Slugging Pitchers

Amaze and annoy your friends with this handy list of pitchers who have hit two or more home runs in a Padres uniform…

  1. Tim Lollar, 8 (and only 3 sacrifice hits)
  2. Mike Corkins, 5
  3. Joey Hamilton, 4
  4. Andy Benes, 4
  5. Eric Show, 4
  6. Jake Peavy, 2
  7. Adam Eaton, 2 (and 5 stolen bases)
  8. Fernando Valenzuela, 2 (and 0 walks)
  9. Calvin Schiraldi, 2 (in 32 plate appearances)
  10. Jimmy Jones, 2
  11. Tom Griffin, 2 (and 0 walks)
  12. Dave Roberts, 2

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  1. I remember that when Tim Lollar came to the plater, there was a sense that a hitter was on the job … alas, not much plate disipline … but 1982 was a great year for him … ERA+ = 111 (in 232 IP) … and OPS+ = 92 (in 85 ABs) …

    … and I do remember that by the time the post-season of 1984 rolled around, he was done … he was fastball-only … and even that fastball had lost the up off the gitty …

    Hmmm … most similar at age 27 = Erik Bedard … think about that!

  2. Before I read this post there was a 100% chance I would never have thought of Calvin Schiraldi and his terrible moustache for the rest of my life

  3. The MadFriars have posted a Top-15 Prospects list that looks *right-on* to me …

    What I like about this list is that it provides a measure of potential and probability … Kyle Blanks, for example, is rated at a 30% chance of being an Elite Player …

  4. One more note from the MadFriars … this Q&A was from about a month ago …

    Q: Anyone know the status of Carrillo? Is he throwing yet?

    A: He is and should be back sometime in May in Portland

  5. Re: 3 hmm interesting that they put Hunter over Blanks, I guess maybe because Hunter is a CF?

  6. It looks like I am no longer the only Pads fan thinking it is time to seriously discuss the market for Khalil…

    If he is truly uninterested in signing a long-term pact with the Pads and wants to be closer to his family in the East, then it is time to evaluate the market…probably does not make too much sense to move until next off-season, but would be reasonable for some preliminary looks to be given.

    Would the Mets be interested? That would free them up to trade Reyes to Minn for Santana…would the Nationals be interested? Tampa?

    Who has youngish SS’s to send back?

  7. Re: 6 I would love to get Reid Brignac from Tampa Bay, one of the few young shortstops with power, and then Khalil could be happy back in Florida as well. Only problem is that the Rays are not looking to compete for another year or two, which is when Khalil’s contract runs up.

    Another possibility is Pittsburgh, if we could pick up Jack Wilson and MLB ready OF prospect Steve Pearce, although we’d probably have to throw in a pitching prospect, but it’d be worth it.

  8. Re: 7 that seems the most viable option.

    Unless the pads hold on to Greenie to see where they are at, at the deadline.

  9. I remember a upper deck blast that Lollar hit off of Mike Scott @ Shea (’82 Pads v Mets ? )

  10. 7: Pearce is a corner OF. That’s not really an area of concern. He’s a good-looking young hitter, no question, but he’s a 24 year old (almost 25) converted 1b who looks to have mid-range power. We already have players like that, including Headley. Pearce doesn’t seem to be worth getting more expensive and worse at SS.

    KG is valuable enough that lots of teams will want him, not just teams that think they might be able to sign him when he’s finished with arbitration. We’ll probably get more for him (if he’s traded) if we deal with teams that have big SS holes and think of themselves as serious contenders.

  11. i would be stunned if the team traded khalil this year. as i said over the weekend, i think its in everyones best interest to revisit these talks next year. peronsal circumstances in khalils life certainly could be different next year. i dont think he dislikes the team or the city, i think hes just worried aboutbhis parents.

  12. re 11. i agree thats prolly the best option is to wait it out, what really scares me tho is the strong possibility of greenie messing himself up (broken fingers, toes etc..) and those long slumps he goes thru….waiting a year could be just as harmful to his trade value if he doesnt re-sign with us.

    but if he plays well and we re-sign him i mean thats better right?

    i cant decide what would be better/worse here.

    it makes me horribly nervous without a decent ss in the minors

  13. I certainly would look at trading Khalil after this season as I suspect he’s not a player that’s going to age well. He’s also 28 this season so I think that if he’s not going to sign an extension, why not trade him as they’ve probably already got the prime of his career.

  14. 11/12 agreeing with the above: hold on to Khalil for the year at least, unless an overwhelming offer emerges.

    What I’m not buying is the oft repeated phrase that he may want to be closer to family on the east coast. I’m sure being in San Diego with his new wife is a real hardship for a 27 yr old. Let’s just say it: his agent can read the home and road stats and imagines what his value might be playing in different parks.

