Contest: Guess the Padres’ 2008 Opening Day Roster

In honor of the Padres’ first Cactus League game (a charity event against the Mariners @ 12:05 p.m. PT, XM 180), and to celebrate the release of the Ducksnorts 2008 Baseball Annual, it’s time for the second annual Ducksnorts “Guess the Padres’ Opening Day Roster” contest. Here’s how it works:

  • Submit your guess via the handy contact form or leave it in the comments. Identify the 25 players you think will break camp with the big club.
  • Include the name of the player you think will score the Padres’ first run of the 2008 season; this will be used in the event of a tie. If the tie still cannot be broken, my wife will pick names from a hat. I know it’s not the most scientific method, but I want to keep this simple and get as many people involved as possible.
  • Entries are due by Sunday, March 9, 2008, 11:59 p.m. PT. There is no fee; anyone is welcome to play. One submission per person, please.
  • Results will be tabulated on opening day; whoever gets the highest percentage of correct names wins a copy of the Ducksnorts 2008 Baseball Annual.
  • I’ll be participating for fun. If I should win, the book goes to our first runner-up.

Any questions? If not, start sending your guesses and we’ll go from there. Have fun, and good luck!

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  1. Corey Brock posted a link to his blog which has today’s lineup …

    Corey … why no Matt Antonelli yesterday nor today?

  2. The picture in this article really makes me chuckle:

    I’ll do my lineup soon.

    And thanks for the tip about the game being on XM! So stoked!

  3. No local radio for today’s game. #2. Antonelli played most of the intrasquad game Thursday. Plus, it only makes more sense that they want to look more at Robles at this point.

  4. Here are some details about yesterday’s game:

    Hopefully K-Cam and Hampson aren’t too banged up.

  5. 4 … thanks for the link! Here’s some “bad news” from that article …

    Two relievers yesterday were scratched from today’s game: Justin Hampson (shoulder tightness) and Kevin Cameron (hamstring strain).

    … let’s hope these fall into the category of “meaningless / routine spring training aches / pains” …

  6. 3 … no, it’s not obvious to me that they want to look at Robles more than Antonelli … is that because they’ve already decided Antonelli will be going to AAA? If that’s the case, then I understand and agree … but no one’s said that … so it’s not obvious …

    Also, if looking at Robles is so important, then why not put him at SS? It seems like Antonelli can and should be getting as many innings and ABs as possible at either 2B or CF … and so he could playing today instead of either DaVanon or Roqriquez.

    I do not doubt that the Padres have a plan … I’m just asking what the plan is …

  7. 6. With the Iguchi signing, I think it’s a foregone conclusion Antonelli will open the season in Portland. The team hasn’t said that but then why would they? The Padres are trying to sift through their muddled reserve infield/bench situation, which makes looking at Robles and guys like Crabbe, Stansberry and Edgar Gonzalez more important early in camp.

  8. I just finished my predictions a few days ago in an article entitled “SPRING TRAINING POSITION BATTLES”. Here’s the link but I’ll submit my predictions below as well.

    I have a few surprises and I’m certain at least one of the middle relievers is going to have a minor injury and start the season on the DL, which will open it up for someone like Paul Abraham, Mauro Zarate, or Enrique Gonzalez. Since Hampson is having some issues, I’ll guess that he starts on the DL and Gonzalez makes the club.

    I’ll also guess that Iguchi will score the first run of the season.’s roster prediction for Opening Day

    Starting Rotation:
    1. Jake Peavy
    2. Chris Young
    3. Greg Maddux
    4. Randy Wolf
    5. Tim Stauffer

    6 (Long Relief) Enrique Gonzalez
    7 (Middle Relief) Carlos Guevara
    8 (Middle Relief) Cla Meredith
    9 (Middle Relief) – Joe Thatcher
    10 (Set-Up 7th Inn.) Kevin Cameron
    11 (Set-Up 8th inn.) Heath Bell
    12 (Closer) Trevor Hoffman

    Starting Lineup:
    RF Jody Gerut
    2B Tadahito Iguchi
    3B Kevin Kouzmanoff
    1B Adrian Gonzalez
    CF Jim Edmonds
    SS Khalil Greene
    LF Scott Hairston
    C Josh Bard

    C Michael Barrett
    1B Tony Clark
    IF Edgar Gonzalez
    OF Jeff Davanon
    UTL Callix Crabbe

    OF Brian Giles
    RHP Mark Prior
    RHP Clay Hensley
    LHP Justin Hampson

  9. 7 … THANKS! Ya, I don’t expect the Padres to say what their plans are … so we’re all just trying to play/guess along … thanks for helping me/us do that.

