One-Homer Wonders

Over the years, 48 players have hit exactly one home run as a member of the San Diego Padres. Here are the guys who’ve done it with most and fewest plate appearances:

Most PA:

  1. Ozzie Smith, 2536
  2. Ed Whitson, 481
  3. Jeff Gardner, 472
  4. Dave Cash, 437
  5. Bob Davis, 391

Fewest PA:

  1. Tim Stoddard, 10
  2. Jason Bay, 10
  3. Eddie Miller, 14
  4. Marty Barrett, 17
  5. George Williams, 17

Talk about whatever. That’s what I’m doing, anyway…

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  1. TK @ UT with a report that includes a Hairston update …

    … HBP in upper left arm and it swelled up … he may not go to China.

    Also, Estes update: after facing 30 hitters, Estes has only one strikeout against four walks … bleh …

  2. 1: Estes possibly not making the team hurts my chances in the predicted roster contest but helps the team, so good. I still wouldn’t count him out, there’s a chance he’s the 5th starter even if he continues to suck.

    If a rookie had flung that comebacker over the 1st baseman in a sign of what Bud Black admitted was frustration, he’d be assigned to minor league camp. He might have even been pulled right then.

    It’s great that Egon might be able to catch and consolidate more utility roles in one player, but I’d rather have Egon and Crabbe than a 7 man bullpen.


    I know about the throwing error by Estes, but how about the other 2 errors in the game? (Gonzalez, A (1, fielding), Robles (1, throw))

    Any adventures (good or bad) in LF by Headley or McAnulty?

  4. 4: P-Mac BADLY misplayed a liner to LF that went for a triple. He dove for it and missed, 2 runs scored.

    I’m not sure if he should have caught it, but he shouldn’t have allowed it to go for more than a single.

  5. Heard Ken Goldstein and Christina Karl last night up here in San Francisco. Good listen, but nothing earth shattering. Interesting note about CY on his prospect 10 pack, basically “How does he do it?”

    Chris Young, RHP, Padres

    Young is hardly a prospect, but give me some latitude here. On Friday afternoon, I was able to see Young pitch in person, about four rows behind home plate, surrounded by a gaggle of scouts. His fastball was 83-86 mph, and generally well up in the zone, his breaking ball wasn’t especially crisp, and yet, he was untouchable, firing three no-hit innings. As scouts shook their heads, the discussion began of how this can be possible, and frankly, nobody had an especially good answer. There are just some guys who don’t fit into the scouting reports, where the mismatch between what should be happening and what is happening is so extreme as to simply be beyond understanding. That’s kind of exciting, but also frustrating. Chris Young is a bit of a freak, as is a guy like Jamie Moyer, but remember, there are just two of them. That prospect on your favorite team with that kind of profile with good numbers and little in the way of stuff is not the next Jamie Moyer or Chris Young. There are one hundred guys with the same kind of stuff as Jamie Moyer or Chris Young, but there is only one Jamie Moyer or Chris Young.

  6. 6 … nice! i’ve heard theories that’s CY’s release point is closer to home plate (because he’s 6’10″ tall, did you know that? :-) ) which makes all his pitches get to the hitters as though they were faster … and/or just the higher than usual release-point would put a pitch on an unusual trajectory … bring it, CY!

  7. 1 … that same link has now been updated with today’s lineup … Jake pitching today vs Angels @ Peoria … lineup looks “weak” … i thought we didn’t send our starters to china?

  8. 7: I think his height definitely has something to do with it. I think it has a lot to do with his arm angle and release point, as Lynch suggests.

    Tony Clark always had great success against CY because his height negated CY’s height advantage. If someone truly wants to understand CY’s effectiveness, they should interview Clark.

    Of course, now that he’s a Padre, we’ve effectively locked up that source of information for at least a year :-)

  9. OT … check out this picture (from the Dbacks @ Cubs spring game last Saturday) …

    … can you see why the guys is pointing to the #7 spot in the Dbacks lineup?

    The irony is that the Diamondbacks went 6-up-and-6-down in their first 2 ABs and he got shelled in the bottom of the 2nd and relieved … still … pretty fun … and pretty funny to hear the PA guy doing the lineup before the game … he got all tangled up in it :-)

  10. Padre question in Joe Sheehan’s BP chat today:

    I don’t see a half-dozen better options, and I’d rather play almost anyone than Patterson. But a CF who can cover some ground and not be useless at the plate would be welcome.

