IGD: Padres vs Astros (1 Apr 08)

Chris YoungPadres (1-0) vs Astros (0-1)
Chris Young vs Brandon Backe
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 184

I’m getting in late on this, but big congratulations to Ducksnorts friend Ed Barnes on taking over as producer for Padres telecasts (h/t Friar Forecast) at Channel 4SD. Among many other things, Ed was instrumental in setting up my television debut on “Outta Left Field” back in ’05 and also in connecting me with Matt Vasgersian, who contributed the foreword to the Ducksnorts 2008 Baseball Annual.

So, yeah, I’m biased when it comes to Ed. That, and I like to see good people rewarded. Here’s to continued success!

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  1. Good out for CY. Let’s get the rally caps out!

  2. 75 pitches through 4 huh……yeah looks like 6 it is, unless he a long 5th!

    McAnulty breaking the wrong way on Carlos Lee’s pop up certainly didn’t help

  3. I don’t generally like WPA in MVP contexts, but here it’s very appropriate. It tells us McAnulty was up in a key situation and the out he made made the team 4.5% less likely to win.

  4. Kouzzzzzzzz

  5. It will be nice once they add Headley and Antonelli in the lineup, those high OBP guys are going to help a ton over the next couple of seasons

  6. Damn! I thought that was in the kitty litter!

  7. Adrian flashes the warning track power. It’s tough to hit ‘em out at PetCo when it’s chilly.

  8. And Hairston knocks it out!!!!



  11. Hairston hit his to the right part of the ballpark. It’s a two run difference.

  12. Holy Santa Maria!!!!!! Nice Scotty!

  13. Bring up Headley! Send him to the bench!

  14. Oops..double posted.

  15. And the (stuffed) skunk is out of the box.

  16. KG with the follow up dbl!!!!

  17. Damn, thought Khalil was gonna go back-to-back.

  18. .188 WPA for Hairston, btw.

  19. OK, Hairston, you can stay a while longer :)

  20. Now if Hairston can play at least a league average CF he’ll be quite a weapon for the Padres (of course, if he can stay healthy which he’s never really done before). He might not be as valuable as Cameron in 2006 (when he was really good) but he’d still be really good.

    Was those the first two pitches that Greene has taken this season? Good things happen when you are ahead in the count.

  21. How about a little bat from CY like we saw from Jake last night?

  22. Damnit, CY. More LOB. But I’ll take the 2-0 lead… :)

  23. 70. Per my scorecard Khalil saw only 9 pitches last night. He’s swung at the first pitch both times tonight, too.

  24. All right, we need someone up in the bullpen. CY looks terrible.

  25. Hmm, maybe CY rediscovered his control. That would be good.

  26. We’re doing better than the Astros so far……….
    Hairston even with his 20 lbs weight loss hits it out….
    My TV is in the living room, thus the late post. I’m moving to the bedroom now, close to the computer!!!!

  27. Bourne is like greased lightning. This kid is gonna be a leader in stolen bases.

  28. #76: Jon, get a laptop or set up another comp in the living room! LOL

  29. Good work holding Bourne by CY. His move looks a lot faster and he is using something of a slide step, so he actually gave Bard a chance on the steal.

  30. Maybe we should call up Headley to have him replace Giles.

  31. #80: Ben, you seem to have a wierd affection for Headly. You’re making me move down a couple of seats.

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  33. 81: Yep. I do. Although I haven’t been serious tonight when talking about him.

  34. #82: Hey Danny! It’s Rick. Happy birthday my friend. I’m sure you will have a great time. Go Padres!

  35. Why the hell would Cooper have Loretta bunt with the #8 and 9 hitters coming up????

    Glad he did, though.

  36. Where in the hell are these pitches missing? This ump sucks. Not just for us.

  37. 85: Something about the mouths of horses…

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  39. Cain has shut the Dodgers out on two hits through 5.2 innings tonight — but of course he doesn’t have the lead. I wonder what the lowest run support a starter has gotten over the past 10 years or so — Cain would probably be happy if he just averages 2 runs per start. The Giants lineup features one of the worst clean-up hitters of all-time (Bengie Molina), Ray Durham batting 5th, their $60m free agent acquisition batting 6th (Aaron Rowand), one of the worst players in the majors batting 7th (Jose Castillo) and the worst player in baseball batting 8th (Brian Bocock). I’d like to see them make a run at the 1962 Mets record for all-time losses.

  40. Danny, I hope to see you in a Padre uni in about 10 years.

  41. Missed badly on pitches 1 & 3. Squeezed on pitch 2. Not looking good here.

  42. Well, this is an ugly situation.

  43. We got lucky with only one run scored.

  44. Ugly outing by CY, ugly relief job by Thatcher, but we’re still ahead so we’ll take it.

  45. That was horrible. Not good to walk a guy with a career .148 average against lefties.

  46. 94: Coming in with the bases loaded, it’s not that bad of an outing to only allow one run to score.

  47. Thanks Rick. Danny has gone to bed. I’ll let him know what you said. Again, thanks for letting him post guys.

    Let’s hold ‘em. Good game so far.

  48. 96: Yeah, but walking the first guy he faced on four pitches, blowing the lefty on lefty matchup, was not a pretty sight.

  49. Jon, what day are you going?

  50. 98: Granted. That was ugly.

    Freakin’ Bourn is killing us in centerfield.