IGD: Padres @ Phillies (29 Apr 08)

Greg MadduxPadres (10-16) @ Phillies (14-12)
Greg Maddux vs Cole Hamels
4:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 185

Last time Maddux faced the Phillies, he beat his old (and I do mean old) teammate, Jamie Moyer, 14-3 at Citizens Bank Park last August. Milton Bradley knocked two homers, drove in six, and told the fans in Philly, “I am that good.”

He didn’t stay in San Diego long, but Bradley is one of my all-time favorite Padres. I miss Jenga…

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  1. Ted Leitner just came on the radio and said the wind at Citizens Bank is blowing straight out and that the “flags look like they are made out of cardboard”. Looks like Mad Dog might have a rough time trying to get 350 yet again.

  2. Jenga also called Citizens Bank Park “a joke” because of one of his HR’s haha

  3. few of those pitches looked like strikes to me

  4. These are bad times for Padre fans. Down by one in the first, and the game is over.

  5. Werth didn’t even break a sweat getting to 3rd.

  6. Werth was almost a Padre too. Damn.

  7. Can they leave Hairston in Center and get rid of Edmonds? At least Scotty can run.

  8. Spectacular grab by Hairston. Yeah, he looks o.k defensively in center.

  9. #6@JP: For the record, Werth is the only MLB player ever to flip me off…

    He was a Dodger…we were heckling…I said something about his play and he flipped me off…

  10. Nice pop for Scotty there!

  11. #9@Coronado Mike: You were heckling? I’m shocked… just shocked.

  12. #9@Coronado Mike: I have heard a lot of similar stories.

  13. Alright, cheerleaders!

  14. I can’t remember the last time I saw this few comments during a televised game.

  15. #11@dprat: I was in college.

    I may be a bit snarky now, but not out loud like that anymore.

    No, really…stop laughing.

  16. I miss Jenga too. I miss his hustle and his bat in the lineup. I miss his musk…

    Man, Maddux is pitching well tonight. I love to see his 2-seamer running inside to RH and over the inside corner to lefties like it is tonight. Let’s get him 350 Padres!

  17. #16@Paul R.: His musk?

  18. Kinda OT – Oscar Robles was claimed off Waivers from Philly. I kinda liked watching him here in Portland.

  19. Well, this game looks like it is also going in the tank. I’m getting sick of people at work asking me ‘what’s wrong with the Padres?’

  20. Nice Scotty! And we keep Edmonds around because?…

  21. I’m just praying that OG doesn’t hit into a DP this at bat.

  22. Now, here’s where they always eff-up. Bases loaded and one out.
    (where’s my avatar?)

  23. timed to get pissed off, padre hitters. Anger can take you a long way, trust me.

  24. Just can’t capitalize on a bases loaded situation. This should at least be a tied game right now.

  25. Of course, it would have been a bit much for Iguchi to deliver a big base hit there. Locate your curve and he’s an out every time. He swings his way into the ground like a whirling dervish.

  26. If it were Edmonds out there, that would have been a stand up triple.

  27. We might have a chance next inning if Black puts Jake in to pinch hit. :)

  28. Feliz (a dead pull hitter) goes opposite field and gets the insurance run back. Good night all.

  29. Could this team be any worse?

  30. Say goodnight Gracie.

  31. I’m returning control of the remote to my daughter for her Disney Channel fix. Break out the paper bags!

  32. Anyone got a razor blade? I’m thinking of ending it before the next game.

    This team is seriously hard to watch.

  33. How can KT and Alderson watch this team night after night, and not think they need to make a change?

  34. Bullpen sucks, but doesn’t matter when you can’t score. I wonder when people will realize Petco isn’t the problem with this offense?

  35. SAN DIEGO (AP)—Even as they try to make up ground in the NL West, the San Diego Padres are doing the same thing thousands of miles away, in the Dominican Republic.

    The team planned to officially open the Padres Dominican Republic Baseball Park in Najayo, San Cristobal, on Wednesday. The $8 million, 15-acre park will house the club’s international baseball academy and serve as the hub for the organization’s Latin American baseball operations.

    I’m trying to post the Yahoo! link to this, but it won’t work.


    [link added by admin]

  36. Off the wall for a single, maybe AG is the new piano man.

  37. See post #20.

  38. hi


  39. #33@Field39: Don’t worry and be patient. KT’s trip to Portland to assess is only one and a half weeks away.

  40. Apologies for #38 – I’m at work and my 10 year old has decided to do impersonate me. I can’t wait until school holidays are over.

    Good thing Maddux doesn’t get as wrapped up in the Padres futility as we do.

  41. At least Hairston proved he can still crush lefties.

  42. #40@Sean Callahan: That wasn’t a bad post.

  43. Good News: Latos with 3 more shutout innings … only giving up 2 hits …

    Bad News: 0 K’s and 3 BB’s …

    #35 … ya, the spam filter won’t allow nearly as many link destinations as it used to … GY claims it will somehow “learn” … but I don’t see how that mechanism can work … it’s been rejecting milb.com and yahoo.com links for a long time now …

  44. #43@LynchMob: It’s not a claim, it’s how the program works. Let me know and I’ll reinstate things asap. There’s one of me. I’ll get to it when I can. Thanks. 8)

  45. OT: Seems like Will Inman made his adjustments and is handling AA just fine.

  46. 17: His musk is an Anchorman (Will Ferrell movie) reference

  47. #6@JP: I seem to recall Padre fans either here or at Gaslamp (maybe both) thinking that was a terrible idea.