OBG08: Heath Bell

Heath BellIn his first full big-league season, Heath Bell dominated in every sense of the word. Bell’s stuff is closer-worthy, and he may get the opportunity to save some games in ’08 when Trevor Hoffman needs a breather.

The one concern I have with Bell is that he was worked extremely hard last year. It’s impossible to say whether this will affect him in the short or long run. What we do know is that if healthy, Bell is legit: 80 IP, 2.49 ERA.

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  1. In case you guys haven’t seen this, Padres agree on contract with Clark:


    Bell – 84IP 2.65ERA

  2. 89IP 2.53 ERA 12 Saves (Takes some of the load from Trevor in July and Aug)

  3. It’s hard to put up ERA’s under 3.00 in multiple years out of the pen where luck can play suck a big role in your results:

    3.02ERA 88IP

  4. 77 IP, 3.33 ERA, 66Ks, 9 saves

  5. Beyond The Boxscore has a Padres review:


    Very complimentary, which is nice.

  6. 84 innings, 2.85 era, 90 k’s

    This guy is really one of my favorite Padres.

  7. 85 IP 2.25 ERA his stuff is just tooo nasty. The way he pitched in the playoff with the Rockies was just sick.

  8. OT … nice David Freese update from the del.icio.us links …


    … I’m gonna keep rootin’ for him!

  9. 1: I was never that keen on the pursuits of Sweeney and Clark because I thought the Padres had enough in-house candidates to be the backup at first in P-Mac, Myrow, and Sinisi. Still the Clark signing will prevent Arizona from using him to beat CY silly, and it also makes it all the more likely that we won’t have to worry about Bob Fick making the team. Now about left field…

  10. Anyone want to take a flyer on Corey Patterson as our 4th OF/Edmonds replacement? He had a good second half, plays some good defense. Could be a cheap one year signing.

    I still wouldn’t mind seeing an innings eater for the rotation what with the chances that we will need some innings to guard against an injury to CY and failure in the 5th spot of the rotation.

  11. 79IP 3.53 ERA 85 K’s.

  12. 83 IP, 2.47 ERA, 92 K’s.

  13. 10 – I think the main problem with Sinisi/PMac/Myrow at 1B is they’re all lefties. They’re looking for a righty to compliment Adrian.

    Otherwise, I completely agree.

  14. I am not counting on it, and I am not sure how much the Pads management is counting on it, but it would be great if Tony Clark could play 10-15 games in left field w/o being too much of a liability.

  15. 11: I vote no on Patterson, yes on a SP.

    15: I bet the Padres are counting on that happening None times. Agree it would be great if he had a little more position flexibility, but he’s here for his stick. Start him 2x a month at first base, scheduled around a regular open date so Agon gets two days off in a row twelve times.

  16. With 10 precincts reporting: 83 IP, 2.76 ERA, 87 K.

    Regarding Clark in the outfield, his entire big-league experience there consists of 2 innings in LF for the Mets in ’03. My guess is that they ran out of players. My other guess is that’s the only reason we’ll ever see him out there in a Padres uni as well.

  17. 70 IP, 2.50 ERA, 80 K

  18. 75 IP 2.93 ERA