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When I reviewed MLB08: The Show in mid-April, I also held a contest to give away several copies of the game. I asked folks to “leave a suggestion in the comments on how to improve Ducksnorts” and said that I would pick four winners from those.

First off, thanks to everyone who entered. Your efforts help shape the way Ducksnorts will continue to evolve, and I can’t be grateful enough for that.

To the winners:

Let’s Chat

Brian would like to see greater interactivity:

I’d like to see more opportunities for interactive chatting on the blog. The traditional blog format is great, but sometimes it’s a little unwieldy to follow all the comments, especially if I come in late in the game. I live in Mexico and I don’t have perpetual access to internet, but I would definitely make the effort to sit in on a chat, maybe once a week, or once a month. I envision something like a “State of the Padres” conversation. This is a much more fluid format than the hundreds of comments that come after a provocative post.

I love this idea, but I’m not sure how to implement it just yet. Suffice to say, it’s on my radar. (If anyone has suggestions, please feel free to send ‘em my way.)

More Screen, Please

LynchMob offered several excellent suggestions; here’s my favorite among them:

Widen the page… I gotta believe 99% of us see blue bars on the right 1″ and left 1″ of the web page

I’m happy to say that I’ve implemented this one… with a twist. During testing, a few folks expressed a preference for the narrower version, so I found a technical solution that allows people to choose which format they like best. I’ve added a menu item up at the top (Narrow/Wide) that toggles between the two. Go nuts.

Help Me Find Stuff

Coronado Mike chimed in with some terrific ideas as well:

Advanced search. Possibly search by poster or content within posts. I hate having to go through 5 or 6 different blogs to find one post.

During IGDs, can we have a running score/situation mod? Not all of us are watching the game during IGDs and it would be great to know what is going on.

Add and “interview with a Padre” post…maybe once or twice a month, post up an interview with one of the players/front office people.

The first two are technical issues, and they’re on my to-do list. The third one is an access issue, and I’m not sure how possible it will be to implement such a feature. It’s a great idea, though, so I’ll see what I can do on that front as well.

Show Yourself

krs1 wanted to place faces with names:

I personally think it would be cool to have some kind of avatar thing set up. Something that maybe displayed out name location and maybe a picture or “Ducksnorter Since ?” type of thing.

Thankfully this one was real easy to do. And judging from the many avatars I see floating around the comments, it’s pretty popular. Folks like to see who they’re talking to; who knew?

If you haven’t gotten yourself one yet and you’d like to, go to Gravatar and get hooked up. It’s free.

Congrats to Brian, LynchMob, Coronado Mike, and krs1. I’ll be in touch so that I can get your game to you. Thanks again to Sony for providing the goods and to all who entered the contest for helping to improve this little thing we call Ducksnorts.

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  1. Awesome Geoff! Thanks a lot!

  2. *LOVE* the option to GO WIDE!

  3. MLB TRADE RUMORS,,has a piece today entitled “Considering A Padres Fire Sale”. Not much we don’t know. Unfortunately he focuses on veteran players, who have little trade value.

  4. #1 KRS1, I read the link you posted this morning about a fire sale. You are right, times are bad when things like that start appearing. There is also a Padre story on MSN/FoxSports today.


    As for the suggestions about the site, I am fairly new. I will hold off until I am better acquainted. I have been reading for about two years, but only started posting this season.

  5. 5 … parlo … don’t forget to “buy the book” too :-)

    Don’t know if this got mentioned previously, but something “pop’d” in Luis Rodriquez’ wrist on Saturday while playing for Portland … file that under “probably not good” …

  6. Hey Geoff, regarding the “interview with a Padre” idea, which would probably be difficult to pull off, how about an “interview with a FUTURE Padre” segment. Seems like there is plenty of interest among D’snorters in the “coming attractions,” and the young guys might be more willing and accessible…and perhaps more interesting since they might not have learned all their cliches yet.

    I’m just here to help the ballcllub…

  7. #6 Lynch Mob, Thanks. I sent an email about a donation, but the book is a great idea too. Just for the record, I came across ads on baseball reference and checked it out. Originally, I read all the old entries about the 69 Padres and some of the earlier teams. With the team struggles of late, I decided to start leaving some comments and seeing what other fans thought.
    There are too many screaming louts on the UT site.
    Its good to be here.

  8. WTF?!?!

    I suggested midget go-go dancers, a ferris wheel, those cages full of the little plastic balls (like they have at Chuck E. Cheese), and llamas. I should have easily won in both the quality AND quantity categories!!!

    This is total bullshit.

  9. ALL great suggestions!!! Nice to know Ducksnorts is open to new ideas. Thanks GY.

  10. #7@BZ: I was going to suggest the same thing. I’m sure the folks in Elsinore would be receptive to interview requests.

  11. 8 … as you can see, we do have a few “screaming louts” of our own (see #9) … but we know they are lovable because we’ve actually met them in person :-)

    re: donation … not sure what your email was about … but to donate to Ducksnorts, it’s simple … there’s a big orange button on the right that says “Donate” … just click there and let PayPal do the rest … GY’s too unassuming to point it out too often :-) which reminds me, i’m overdue to click on that button myself … GO FOR IT!!!!

  12. I had been hoping to see Sogard on BA’s PHS … but first mention for a Padre farm hand (unless I’ve missed a recent list) is a “NOT HOT” entry for Chase …

    … bleh :-(

  13. I love the new stylesheet. That’s definitely something for me to work on, who still uses 800×600 resolution?

  14. 12 … OK … I just verified that the “Donate” button does work … I donated $7.27 … in honor of Trevor Hoffman’s ERA … donate tonight, before his ERA goes up! Ouch, sorry, that’s a cheap shot … sorry, GY, prolly not helpful to mix metaphors … but that’s what’s in the books … ymmv …

  15. #13@LynchMob: Headley must have seen the “not hot” item. Just hit HR#2.

  16. #7@BZ: Yeah, this is a great angle and one I’ve been trying to work.

    #9@Lance Richardson: Llamas are forthcoming. Can’t make promises about the other stuff.

    #14@Melvin Nieves: Cool, thanks. Glad you and others are digging it.

    #15@LynchMob: Ouch is right. Thanks much for the support and pimpage. 8)

  17. #16@dprat: Yeah, Chase! And Gerut with a pair of HRs tonight for Portland behind Shawn Estes (who did OK in 5 IPs).

  18. And for Lake Elsinore, Sogard is doing his doubles-thang again … and this time, it’s rub’d off onto Cedric Hunter also … its’ 5-5 after 7 at Lancaster …

  19. Take this with a grain of salt but Philly Billy was reporting the Giant were scouting a Padres minor league team (San Antonio I think) in preparation for a possible Randy Wynn trade. Yeah, Randy Wynn is what we need to turn this thing around. Any ideas who they might want in return?

    The Giants are moving Zito to the bullpen. As bad as it is here at least we aren’t spending $100 million on a relief pitcher.

  20. #20@anthony: Bleh first David Freese now another prospect for a CF who can’t play CF anymore? How about trading for a guy who may be around for a few years!

  21. The Yankees, Braves and Red Sox all need pitching.

  22. WoooHooo, I am a winner.

    I would like to thank the Academy, my mom, and Geoff for giving me the “Big One” for the last 3 years!