Free Download: Excerpts from Ducksnorts 2008 Baseball Annual

Okay, I said there wouldn’t be any more updates about the book until it hit the virtual bookshelves, but today I’m making a brief exception. The 28-page free download Excerpts from Ducksnorts 2008 Baseball Annual is now available:

And for those who may have missed it the first time, we also have an insanely detailed look at the entire book. This should whet your appetite a little, I hope. Get the word out, folks — global domination is nigh at hand.

Or at least the baseball season, anyway…

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  1.’s Jon Heyman ranks the 10 best GM’s in Baseball. Your very own Kevin Towers clocks in with a Tie for 10th with Ken Williams of the Chicago White Sox.

  2. Very cool Jeff…

    Did y’all see that Jim Edmonds trained to be a SWAT officer this off season?

  3. Okay, that was a bit misleading…he actually did SWAT officer taining for his conditioning…but made you look, right?

  4. 2: Nice story but it doesn’t say he’s in the best shape of his life, so I’m skeptical :)

    Another guy who stepped up his workout is Paul McAnulty:
    Is that a recent picture? He’s looking pretty athletic there. As fun as it is to see a chubby guy go out there and hit you have to think a trim and muscular body can only help. It sounds like P Mac is very much aware this might be his last shot with the Padres. I really hope he doesn’t get released.

    Thanks for the preview Geoff. Not that most of need any convincing to buy the book…

  5. Apologies to CM, but according to Corey Brock, Khalil is saying, “there’s nowhere else where I would want to play than San Diego.”

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future. I would imagine that we’ll be seeing more extension talk next off-season.

  6. If I’m KG, I think I take it to FA and hope there is a Furcal type deal out there(3/39)…..maybe he takes 3/30 instead from San Diego, but he has no real incentive to stay other then he knows his teammates.


  7. Clint Barmes was the best fielding shortstop in baseball from 02′-05′? Number 2 is A-rod which surprised me a little bit. The Worst? I’ll give you a hint he has 3 Gold Gloves to A-rod’s 2 and is the reason Mr. Rod now plays 3rd base! If you click on the New York Post link within the AP article I linked to you can read some pretty hilarious Yankee’s fan comments about how what Jeter brings to the table in “intangibles” and “clutchness” can’t be “quantified with statistics.”

  8. OT … reports this today …

    … reliever Scott Linebrink will wear 71 in honor of San Diego bullpen catcher Mark Merila, who’s battling brain cancer.

  9. 6: I think maybe they can get 3/30 or 4/40 next off season. I really do think that San Diego is a place where he’s comfortable and he’s developed a comfortable relationship with the team and the media in the area. I hope lik ehell that he’s still amenable to a long-term deal at close to market value next year. Hopefully we can do a 3/27 or 4/35 – 40 type deal. With Antonelli at second next year, it’s crucial to keep that IF together as long as possible.

  10. 8: That’s very cool of Linebrink. I hope he has a good season.

  11. 6: If he would rather play in San Diego than anywhere else, then he does have incentive to stay with the Padres.

  12. 1: That list is sort of a joke, considering that Pat Gillick is horrible, Brian Cashman is overrated and most of the others are in big markets where much of their savvy comes from have a big budget to work with.

    Is there a manager who does more with less than Towers? Haven’t the Padres been clearly better than the Athletics in the past three to five seasons?

  13. 10: That’s so great to see him say he wants to stay here long term. I really think he went with the two-year deal so that he could have additional leverage next year. Regardless, the team needs him to be successful and he seems to like it here, regardless of how PETCO may kill his game.

  14. Dan O’Dowd with the Rockies

  15. sorry 15 was in regards to 13

  16. 13 – Yeah I didn’t really agree with the list either, but I figured I’d put it out there anyways..

  17. Steve…The Rockies got in last year b/c of a winning streak that can’t be counted on again…that and Trevor’s 5+ ERA in his last 20, yes twenty, outings.

    As far as KG goes, I am rooting hard for him to have a big season this year. I don’t see 3/30 being enough. The $12-14mm range is what SS are getting these days and I can’t see the Pads going there. I guess I don’t get too excited over players wanting to “end their career as a *insert team name here*”. I am cool with KG manning SS until we can find a suitable replacement.

  18. Re: 18 Look at the talent O’Dowd has brought in via the draft and small trades. The rockies made the world series on a shoestring budget, you still need to have talent to get there.

  19. I don’t disagree with you Steve…he has done a good job, but one season doth not a genius make. When he can have a repeatable event (i.e. making the play-offs 3 of 5 years or finishing higher than 4th in a weak division more than once in the last 10 seasons) we can start talking about his genius.

    I think he has the potential for a very good team, but I am guessing that this season will be a bit of a disappointment for them. The NL West seems to be a big conglomeration of deeply flawed, but competitive teams. Throw out the Giants and you have 4 teams that you could easily make the case for.

    Just color me skeptical…big shocker, eh? The sad part about all of this is that in everything else in life I am a HUGE happy go lucky guy…but in baseball, I seem to be a bit of a realist/pessimist. I wonder why.

  20. 13: No, the Padres haven’t been clearly better than the A’s the last 3-5 years. From 2003 to now the win totals favor Oakland every season except 2007, and Oakland was playing in a rough division.

    If you just want to include the Petco area, the A’s have still been better each year but 2007. They beat us by an average of 4 wins from 04-06 before falling behind by 13 last season.

    All GMs have flaws. How horrible can Gillick be when his Seattle teams averaged 90+ wins and topped out at 116? He built a lot of very good teams in Toronto, with two world champs and five playoff appearances (all in the two-division format). He even won in Baltimore.

  21. 19, 20: I agree with both of you. O’Dowd has made some shrewd moves very recently, but he’s also the guy who handed out the Hampton and Neagle contracts.

    Similarly on KT, if we’re going to give him credit for succeeding under budget limitations from 04-07, we can’t simply ignore all of the 99-03 period. Part of his recent success is that other people are now handling the parts of the job he wasn’t so good at before.