IGD: Padres @ Marlins (2 May 08)

Justin GermanoPadres (11-18) vs Marlins (15-13)
Justin Germano vs Mark Hendrickson
4:10 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 184

The Padres continue to have a terrible approach when leading off an inning. Unfortunately, one of the worst offenders is leadoff hitter Brian Giles, who is hitting .108/.195/.135 in those situations. It’s only 41 plate appearances, but yuck.

Leading Off an Inning
Statistics are courtesy of Baseball Reference and are through games of May 1, 2008.
Padres 279 .154 .215 .228
Opponents 277 .252 .314 .413
National League 4106 .256 .316 .419

Small sample or not, that is some kind of ugly…

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  1. Someone needs to show Giles this page:


    I understand swinging at the first pitch because some of the time it’s the best pitch you are going to get but if you are that unsuccessful at it, maybe you’d be better off just taking the first pitch?

    I just saw on Baseball Prospectus that the Padres are the worst team on their Hit List (the D-backs are 1st, Dodgers 6th, Rockies 23rd and Giants 25th) and they also have the lowest playoff odds at 2.1%. John Donovan of SI.com has them 28th overall, ahead of the Pirates and Rangers, so they’ve got that going for them, which is nice.

  2. #1@Schlom: That’s 19 AB. And I can actually recall a few offhand where he smoked the ball on the first pitch, but right at a defender.

  3. Shoot, Adrian gave that a good ride.

  4. Uh, wow. Pretty sure Edmonds would have caught that.

  5. That’s exactly the kind of start you would expect from the Padres. Not that the error by Giles really matters that much as Amezaga will probably score anyway.

    Man, they look bad (even worse then the Giants if that’s possible).

  6. It is not quite as ugly on gameday, just the results without the gore.

  7. Nice 3-6-3 DP ends the inning.

  8. 16 pitches in the first two innings?

  9. Really not a good 3-2 pitch to Uggla.

  10. #8@Field39: Indeed … thru 2 …

    Pitches-strikes – J Germano 36-25; M Hendrickson 16-11.

    Ground balls-fly balls – J Germano 5-0; M Hendrickson 4-2.

    Batters faced – J Germano 9; M Hendrickson 6.

    … he is throwing strikes, I s’pose … that could be 11 swings, perhaps …

  11. This is painful to watch. Can’t blame this display on Petco.

  12. Have we completely forgotten how to play the outfield?

  13. Nice job by Kouz to stay with that ball and still nail Ramirez at first.

  14. What the hell is going on with the defense tonight?

  15. Thru 3 …

    Pitches-strikes – J Germano 52-35; M Hendrickson 29-20.

    Ground balls-fly balls – J Germano 6-2; M Hendrickson 4-3.

    Batters faced – J Germano 13; M Hendrickson 9.

  16. #14@Jefe: Yeah, this is bizarre. Everything in the air is an adventure.

  17. This whole game is weird. Adrian hits a ball six inches in front of the plate and is tagged out while standing there. Heads-up baserunning by Giles to take third on the play.

  18. kouz … ‘nuf said …

  19. #17@Geoff Young: That didn’t really matter though as he was going to be out at first anyway. I don’t think there is much chance of Adrian beating that out. I wonder how many infield hits he does have this season.

  20. #19@Schlom: Much chance? Uh, try no chance.

  21. #20@Geoff Young: Well, the catcher could have thrown the ball away. That’s the chance I was talking about (not the chance of him actually beating it out since I know that’s zero).

  22. This qualifies as a very nice start for Germano … thru 5 …

    Pitches-strikes – J Germano 75-51; M Hendrickson 54-37.

    Ground balls-fly balls – J Germano 8-4; M Hendrickson 8-5.

    Batters faced – J Germano 19; M Hendrickson 17.

  23. At Baseball America, Padres’ AAA Portland Beavers get back-to-back mentions on the “NOT HOT” list, with Wade LeBlanc getting the nod …


    The good news is that San Antionio’s Craig Cooper gets a mention in the “Helium Watch” segment …

    I keep checking for a Sogard mention … if he’s not “HOT”, what does that mean?

  24. Gee, the last time I hung a pitch to Uggla, he hit it out of the park. I’d better do that again.

  25. Typical Padres, just can’t close the deal with 2 outs. How many more chances do you give Germano?

    I guess the best way to get out of a slump is to face the Padres.

  26. Wow. That really sucks but let’s be honest. This game was out of reach at 2-1. Mark F—ing Hendrickson is cruising against this sorry offense.

  27. Do you call up Geer to take Germano’s spot or just put in Ledezma and give him a shot? Geer’s not on the 40 man roster but I assume they’d designate Germano so that opens up a spot.

  28. As I said in 22 … I think this was a nice start for Germano … he just needed to get the hook sooner … isn’t that why we have a 7-man bully? Bud?

    If you get a chance to PH for your #5 starter in the 6th inning, I think you do it …

  29. Wow, is this typical Padres or what? Give up 4 runs in the bottom of the sixth and then come back with two to start the 7th on a HR by Greene.

  30. #27@Schlom: It’s hard not to respect what Germano does. With his stuff (or lack of stuff), he basically needs to be perfect on every pitch. It’s amazing that he doesn’t get lit up every time out there. I don’t know if Geer would do much better, but since no one knows that for sure, they might as well give him a shot. He could be tough on a team the first time they get a look at him because he seems to have a deceptive delivery.

  31. Dogs at the ballpark? Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson filming a movie scene mid-inning? Hey, I guess if they wanted to avoid crowds, they picked a good place.

  32. Another flyout for Crabbe. The coaching staff needs to make that guy do 20 push-ups everytime he flies out. He is not utilizing his speed.

  33. How does Taylor Tankersly look out there?

    I read a few interesting comments during the off-season that made it sound like he’d be the kind of guy that KT would pickup …

  34. WARNING: Cheap shot alert!

    I guess some small-sample-sizes are larger than others …



    ps. Mike Cameron with HR #1 for Brewers tonight.

  35. Dammit Khalil

  36. Could Clark be any slower? I hate this.

  37. Say g’night, Kouz …

  38. GY … May 9th is TG’s 48th birthday … in case you’re looking for a date/reason to write about him :-)

  39. #39@LynchMob: I bet he’d be around the best hitter on the team still at 48. :) He might be faster than a couple guys too…

  40. After getting pretty well slammed for this comment last time I posted it, I still don’t see where the offense is going to greatly improve with the current lineup. (If “improvement” is defined as increasing OPS+ from 65 to 95, then the point is truly being missed.)

    This is still a bad offensive team even if\when Greene and Iguchi go on a hot streak. This team is put together with a “take-and-rake” sensibility. Overall, however, the OBP and SLG numbers are atrocious and not likely to turn around anytime soon. Not a very encouraging situation.

    Here’s a metaphor that some of y’all can understand. If my computer performed like the Padre offense, I would have hit CTL+ALT+DEL to find the processes and applications that aren’t responding. Then, realizing that my computer is sorely underpowered to run Vista, I would have installed Linux. Or, just swallowed hard and bought a new iMac or Dell XPS laptop.

  41. Truthfully, I hope the Padres continue to play horribly. That might be the only way Towers/Alderson will make changes.

  42. I think last seasons record lulled the FO into thinking that despite some offensive flaws, the team was sound and capable of winning 90 games. I notice that we arent hearing about the depth of the roster anymore.