IGD: Padres vs Rockies (16 Apr 08)

Justin GermanoPadres (8-6) vs Rockies (5-8)
Justin Germano vs Mark Redman
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 189

How is Redman only 34 years old? More importantly, how is he in the rotation of a team that played in the World Series six months ago?

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  1. #48@kelly in sd: It’s funny what being healthy will do.

  2. Ouch. Just bad luck there.

  3. 52 … what happened?

  4. #52@Ben B.: For those not watching live, it was a little bloop flare that landed right on the line and then squirted underneath the bullpen bench, so that Giles had to reach through the bench to grab it.

  5. Did OG’s throw skip off the foul line and cause Bard to miss the play?

  6. Thru top of 6th …

    Pitches-strikes – M Redman 73-42; J Germano 79-51.

    Ground balls-fly balls – M Redman 6-7; J Germano 10-8.

    Batters faced – M Redman 21; J Germano 27.

    … not a bad inning for Germano … will be interesting to see if he bats this inning if they get that far (he’s due up 6th) …

  7. #55@kelly in sd: Even if Bard had caught it, he would have to be a circus freak to twist around to make a tag. If OG didn’t have to rummage throught the bull pen trash, he would have made an earlier throw.

  8. As the play was developing, I didn’t think the play at the plate would be close. But OG made a great throw after picking the ball between the seat and the back of the bench. Then, Bard looked set up, but the ball changed direction so he had to make a sprawling grab up the third base line for it.

    And in the meantime, Herges makes quick work of the Pads.

  9. That was a Maddux-esque inning.

  10. OT … Penny’s spinin’ a gem tonight (makes me look forward to Jake tomorrow :-) ) … and the Dogs have Nomar back in the lineup …


    … up 6-0 thru 5 … bleh …

  11. nice 4-pitch inning!

  12. What the hell is Mark Grant talking about? If Adrian hadn’t caught that, it would have been an error on him, not Kouz. Kouz threw it right where he should have, not over Adrian’s head. (I feel like the Aflac duck here).

  13. #59@kelly in sd: Indeed!

    Pitches-strikes – M Redman 73-42; M Herges 9-7; J Germano 83-54.

    Ground balls-fly balls – M Redman 6-7; M Herges 1-1; J Germano 11-10.

    Batters faced – M Redman 21; M Herges 3; J Germano 30.

    … that’s thru top of 7th … I gotta think Germano will get PH’d for … due up 3rd …

  14. Through top of 7th, Germano is at 83 pitches, 54 strikes, 11 groundouts, 10 flyouts, no strikeouts.

  15. Oops, sorry LynchMob

  16. Germano really did a great job in innings 2-7. 56 pitches in 6 innings.

  17. Top of the 14th in Toronto, and who comes in as the Jays’ 9th pitcher of the game… AJ Burnett.

  18. #60@LynchMob: It’s against the Pirates. Doesn’t count.

  19. Every time I see Tony Clark, I think back to having Honors math with him at Valhalla High. Still seems strange to see him in the Majors

  20. 64/65 … no prob!

    67 … and he gives up a run on a wild pitch … bummer, dude!

    Tony Clark draws a PH walk … getting OG up … c’mon, OG!

  21. It was strange to read about him in Baseball America as he was being scouted and then drafted by the Tigers. He’d transferred to Christian for his senior year, but Valhalla didn’t produce a lot great baseball players.

  22. #71@kelly in sd: What I think is funny is that his friends made him bat left in order to play with them.

  23. A little disappointed in OG swinging first ball against a new reliever..

  24. #34@Field39: Not much at all , I agree. He will hopefully make an adjustment.

  25. #73@Mark O: That sounds like something Barrack Obama would say, given what OG has produced last night and tonight so far.

  26. #75@Turbine Dude: True enough…i realize it was a tad nitpicky..

  27. #76@Mark O: GY set a nitpicky tone for us today … it’s all good!

    Nice inning by Cla … now let’s get him a W!

  28. #67@dprat: and AJ gives up two runs in the 14th

  29. OT: Just wondering why GY doesn’t visit his own IGD very often anymore.

  30. OK, that was not good. Grrrrr………

  31. The wheels have come off of this one. Some good things though: Giles hitting, the nice 1-5-3 double play, and Germano’s efficiency.

    See y’all tomorrow for Peavy.

  32. #79@Turbine Dude: Combination of factors, most of which fall under the category “lack of time.” Thanks for checking, though. 8)

  33. The wheels didn’t just come off of this, they rolled in front of the car and caused it to hit a short bus full of special ed kids.

  34. #83@Geoff Young: Thanks Geoff. How are our Storm boys doing tonight? Figure you were at the game.

  35. That may be the end of the Glendon Rusch experiment
    Question would they release him or AAA him ?

    When will Hampson be ready ?

  36. #34@Field39:

    9th inning – S. Hairston grounded out to second

  37. #85@Turbine Dude: No game for me tonight, I’m afraid.

    #86@JP: When will anyone be ready?

  38. Nick Hundley may be the big diamond out of all the group –not hype for this guy compared to Antonelli or Headley but he is swinging a hot bat at AAA with power and when you see him play he definitely looks like a major league catcher.

  39. 88 … perhaps Estes is ready for some work out of the Padre ‘pen?

  40. 89 … how/when have you seen him play? Are you near Portland?

  41. I would get Colt Morton the hell out of here so that he can get some much needed at bats (he isn’t ready for mlb pitching yet) and bring Nick Hundley in here to start every 4th day. ‘Morton just needs reps right now–he didn’t have a full season last year and if I am not mistaken, has lost a lot of at bats in past years to injury. Meanwhile, Hundley may be ready now to contribute.

    The Padres need another 10-12 year veteran scrub journeyman catcher in here to tie things down in case AAA guys (Morton,Hundley,Carlin) unravel.

  42. #92@JP: Rob Bowen, perhaps, for example?

  43. A note at this UT article …


    … says this …

    Matt Latos struck out nine in three innings in extended spring training. He clocked at 93-95 mph.

    … so that’s some good news.

  44. If Bard starts practically every night then I would rather have Luke Carlin up here or Damien Miller acquired for duty then to have Colt Morton or Nick Hundley serve as Bard’s “Bill Plummer”.

  45. Cut Rusch and bring in Mike Piazza ?

  46. #96@JP: Bud loves his 12 man staff.

  47. 94 … and I like this note also …

    Pitching coach Darren Balsley said Chris Young, undone by a delivery flaw Saturday, “worked things out in the bullpen” Monday.

  48. #47@LynchMob: You’ll need to sign up at gravatar.com. It’s free. Took me, like, 2 minutes at most.

    #95@JP: Why Carlin? There isn’t much in his track record that suggests a big-league future.

  49. Was at the game tonight. Agon looked absolutely horrible at the plate. Not one good swing at all. With Francis going tomorrow night and Jake on the hill, maybe it’s time for Clark to start one and give Hombre a night off. Just a thought.