Friday Links (15 Feb 08)

Food safety tip: “carpaccio” is Italian for “sashimi,” which is Japanese for “it ain’t cooked.” Just so you know.

Super quick links today. You provide the commentary…

Happy Friday!

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  1. Another link, from MLB Trade Rumor’s Tim Dierkes.

    I’d take any of the Milwaukee starters at a reasonable price. They all have pretty good strikeout numbers and were hurt by Milwaukee’s brutal defense. The problem in dealing with Milwaukee is they have near-zero need for position players. Would they deal a SP for BP and/or bench help, plus a prospect like Hundley?

    Of course that supposes that we have any interest in acquiring a SP, which seems to be untrue.

  2. 1: I’d do a Cameron and Hundley for Capuano type deal.

  3. Re: 2 but I dont think the Brewers would…

  4. Yeah we’re not a good match with the Brewers at all anymore. The only guys who would really help them are Peavy and CY who the Padres aren’t dealing.

    Meanwhile the only guys they have who would really help in SD are Braun, Hart and Gallardo who they aren’t dealing.

  5. 3: I dunno. I think the Brewers have a legit bullpen need. Their OF is completely backed up. Not really sure what else we have that we could deal (not like we have any 2Bs in the system aside from Antonelli).

  6. I know they need BP help but I dont think Cameron would be the guy they are looking for. He had a good season last year but most of it was in non-pressure situations. Hundley is nice but he’s not exactly a top prospect. I think its like what mark said, “Yeah we’re not a good match with the Brewers at all anymore.”