Friday Links (22 Feb 08)

Weather permitting, we’ve got a meetup tonight at Tony Gwynn Stadium. As of this writing, the rain is coming down pretty good in my neck of the woods, so stay tuned. I’ll keep everyone updated in the comments.

Also, my proof copy of the Ducksnorts 2008 Baseball Annual arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Ducksnorts and I are going to read through it over the weekend, and assuming everything checks out, this thing should be ready for public consumption on Monday.

Finally, if I sent you an invite to the Ducksnorts Fantasy Baseball League, please respond by 11:59 p.m. PT on Friday. If I haven’t heard from you by then, I’ll open up the remaining spots to others who have expressed an interest. Once the first league has been filled, I’ll open up the second one.

If you haven’t heard from me yet, you will be receiving an invite over the weekend. If the weekend passes and you still haven’t heard from me, then something went wrong and you’ll need to get in touch with me.

Enough of that. We’ve got linkage, and lots of it:

Man, that was too many links. Still, if you’re a real glutton, we’ve got more linky goodness over at Rock on…

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  1. 50 … you, sir, are a ducksnorty jerk … i *like* it!!! :-)

  2. 51: Not my favorite line from the movie, but the only appropriate one.

    Had to be sure to change my name back, although I’m sure there are some who feel that The Jerk would be more descriptive.

  3. #52: You could take a little poetic license: “That’s all I need. The ashtray, the remote control, the paddle game, this book and the chair.” I’d be honored to have the Annual mentioned with those other fine objects. ;-)

  4. 53: And I don’t need one other thing, except my dog.

    (Dog Barks Angrily)

    I don’t need my dog.

    This is totally OT, and I’m sure she owes much of it to modern medicine, but 60 year old Bernadette Peters looks awfully good.

  5. 49 … thanks … now i see the massive caveat on page 88 … missed that on my first glance thru the book following download … so … now i wonder how much of a help or distraction that is … for “comps” to players whose 2007 was significantly down from their peak performance, it’s going to be a distraction … i’ll see if i get used to it as i spend more time with this section of the book …

    btw, i posted a comment at gaslampball pointing to lulu … i’ll shoot off a few emails … let’s spread the word!

  6. #55: Cool. I’d love to hear your thoughts after you’ve had a chance to “live with” the concept for a while. May be that this needs tweaking. Everything is open to rethinking.

    And thanks for getting the word out for me. As always, it’s much appreciated!

  7. College Update:

    After taking two of three from USD, San Diego State has debuted in BA’s top 25 ranking at #22. USD dropped to #17 from #11.

    Game 4 is going on right now, SDSU 2 USD 0 Bot. 1.

  8. 57 … go get ‘em, TG!

    The gaslampball dudes recently posted the link to this UT article …

    … which is a no-fluff Q&A with the SDSU coach.

  9. 57 … oh, and btw, there’s probably and extra spot that’s going to open up in the Top 25 … Oregon State didn’t look good over the weekend … so … unless Arizona State is a runaway #1 (which they might be), OSU’s likely currently overrated … but then again, I thought that last year at this time also … Go Beavs! :-)

  10. Update:

    SDSU 3 USD 0 Bot. 6

  11. Tony Gwynn’s boys have taken 3 of 4. Game 4 SDSU 7 USD 1, FINAL.