You Say It’s Your Birthday?

Two men with Padres ties celebrate their birthday today. Catcher George Williams, who appeared in 11 games for the Pads in 2000, turns 38. In the fifth inning of a September 2 contest against the Pirates, Williams hit the last of his 10 big-league home runs, a blast to right-center off right-hander Todd Ritchie that plated the late Mike Darr and kept the Padres close in a game they eventually lost, 6-3.

Preston Gomez managed the inaugural Padres squad in 1969 and stuck around through the first 11 games of 1972. He finished his Padres managerial career with a 180-316 record, and later managed the Astros and Cubs. Gomez turns 86 today and is still recovering from being hit by a truck in spring training. Our thoughts continue to be with him and his family.

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  1. So, I think we just need to finish Aprill with a .500 record. If we can do that, I think we’ll be fine.

    Any thoughts?

  2. #1@Phantom: Scotty is trying to pull pitches he couldn’t reach with a boat oar, Edmunds’s is doing his last days of Willie Mays impressions, NOG had plastic surgery, and the seven man bullpen is overworked. No I’m not worried.

  3. #1@Phantom: If by fine you mean on track to finish at .500, then I’ll agree with you :)

  4. Well, the padres are what they are. Its the competition that scares me. Az is 5.5 ahead and showing signs of being amoung the best in MLB. The Central is strong with 4 teams playing at a 600 clip or better. All that will tighten up as the season goes on, of course, but unless the Padres improve drastically, they have no shot at the NLW or the WC.

    So, if the trading deadline was today with the current standings, would you break the team down to rebuild or rent-a-vet?

    I would rebuild with some of our young guys.

  5. #4@PM: I would use Randy Wolf as a trade chip, and try to fill the hole in center field.

  6. #1@Phantom:

    What exactly do you mean by fine?

    The way I see it we will be lucky to finish .500 and realistically will probably be under it. With this bullpen and this offense we give our good starting pitchers almost no help to win games.

    It would also be nice if we started looking at guys who can pitch anywhere and not just petco. Justin Germano couldn’t start on any other team in the league but because we have this insane home park “advantage” the front office passes him off to us as a legit starter and he is a mop up bull pen guy at best.

  7. #3@Anthony: I don’t think we’ll finish .500, I do think we’ll finish a bit higher. By my count/estimate, we should have won about four game mores at this point than we currently have.

    I do think we’re a good team, we’re just not playing like it. Adrian showed some signs of life yesterday, and hopefully Khalil will start hitting the ball out of the yard. Our bullpen is better than it has shown itself to be thus far. I think we’re gonna be fine.