  11. I agree with Sheehan. I think the Padres are going to have enough offense so playing Patterson everyday (or at least against right-handers) wouldn’t be a terrible thing. Plus Patterson has only played for the Cubs and Orioles, not exactly the greatest places to develop your game. I don’t worry so much about Edmonds fragility (you have to figure he’s going to miss a lot of games) but his ability to play CF — if he can’t handle the position then the Padres are going to be in trouble.

    On someone brought up that it might make sense to trade someone like Kyle Blanks for Coco Crisp. Since Blanks is most likely blocked an won’t have a future in San Diego because of AGon that it makes sense to trade him when you can get something of value for him. Again Crisp isn’t a great hitter but most report that he’s a great fielder.

  12. 12: Nobody has that much offense. We were already near-crippled by a lack of OBP last year. Adding Patterson won’t help. You have to figure Khalil will continue to be a low-OBP, high-power hitter. I’d like to see the projections if 1/3 of our starting lineup everyday has an OBP below .300. Let the Reds deal with him. Dusty loves guys who don’t walk, because they don’t clog the bases. Few worries about that with Patterson. I’m not sure what his playing environment has to do with anything. In Chicago he was a hot prospect, but he was far outshone by Lee, Ramirez, Wood, Zambrano, and others. It’s hard to imagine there was much pressure on him in Baltimore. Both teams gave him multiple full seasons. He wasn’t getting jerked around for time.

    I’m all for a legitimate CF. Crisp would be okay, but he’s not going to want to be Edmond’s backup anymore than he wants to backup Ellsbury in Boston. The Padres might want to wait on Blanks to see if he blows up the Texas League and drives his trade value higher.

    Man, we have a creaky outfield. PMac and Headley are the only ones without significant injury history.

  13. Cedric gets a knock in today’s game, nice to see.

    Oh, and Morton CRUSHED a ball opposite way to pull the Padres within 1 in the bottom of the 8th.

  14. 13: Sometimes you have to make a tradeoff between offense and defense. Since the Padres offense is above average they can afford to play a defense first player in centerfield (which actually might make sense no matter what).

    I wasn’t saying that Patterson was the answer but that he might be a better option then what they have now. As it stands, at the moment, they have no healthy center fielders. Certainly picking one up for a minor league deal is going to cost less then the alternatives. As far as Patterson’s development, the Cubs were the worst organization for him to come up with. He has a problem with his plate discipline and the Cubs teach their players not to walk. The Orioles are probably the poorest run organization in baseball at the moment — playing in that hellhole can’t help out.

  15. 15 … if you have a link that’s a reference for “the Cubs teach their players not to walk”, i’d be interested to read it … i find that assertion hard to believe …

  16. Also, odd in that you’d be fine in trading for Crisp and playing him everyday when he’s actually been worse then Patterson the past two years. I didn’t realize how bad he was in Boston, although he was pretty good in Cleveland so it might be good for him to get out of Boston. Crisp was 268/330/384 and 264/317/385 the past two seasons, if he came here and hit the same, we might be looking at a sub 300 OBP. However that’s the same as khalil and he’s certainly valuable because of his glove at SS. So if Crisp would be worth it then why not Patterson (who would come considerably cheaper)?

  17. Not good results for Peavy nor Hampson today …

    other regretables …

    CS: DaVanon (1, 2nd base by Thompson/Mathis).
    E: Crabbe (1, throw).

  18. 18 … Chad Huffman got a PH appearance … K’d …

    On the bright side, just looking at the box:

    – HRs by Gerut and Morton
    – Bard threw out an Angel trying to steal 2nd
    – Rusch with 3 scoreless innings … 4 Ks

  19. LynchMob, here’s the Cubs ranking in the NL for the past ten years (out of 16 teams): 15/16/16/14/14/6/5/6/12/6. In the previous 5 years (of 14 teams): 13/9/12/9/12. Except for those 4 years (where they still only barely finished in the top half) which were led by Sammy Sosa and Mark Grace, the Cubs have always finished at or near the bottom. Now it’s possible it’s just a coincidence but I think the more likely explanation is that the organization doesn’t value walks.

  20. 15: If you add Patterson to the Padres for 145 games, the offense isn’t above average anymore. I’d probably still rather go with a committee of Gerut/Hairston/Davanon than pay Patterson one dime. And Davanon, now that I think of it, has usually had very good defensive numbers. He was a non-entity at the plate last year, but in his career he hasn’t been an out-making machine.

    The Cubs don’t teach their players to walk? Baker didn’t much like them, but plenty of Chicago prospects have shown the ability. Maybe Patterson, like thousands of players before him, just can’t tell the difference between a ball and a strike.

