the Midwest League is.