I Brake for Money

Posting will be light this week, as I’ve got to overhaul a client web site. It’s a small site, but they need a quick turnaround. More importantly, the gig pays actual money (for the actual mortgage on my actual house), which comes in handy when your primary source of income is a book that nobody buys.

The farm reports and IGDs will run every day, but we’ll be doing open threads most of the rest of the time. I’ll try to come up with halfway decent prompts that you can discuss or ignore.

Meanwhile, I’ve got some other cool stuff going on behind the scenes. I can’t say anything about those just yet, but expect to hear more in the coming weeks. You’ll know when they arrive.

Padres are in Houston tonight and Tuesday, then back home to face the Giants for two and the Snakes for three over the weekend. It’d be good to get five wins out of that.

Tonight’s IGD will be up around 4 p.m. Go Padres!

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  1. If we take 5 of the next 7 I would be STOKED!!!

  2. So glad to be out of Phoenix. That was a brutal 3-game swing (driving over during the 22-inning affair and then Friday’s and Saturday’s beatings).

    At any rate, going to Chase Field just reaffirms my love for the Padres. If people think we have attendance issues or unenergetic fans, you should REALLY go see a a 3-game weekend series at Chase.