OT: Go Toreros!

I generally don’t follow college hoops. Then again, my alma mater generally doesn’t upset UConn in the NCAA tourney. Congrats and good luck against Western Kentucky!

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  1. Anybody know what is up with Johnson? It seemed like he was injured near the end of the game, or least they were talking about it during the telecast. It certainly seemed like he was injured as his defense wasn’t very good at the end although maybe that was the only time that UConn attacked him off the dribble.

    It was amazing that UConn kept giving Pomare that 15 foot jumper from the left side of the key. You figure that once he made 4 or 5 of those they would have started to guard him especially since UConn was so much bigger and USD didn’t really use a post player.

  2. Hey, Didi … anyone ever tell you that you don’t know squat about college hoops? ;-) I sure hope you don’t end up beatin’ me!

    Question: “C. Keach” … who are you?