    So, with needing to make critical decisions on Robles, Crabbe, Stansberry, and Edgar Gonzalez, how/why does Luis Rodriguez get a start today? He’s a name I’m not familiar with … but I guess you’re saying that he’s in the “guys like” category …

    Also, this note from yesterday’s game bum’d me …

    Utility catcher Robert Fick threw out Callix Crabbe attempting to steal, and singled.

    … in other words, I think I’m more bum’d that Crabbe couldn’t steal on Fick than I’m pleased that Fick could throw out Crabbe …

  10. LynchMob: I liked your last line about Crabbe and Fick. That made me laugh. I forgot to mention Luis Rodriguez. I think he’s in that class with Robles, Crabbe, Stansberry and Gonzalez. They’ve scheduled two “B” games next week so that will give a lot of these guys more at-bats early on.

  11. GY … an easy “tie breaker” would be “earliest submitted” … has gotten things off to a good start … and his roster should have to be beaten, ie. not just tied, for it not to win.

  12. #9: Yeah, Rodriguez is in the mix. Basically the Pads need to fill the spot vacated by Blum. We claimed Rodriguez off waivers in October; see org tree.

  13. #11: Actually, I’ve received three submissions so far.

  14. 10 … ah, the “B” games … I’m going to be in AZ next week … how do I find out when and where the “B” games are?

    I’m interested to see how these battles evolve! I think the backup SS job is very critical … and right now I have no idea who is the front-runner for that job … Robles? I just don’t know much about Rodriquez and Gonzalez …

  15. LM: Getting that today, I’ll have it up on my notes later today on the Padres website.

  16. 15 … that’d be GREAT, thanks!

    12 … OK, Luis Rodriquez was claimed on waivers after 10 seasons in the Twins org … … gotta like those BB/K ratios … more BBs than Ks is always a good thing in my book … he’s played some SS (ex. full season in AA) … he seems like a good player to have in the mix … he will make the spring work more competitive … a good thing.

  17. Re: 8 Stauffer in the 5 spot gutsy call! I always liked Tim and I hope your right!

  18. 17 … I’m a big Stauffer fan as well … so that’s who I’m rooting for … and the way he finished at AAA last year is what give me hope for his 2008 …

    According to several reports, Estes is the “early favorite” (ex. ) … then there’s also this report which names Estes as KT’s “sleeper” pick for the #5 spot ( ).

  19. Corey, I just wanted to say thanks to you (and Geoff) for always keeping up with new material on the Pads. You’ve been pretty busy over at

  20. I can’t stand Stauffer and biased opinion aside I say there is no way in hell he makes this club as the 5th starter. Realistically I think it’s Estes or Rusch but I see them going with LeBlanc before Stauffer.

  21. OT, I’ve got a fantasy baseball preview of the Padres in the debut issue of Roster Magazine. Mostly review material for y’all, but check out the rest of the mag. Some good stuff here.

  22. 19. You bet, dude. Hit me up anytime. I’m here to help. First pitch underway here … DaVanon caught looking.

  23. Jeff DaVanon caught looking on a 3-2 pitch from Jarrod Washburn to start the game.

  24. Starting Rotation

    1. Jake Peavy
    2. Chris Young
    3. Greg Maddux
    4. Randy Wolf
    5. Shawn Estes. Not because he’s good, just because he’ll get the job.


    6. Enrique Gonzalez
    7. Glendon Rusch
    8. Cla Meredith
    9. Joe Thatcher
    10. Mauro Zarate
    11 Heath Bell
    12 Trevor Hoffman

    Starting Lineup

    13. RF OG
    14. 2B Iguchi
    15. 3B Kouzmanoff
    16. 1B Gonzalez
    17. SS Khalil Greene
    18. CF Jim Edmonds
    19. LF Scott Hairston
    20. C Josh Bard


    21. Michael Barrett
    22. Tony Clark
    23. Jody Gerut
    24. Jeff Davanon
    25. Callix Crabbe


    Carlos Guevara (even if he’s not really hurt, a common tactic with Rule 5 picks)
    Mark Prior
    Clay Hensley
    Justin Hampson
    Kevin Cameron (or optioned to Portland)

  25. 20: It’s not that I can’t stand Stauffer; he was a stand-up guy after he was drafted and he hasn’t behaved unprofessionally as far as I know.

