IGD: Padres vs Astros (3 Apr 08)

Randy WolfPadres (2-1) vs Astros (1-2)
Randy Wolf vs Shawn Chacon
12:35 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 186

If Adrian Gonzalez catches Hunter Pence’s line drive, the game is over before Lance Berkman ever steps to the plate. If Jose Cruz Jr. doesn’t draw a two-out walk, Pence never bats. If Jose Cruz Sr. doesn’t have a kid, Cruz Jr. never bats.

On the bright side, at least now people can jump back on the “Trevor Hoffman is done” bandwagon. I was almost starting to miss them.

. . .

Randy Wolf makes his Padres debut in an afternoon affair. Assuming the rain holds off, I’ll be at this one as well as the Storm opener tonight.

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  1. Nick Hundley provides some early support for Josh Geer tonight @ Portland …


  2. Here’s the Opening Day lineup for our Storm Boyz …


    … including Jim Edmonds in CF! (And Cedric Hunter in LF and Mitch Canham @ C). I’m guessing we’ll get an in-depth report on this game “soon” …

  3. 146: Before the season started everyone was talking about platooning Hairston (with Headley) having him play only vs LHP (which isnt very many ABs). Thats why I said that. Obviously now he will start in LF, and his performance so far this season has made sure of it.

  4. I was just out driving … decided to check 1090 on the radio … the Storm game was on … and Jake was in the booth … they were talking about the time Jake was pitching for the Storm vs the Padres and Jake, then 19 years old, face Tony Gwynn … now *that*s a great story!

  5. 151 … Hey, Masticore … Bass is pitching in Portland tonight!

    Also, HR by Ambres …

  6. Keith Law’s at it again. Today in a chat he gave us another tidbit that seems contrary to what we have heard. When asked when Headley, Longoria, or Bruce might be brought up, he says:

    “I can kind of defend Headley’s demotion – he was awful in LF in the spring, and they’re not willing to dislodge Kouznamuff [sic] from third….Headley should be up when his defense allows it. They could use his bat.”

    Nothing I have read or heard would seem to indicate that his defense was “awful.” Even granting the Padres license to paint a rosy picture, this seems a bit harsh. I wonder where he got his information from? First-hand, like his scouting of Antonelli that relied almost entirely on his performance on the Cape many years ago? Or by scouts that he networks with.

    Even though I prefer Headley to remain at third, I still would like to see him succeed no matter where he plays, but characterizing his defense in such a way runs against everything we have heard.

  7. Kouznamuff is a pretty sic typo :-) … but I gotta admit that it does sound cool …

    Agree 100% that there’s no basis for calling Headley’s LF defense during the spring “awful” … I was at his one “bad game” (he misplay’d a couple of tough fly balls), but even in that game, he made a couple of tough plays and several routine and near-routine balls (it was amazing how many balls were hit to LF that day). He’ll be fine in LF, at worst.