IGD: Padres @ Cubs (13 May 08)

ToastPadres (14-25) @ Cubs (23-15)
Shawn Estes vs Jon Lieber
5:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 183

Sorry I couldn’t find a more recent photo of Estes…

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  1. Geoff,
    Great breakdown from this morning. As you can tell I’m a little behind here. =) Anyway, good discussion and as always thru the totality of posts we obtain a good picture of our current state.

    Go Pads.

  2. Some very good/fun pics of Luke Carlin from Sunday’s game …


    … they are taken by a MadFriar’s subscriber.

  3. #99@Schlom: Edmonds looked hopelessly lost at the plate. #96@Schlom: No one is on a shorter leash than Estes, I’ll grant you that. Lets put this one to bed. Check back with me after his next start. Scoreboard tonight 5/13/08- in the pouring rain and the wind blowing out, Cubbies red hot. Estes W

  4. #96@Schlom: It sure seems like we differ in our approach … it seems like you think you know more than the Padres FO … whereas I’m trying to figure out what it is that they know that I don’t. They’ve seen Estes pitch … I’m guessing they like something they see. Also, it’s not like they made the decision to “pick him up” yesterday … they made that decision a couple of *years* ago! The decision they have made recently is to give him a start … and they didn’t make that decision until they had seen him pitch in practice, and in spring games, and at AAA (have I said that before?). And what did they decide? I don’t think they decided to showcase him so “that they can trade him for a low level prospect” (why do you think that?) … rather I think they decided that of all the pitchers available to theim in their org at this moment, Estes gave them the best opportunity for a Win in today’s game. Who did you want to start today’s game? And what was that based upon?

  5. #96@Schlom: How can you compare what the current FO does to what the Pirates do? It may appear similar to you, but simply looking at the results of the FO’s decisions should prove to you that you’re off base.

  6. #99@Schlom: Those are good questions … here’s what I’d like to know from you … what do you think the Padres will do? Then, how does that contrast with what you think the Padres should do? I think we’re agree’d that they will face this issue … ie. Estes will not continue to get the results he got tonight in very many starts. I will say this … I think their chances of getting good outings from Estes go up the less they have him pitch … ie. if/when he pitches past the 5th inning, watch out! (which reminds me, putting “Letting Estes hit for himself in the Top of the 6th” down on BB’s “mistake” list … that seems needlessly risky)

  7. #104@LynchMob: Given their track record, I have a lot of faith in Sandy and Kevin’s decisions. This is a chess game, and I think they play it well given what they have. I’d challenge anyone else to do the job as well.

  8. Think our attendance sucks and that we have community relation problems. Tampa Bay, competitive really for the first time, drew 16,600 tonight against the the World Champion Bosox. Kind of like the Pads drawing 9,275 in 1984 in June.

  9. OT … the guys at uniwatch.com got a kick out of this …


  10. #21@Schlom: Estes would not crack the Buc’s rotation. The Buc’s are my sleeper team. I said in late March on this blog that the Buc’s were one reliever I away from winning 84 games and I stand by that. They are actually pretty loaded.

  11. #99@Schlom:

    A little off base to even compare a starting Center Fielder and a “potential” 5th starter don’t you think? One plays the field and get 5 at bats a night while the other is the latest of a handful of potential candidates to become the guy who may or may not pitch every 5 or 6 days.

    See the difference in impact there?

    On a sad note… I do think that Estes’s performance tonight probably bought him and extra bad start or two worth of leniency. I see him having to string together 2 or 3 laughers now before KT and Bud pull the plug on the experiment. I think the scouting report against him is probably a little light at the moment seeing as how he hasn’t pitched in a few seasons but once he gets another couple of starts under his belt the hitters will most likely adjust. Just ask Justin Germano about that. Big league hitters are funny that way.

  12. Why do you guys even respond to Scholm. He has made the same argument for MONTHS now. Its been a while since I have seen someone kick a dead horse like this, before this he kicked the Moores is a crook dead horse.

  13. #112@SDSUBaseball: I tend to forget who wrote which comment from day-to-day. That’s part of it.

  14. #112@SDSUBaseball: Because when he’s not kicking dead horses, a lot of what he says makes sense to me, gives me insights, and gives me ways to say things that I’m thinking … so it’s worth it to me to try to encourage more of the good stuff … sorry if it’s noisy to you …

  15. #114@LynchMob: I understand that, but people tend to respond when he is kicking dead horses and everyone seems fall into his trap and do exactly what he wants. He enjoys taking over the thread each day with the same topic he took over the thread with the day before.