  21. I don’t know that adding Patterson would kill the offense as much as you’d think. Their offense was their strength last season and they had two out-making positions — SS and 2B. This season, Khalil will still be at SS but they greatly improved 2B. So Patterson (or Crisp) wouldn’t kill the offense unless they were totally awful — as long as they produced 80% of Cameron’s numbers (and he wasn’t that good last season) the offense would be OK. I just don’t think that the guys that you named above would add enough offense to justify the defense they’d be giving away.

    However, this all goes out the window if Hairston can play at least an average CF. I’m not sure how likely that is though.

  22. 17: Crisp was better last year, if slightly. By what measure was Patterson better in 2007?

    Moreover, Crisp has been substantially better for his career. He has more bounce-back potential, because what he’s lost since Cleveland (some batting average and power) could come back. Patterson continues to strike out and avoid walks, which basically cripples him.

    Crisp wouldn’t be one of my top 5 solutions, and as I stated, the Padres might want to hold onto Blanks and see if he increases his value. It’s certainly not a deal I’m agitating for. I’d take Crisp over Patterson every day of the week.

    Patterson is not Greene. Greene still manages a 100 OPS+, much better than Patterson’s 83. They’re not the same AT ALL.

    20: Chicago has brought in free agents who don’t walk, in many cases. They played Nefi Perez, Nomar, Soriano, etc. That’s different than Patterson being taught not to walk as a minor leaguer. I suspect that Patterson could hit anything a minor leaguer threw, so he did, and then before he knew it he was in the majors. He’s 28 this year. He’s probably not going to learn a new behavior.

  23. 22: Let’s wait on “greatly improved” at 2b. NOG was terrible last year, but Iguchi just hasn’t been such a good player that we can pencil in massive improvement. There’s only so far a 100 OPS” bat can take you.

    You’re right, Patterson won’t single-handedly kill the offense. He will bruise it badly – that is, if he could make contact with it.

  24. 24: “You’re right, Patterson won’t single-handedly kill the offense. He will bruise it badly – that is, if he could make contact with it.”

    Classic. That brought a smile to my face (as did the clogging the bases reference earlier). Thanks, TW.

  25. I’d have to agree that outside of acquiring a young studly CF *cough* Reggie Willits *cough*, we’re likely better off using our internal options. Sadly, the word around the ‘tubes is that Willits is untouchable.

    DaVannon might be a solid CF option if Hairston and others fail to handle the position. I’m not familiar with DaVannon’s career, but others on here seem to think that he’d fill the Corey Patterson role without us having to actually go out and acquire him.

    I think Blanks for Crisp is a mistake. However, would anyone do Blanks for Willits (assuming that the Angels would actually deal him, irrespective of who we offer)?

  26. How about the signing of Ramon Nivar ? You can add him to the mix Would you take Ramon Nivar over Corey Patterson ?

  27. From Rob Neyer’s chat today:

    Paul (OC): Could you please offer your opinion on Hairston or Headley in LF and why? If not now for Headley, when would he be ready? Thanks.

    Rob Neyer: I don’t know that Headley should be thrown immediately into an everyday job, having never played an inning of Triple-A. But if the Padres are going to win, Headley will have to finish the season with at least 450 PA for them. He’s almost 24 so there’s little reason to delay his arrival.

  28. 11: I think it’s kind of funny that he rails against the outfield defense, then suggests acquiring one of the worst defensive centerfielders in baseball to fix that. Beyond that, sure, they could use a healthy upgrade, but it’s unclear which solution would be the best, or even if any particular solution is better than the status quo.

  29. 23: I wasn’t saying that Patterson was better then Crisp last season but that he’s been better over the past two seasons combined. They’ve both been below average but Crisp has been awful in 2006 and 2007 (especially 2006) while Patterson was close to average in 2006 (94 OPS+ which is probably good enough for a CF). The only reason I wanted to pick up Patterson is that he would come very cheaply (only half the salary at most of Crisp plus you wouldn’t have to give up anyone for him). Remember this is only cover for Edmonds if he’s either hurt most of the season or can’t handle CF defensively anymore.

    24: Probably “greatly” improve was wishful thinking. Iguchi should be able to better the 247/320/342 that Padre 2B hit last season though.

    29: Are you referring to Edmonds as one of the worst defensive CF in baseball?