  15. A followup from yesterday’s post about college schedules … youse guyse in SD have a chance to go see one of the primier college pitchers this year … Brian Matusz, lhp, San Diego … projected by BA to be a Top-5 draft pick in June …

    It’s my understanding that he’d be the “Friday pitcher” … ie. most colleges play a 3-game series (Fri+Sat+Sun) … and their #1/#2/#3 starters go on those days … so … watch for a Friday game to get out an see him … first opportunity looks to be @ San Diego State …

    Day: Friday
    Date: Feb. 22, 2008
    Location: San Diego, CA @ SDSU
    Time: 6:00 p.m. PT

  16. 14: Khalil’s a different breed of cat. It wouldn’t bother me if he was looking for the biggest payday, but he certainly doesn’t appear to be motivated solely by that.

    I believe the “health issues” Towers spoke of concern Greene’s family. They seem to be very close; his family moved to SC when he started at Clemson. I think I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt if he wants to be closer to people he loves who might be ill.

  17. 16: Agreed. I think everyone who is playing the “Khalil hates PETCO” bit is probably overstating his concerns. The fact of the matter is that Khalil is incredibly close to his family and it has been reported before that his father has had health issues in the past. As I said, I think the best move is to stand-pat for now and see if a deal could be worked out next off-season. Things could certainly change by then that would influence Khalil’s decision one way or another.

    That said, if the Padres are absolutely bowled over by a deal, they should pull the trigger. But it would have to be one hell of a deal with a decent return at SS. I think a lot of people under-estimate what Khalil does for our team, and I certainly think losing him would be a difficult skill set to replace.

  18. It would rain the day after the Chargers lose….now we are just left to sit inside and mope haha. The Padres tiebreaker loss was so much more heartbreaking for me even though I love the Chargers….I had just so much invested in that roller coaster game.

    I wrote a post in my blog about the terrible luck SD has in championship game opponents..check it out

  19. 2 … methinks 100% is an overestimate … especially given that I’ve read Calvin Schiraldi’s name 2 times just today …

    Clemens wasn’t even the best pitcher on that University of Texas team in 1983; Calvin Schiraldi was.

    16 … thanks for the link, very good insights …

  20. re: KK … a roto “blog” that I read had this comment on it …

    Hit .317 in the second half, slugged .516. Even though he hit more grounders, fewer flies and line drives in the second half.

    … does it sound right that he hit more GBs and fewer FBs and LDs in the 2nd half of the season? Anyone got a link to a place that’d have that breakdown?

    His results speak for themselves … but sometimes “interior” numbers provide clues also …

  21. 10: Your ideal trading partner description screams the Cubs. Nobody good at shortstop, seemingly looking to upgrade (with the Roberts and Bedard rumors), and an organization that doesn’t stress OBP as much as others. Greene for Rich Hill and Ronny Cedeno? This would be a huge steal for us, but we really shouldn’t be trading Greene unless the return is great.

    I actually think Khalil is primed for a big year. If he can combine the power he showed last year (.215 ISO power) with the plate discipline he showed in 2006 (.075 ISO patience), he could put up a great .250/.325/.465 line. That’s a big if, but the skills are definitely there for it, and he’s shown he can do both in the past. Combined with a healthy year (another big if) and his plus defense, that season is roughly equivalent to Jimmy Rollins’ last year without the steals.

  22. Looks like the Padres are after Matt Murton, which is fine with me. I’m not sure why he didn’t get a fair chance in Chicago, but I think he’d be a great addition. Not sure where that’d leave Headley…

  23. Yahoo is reporting that we have signed Jody Gerut to a minor league deal. Another name to add to the mix.

  24. 22: I would be in favor of that. Don’t know what the cost would be, but it would give me more confidence than Hairston/Headley plus he would provide insurance for Giles as well.

  25. SAN DIEGO — Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers needed surgery to get his right knee through the AFC Championship Game, and now needs a more extensive operation to repair a torn ligament in the same knee. His rehab could last six months.

    I’m sure some of you saw this. My opinion of him goes up every week.

    By the way, it went up when he was yelling at the Colts fans. And by the way, he went to N.C. State.

  26. 15: I think that game screams for a Ducksnorts outing. A local night game featuring a sure-fire top-5 pick. Anyone else ready to head over to the Gwynn on the 22nd?

  27. #26: I like your thinking. I saw Matusz pitch a few times last year, including in the USD alumni game:

  28. 25 … my favorite Phillip Rivers fun-fact is that while he was at NC St, he was MVP of *5* bowl games …

    (note: hmmm, this may not be (completely?) true … according to wikipedia, he was not *the* MVP of the 2001 Tangerine Bowl … just the “Offensive MVP” … odd …