Friday Links (25 Apr 08)

I’m pressed for time this morning, so links are offered with minimal commentary (and there was much rejoicing):

Whoomp, there it is…

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  1. Well, CY looked great last nite.

  2. #1@Phantom: ha yeah I’m glad the Padres have him and Jake locked up for several years otherwise they maybe counting down the days until they can start looking for team that won’t make them pay for making one mistake in 7 innings…

  3. Thought you guys might like a line that Buster Olney used to discuss a trade that the Reds made last year sending Austin Kearns to the Nationals…

    “…we are not going to look back in the same vein as Lou Brock for Ernie Broglio or Chris Young and Adrian Gonzalez for Adam Eaton.”

    If people are starting to compare those two trades, then that is a darn good thing!

    Oh yea, I am thankful I did not watch that game last night. I could not imagine how PO’d I would be if I stayed up until 1am (Eastern) to watch that 1-run debacle.

  4. binging in the fences at petco might help. That idea would be easy to test. Count the number of balls that go the warning track. But I think its more the thickness of the marine air and the swirling wind. We need UCSD and SDSU scientists to analyze the problem. Be a fun post graduate project from somebody.

  5. PM…I think someone over the last day or two made the best point regarding the field…stop worrying about the field and start poking the front office about building a team that can’t seem to take advantage of the ballpark. We have a station to station team with questionable defense at MOST positions.

    Colorado and Texas have wonderful parks full of high scoring, fun games…but there is also little chance of them sustaining winning teams b/c of the strain it puts on pitching. I like Petco’s dimentions and love the fact that it is difficult to hit here. We need to get some guys with 1st to 3rd speed (at a min) that can play good defense and have moderate power. 2006 Mike Cameron was probably a perfect model…Good D, OBP north of .340, moderate power, and solid speed. (He did K too much, but not everyone is perfect and I am simply pointing to a reference.)