    But some Ducksnorts posters have a better chance of being the 5th starter on Opening Day than he does.

  26. Headley just snagged a line drive by Ichiro going to his knees. Well done.

  27. Corey, how did Headley look on the ball that Ichiro hit?

  28. Okay, I should post my list. Here goes:

    SP: Peavy, Young, Maddux, Wolf, Estes
    RP: Hoffman, Bell, Meredith, Cameron, Hampson, Thatcher, Guevara
    C: Bard, Barrett
    INF: Gonzalez, Iguchi, Kouzmanoff, Greene, Clark, Robles
    OF: Hairston, Edmonds, Giles, Gerut, DaVanon

  29. Headley looked good, battled what appears to be a tough sun.

  30. #29: Thanks, Corey. Meanwhile, Bard just nailed a runner at second.

  31. 26, 29 … are one or both of you guys in Peoria? … or is the game on TV? … or on

  32. 28 … don’t forget to guess who scores the first run … but then again, I guess you’re not worried about the tie breaker ;-)

  33. #32: I should follow my own rules, huh? ;-) I’ll be crazy and go with Peavy. 8)

  34. I’m in Peoria covering the team. Geoff: Nice throw by Bard, though LaHair won’t be confused for Ichiro anytime soon!

  35. 27 … Tom Krasovic must also be on-site and blog’ing today’s game … here’s his view of Chase’s OF play and 1st AB today …

  36. I’ve got XM. I was stunned that Bard threw someone out. Heat’s in.

  37. Preseason Game #1 and we’re gettin’ some IGD … winter is *OVER*, baby!!! Keep those cards & letters comin’!

  38. 24, 31, 32: Aaarggh. Newman!

    First Padre run will be scored by OG.

  39. Hey GY I forgot to give you the first run, can you put me doen for Adrian, Thanks!

  40. I really think Stauffer is moved by the Padres before the season begins. A fresh start for everyone is better off, to send him to Portland for a fourth year – and take a spot of a better prospect in the rotation would be a bad move.

    Also I think many of the guys coming from San Antonio are better than him.

  41. I’ll be quite unoriginal with mine…

    C Josh Bard
    C Michael Barrett
    1B Adrian Gonzalez
    1B Tony Clark
    2B Tadahito Iguchi
    SS Khalil Greene
    IF Callix Crabbe
    3B Kevin Kouzmanoff
    LF Scott Hairston
    CF Jim Edmonds
    RF Brian Giles
    OF Chase Headley
    OF Paul McAnulty
    SP Jake Peavy
    SP Chris Young
    SP Greg Maddux
    SP Randy Wolf
    SP Justin Germano
    RP Justin Hampson
    RP Michael Gardner
    RP Kevin Cameron
    RP Joe Thatcher
    RP Cla Meredith
    RP Heath Bell
    RP Trevor Hoffman

  42. SP: Peavy, Young, Maddux, Wolf, Germano
    RP: Hoffman, Bell, Meredith, Cameron, Hampson, Thatcher, Ledezma
    C: Bard, Barrett
    INF: Gonzalez, Iguchi, Kouzmanoff, Greene, Clark, Robles
    OF: Hairston, Edmonds, Giles, Gerut, Davannon

    This sucks…mine is almost identical to Geoff’s…only 3 differences.

    Oh yea and Kouz will score the first run with a bomb.

  43. Myrow, batting for Kouz, drives home two with a single. Scrubs coming in now — Venable, Sinisi…

  44. Anybody still want Andruw Jones?

    He raised some eyebrows reporting to camp at 240 pounds. But he assured new manager Joe Torre he’ll lose it as the season progresses.

  45. Oh, and the first run will be Kouzmanoff.

  46. P-Mac now in left, Macias in right.

  47. Crabbe evidently getting a look at shortstop.

  48. P-Mac on scrub team? :(

  49. 44 … careful, GY … calling Venable a ‘scrub’ seems harsh at this point … some of are hoping he’s got one last shot at being a ‘prospect’ …

    And Sinisi had a good winter, numbers-wise … he’s not in the mix at all here in the spring (at least he’s not in anyone’s buzz) … but I’m rooting for him to light AAA Portland on fire and be one of the guys that makes a contribution to the 2008 Padres … mark the tape!