  30. Personally, I’d like to see the Padres pick up a prospect that can be ready to play CF by 2009. We’re pretty set at most of our positions looking toward the next couple of years. (Assuming Headley learns to play LF). I just would rather not see the Padres having to shop for somebody else’s throw-away CF every off-season. Call me sentimental, but I’d be willing to give Gwynn Jr. some time in CF this year…

  31. 30: Nope, I was referring to Gary Matthews, Jr., who was the worst CF in baseball last year by Plus/Minus and was near the bottom by UZR.

  32. I think the CF of the future is Matt Antonelli. The Padres have already shown that they think they can easily find someone to play 2B (Towers said as much when he traded Barfield for Kouz) so a move for Antonelli wouldn’t be that surprising. He supposedly has the athleticism to play CF which is probably a more important position to fill (plus I’ve read numerous times that the shelf life of 2B isn’t very long although that might be just because they aren’t as good as players as the rest of the guys on the field).

  33. 31: I think we have plenty of CF canidates in the system for 09′ like
    Cedric Hunter or Will Venable.

    Does anyone have any other updates about Hairston other than the UT article? I know they were making a last minute decision about his trip to China, anyone know if he went? It sounded like he got drilled pretty hard, I hope he doesn’t miss any significant time.

  34. 30: Whatever Patterson might bring to the Padres, he’s a Red. And I’m glad.

    33: They’re apparently leaving Antonelli at 2b. If they were going to move him, he’d play CF in Portland, which I think Sandy Alderson said is not the plan.

    31: Yeah, Hunter’s not gonna be ready in 2009. He’ll be in High A, and it would be surprising if they promoted him mid-season given his age. And Venable is probably not a CF.

  35. 35 (31) meant 34. Geez, lay off the wine.

  36. #35 Totally agree –in 2009 at least one of these talented youngsters (Hunter,Venable, Antonelli) will make a big time splash…problem is we need decent stop gap options like yesterday. If we can get Crisp in here it would be fantastic. The guy can flat out play defense and I think a lower pressure environment like San Diego would result in better offensive number.

    Brad Wilkerson or Kenny Lofton look like pretty good insurance when you consider the lot we have vying for the job now (Edmonds is done) …of course the one saving grace is decent to good play from Hairston in center field and a Chase Headley rookie of the year type play which in my mind is fairly possible.

  37. I guess we are going to find out what the Padres contingency plans are for CF. In theory, Hairston would be the backup and start against left-handers, but he’s never played CF and came up as a 2B. Davanon has played CF 43% of time, Gerut 9%, Hairston less then 1%. That should inspire anyone with confidence. Crisp, Willits, Haynes (or some other player of that type) isn’t that much better then Patterson, especially considering the cost. To get Crisp or Willits, they are going to have to give up something. We don’t want another Todd Walker situation, do we?

  38. 32: Are you kidding? He’s Gold Glove-caliber. Just ask the Hud-man or OC sportswriters.

  39. 33: Completely agree. Second base is an easier and cheaper position to fill than center field. If Antonelli can handle center, which most people seem to think he can, it makes sense to let him play the most demanding defensive position he can handle.

  40. 40. If Antonelli had showed promise in Center field, would they have pulled the plug so quickly? He may have looked extremely bad, during the work outs.

  41. 37: Crisp’s wrist injury seems a more likely cause for his offensive drop. He does have some bounce-back potential, but there are a lot of players I’d rather have. At this point in their careers Wilkerson and Lofton are no more CF than our current candidates. If you want them for their bats, that’s different, but they’re not competent defenders in center.

    38: I’m just as confident in their ability to play CF as I am in Patterson’s bat.

    40: It might have made sense to switch him to CF right after he was drafted. It makes less sense to ask him to play his 3rd position in 3 seasons as a pro, when he’s still going to need to consolidate the offensive improvements he made last year. In general I agree that a team which sees 2b as a plug/play position should funnel prospects to more demanding positions, but that ship has sailed in Antonelli’s case.

  42. Jay Payton. Pretty good hitter against LHP, which we need anyway, even if Edmonds gets and stays healthy. Consistently very good numbers in CF. Unwanted in Baltimore.

  43. I’m going to be down working in Rancho Bernardo on Wednesday, April 9th … I think I’ll be “done” in time to make it up to the Storm game (6:08pm start time) … … anyone else?

  44. Chase with a 3-run double off Lincecum in the 1st inning today …

  45. 45 … on the other side, the current box score shows that both KG and Ambres have come to the plate with the bases loaded in both the 1st and 2nd innings and are a combined 0-for-4 between them … just sayin’ …