IGD: Padres vs Reds (25 May 08)

Greg MadduxPadres (18-33) vs Reds (23-27)
Greg Maddux vs Matt Belisle
1:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 183

There was a rumor that Sunday’s game might be canceled due to extreme apathy. The truth is, it would have been, but nobody could be bothered to do the canceling.

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  1. #100@Rich Campbell: Hell yeah it does.

  2. Holy crap I just watched Indiana Jones, came back and the game was still on. They and We won!!! Nice

  3. When I saw the CF running back, I prayed “Please let it go, man… do yourself and everyone else a favor and just let the ball drop so the game can end right here”… Turned out he didn’t have to shame himself the way I was hoping. Thank god it’s an off day tomorrow.

  4. #102@Oside Jon: How was the new Indy? I’ve heard lukewarm reviews.

  5. #104@Richard D.:

    My kids liked it, but I’d give it 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. It wasn’t bad and it could’ve been way worse. I just read some nice reviews from cannes online and was expecting more. Plot was not bad but there were plenty of extremely lame action scenes that seem to be put in there so we can foresee and experience a new ride at Disneyland. A decent movie but the digital manipulation (in some scenes) was something I could do without. There were groundhogs digitally created (see jar jar binks – or however you spell it) and no purpose other than George Lucas needed something to do.

    All in all, not sure it was worth $40 for the whole family, but the kids were excited and that’s worth more than $40.

    I’m no Siskel and Ebert. As a man, big time thumbs down but as a father thumbs up. Let me know what you think.

  6. I let out a huge roar on the Bellagio floor (Las Vegas) when Agon hit his blast. Yes, I bet on the Padres ! The game was on a small TV in the corner of the sportsbook. Everyone was watching the Laker-Spurs game and my yelp made everyone turn around as they must have wondered why I was yelling during a 3rd quarter Spurs timeout.

    Banks looks pretty good actually with excellent control and a lot of poise. I am about to go to baseball cube and check his past performance. He has won a place in my heart.

  7. UT gave up early:

    Padres allow nine runs in extra innings loss

    (posted at 4:43PM on the 25th)


    Shame on them.

  8. #107@Sean Callahan: That’s quite Bolshevik of them.